Hornet Missiles: Who Needs a Liberator? Why Pull a Tank?

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  1. Can be used at render distance, perfect accuracy, takes two volleys to destroy a tank from the top armor, 8 shots.

    Courtesy of Pixelshader

    Note: This video is from after they fixed the damage being too high on PTS. This thread is about what the actual damage output will be, not the bugged one.

    1.) Who needs a Liberator? This completely outclasses it. If you get two ESFs in on this it takes one volley from each of you to destroy an MBT. Compare that to a 2/3 Liberator with a Dalton or a Shredder. At the ranges this weapon is effective, the Liberator can't accomplish anything. At the ranges this weapon is effective, AA is an ineffective counter.

    2.) Why pull a tank? AA is an ineffective counter, you can't out-repair the damage, and once you're under fire it may already be too late to save your tank. Going into any open area will be suicide as, just like AV MANA Turrets and Ravens, the only way to reliably make them miss is by going into cover. The only ways I see to protect yourself are to have constant ally ESFs capable of intercepting the ESFs using Hornets, or having a location with perfect vertical cover next to you at all times.


    How to fix the Hornets while still keeping them as viable options?

    1.) Set a range limit. A distance where they still maintain the role of long-range AV, but where flak can still be a deterrent.

    2.) Decrease the damage by 1/3. This would mean two ESFs could not coordinate at the maximum possible distance and effectively "snipe" tanks. A solo ESF would still be able to defeat an MBT in two volleys + nosegun fire during reloads, or exactly three volleys.
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  2. Relax and read the patch notes, the resistance type is bugged so they are doing to much damage.
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  3. It's still on PTS lmao. And then on top of that why create another thread about it?
  4. Because I wanted to list and describe these two specific issues and two specific ways to fix them. And because if you want something changed before it is implemented, you act before it is implemented instead of whining about it being overpowered afterward.

    This is after the patch. These are the actual damage values. 8 shots = 100% damage.
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  5. It is very likely that they will balance it out properly before releasing it. I hope.

    But if they do fail to balance it out, then I'll just have to sigh to myself "Here we go again" and do an obvious INB4...

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  6. Qaz

    This is what i was afraid of when they said these things would put out more damage than pods.

    The thing with these rockets is that they now provide more damage with greater accuracy from ridiculous ranges. I.e., they don't have a trade-off. They don't require almost getting blown up to get that instagib on MBTs. This needs to change.

    There's two ways to go about this:
    a) Change it to 1 rocket per mag, increasing the TTK on MBTs massively. This would make the weapon a ranged, accurate option that has a significantly worse TTK than pods.
    b) Hardlock their range to 250 or so (and reduce damage slightly). That way, the payoff requires getting blown up by the MBT or any AA.

    An alternate option would be to make these things lockons so that we can counter them with smoke. As it stands, they are a no-risk, high reward weapon for ESF that allows them to take out easier than anything else in the game while they can't be retaliated against, or the tanker can protect himself. This is a horrible design and needs a lot of work.

    So, for once, i fully agree with ya! :)
  7. Few changes are needed imho:
    1) Limit the Range to 450m. They will still be a ranged weapon, but you have to be both within lock-on-range and flak range.
    2) Add a damage dropoff. One-clipping a tank to the rear should not be possible at ranges higher than 200m or so.
    3) Reduce or remove Splash. Its an AV-weapon, after all.
  8. Qaz

    Why should one-clipping be possible? These things should do higher damage than pods per shot, but i think pods are the close range option and thus should be have the fastest TTK among the AV options for ESF. You either get close and get kills faster, or you're far away and plink away safely. I.e., make this like an AV mana for ESF or something. There is zero justification for the current implementation of having almost 8 av mana turrets firing at the same damn time from an ESF lol.
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  9. In my opinion you should have to lock on and maintain the lock. Would add more risk to the ESF possibly making it justifiable that only two magazines are needed
  10. I really, really think the magazine is supposed to have one rocket. It MUST be bugged. Nobody could think this is balanced.
  11. It's on PTS. I will be balanced....
  12. In which case, nothing would have ever been released overpowered. Sometimes developers miss things. See ZOE.
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  13. That was just a complete brain fart on the devs side. Hopefully that sort of thing is extremely rare.
  14. Agreed.
  15. Yep but it's good someone is reminding this to devs. ZOE and Harassers for instance have been on Test Server as well, and went live nevertheless o_O
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  16. If these go live like this, obviously not a one-time-incident.
  17. SoE really don't have a clue how to balance anything. :rolleyes:
  18. If there go live they will also be the meta weapon for taking out Libs. They kill a Lib in 3 mags...
  19. This as well. What can the Liberator do? At least with the current lock-ons you need to be in a certain range, they can be stalled via flares, and their damage output is slow enough that a Liberator can at least try to run.
  20. If SoE are really interested in balancing ESFs:
    • Put Coyote Missiles in the primary slot NOT secondary.
    • Nerf the damage somewhat considering they're longer range than lolpods.
    • Put them in a resist category that makes them rubbish against other aircraft.
    • Nerf the damage of both lolpods and Coyotes, such that one pass using both of these is roughly equivalent in damage to one pass of lolpods currently. Increase rate of fire.

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