HORNS COST TOO MUCH SC! 650SC is too much!

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by o_oNmKo_o, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. How are you going to go and charge us the amount it costs for a weapon unlock for a Flash/Sund HORN?!?!?!?! SERIOUSLY?!!? I can see it costing 250 or 150.. OR ACTUALLY EVEN FREE..

    Allot of other games have all vehicles of that type come standard with a horn This is preposterous! You must either make it standard on the vehicles or lower the cost to a reasonable amount. You can't do that its just ridiculously blatant cash farming. Give me a break will ya!!?!?!
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  2. Don't want it - don't buy it. Want it - buy it.

    Simple as that.
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  3. ouch, i WAS thinking of getting one,,but for only 50SC more i can get a 2nd gun for my max, thanks but no thanks SoE.
  4. Actually, NO.

    HORNS were supposed to be implemented to get rid of stupid TK's so people would get a clue that a tank is near.

    Now they're in game but you have to buy them?!

    SOE are you THAT ******** as many people think you are?

    What, you're gonna charge us for patches soon?
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  5. What do you expect? Camo is $5. Sorry, I'd never buy that, simply not worth it.
  6. Not going to change anything by complaining in the forum though, the language that SOE understands is the "voting with your wallet" language.
  7. But that's just plain stupid. The horns should be added to every ground vehicle and this should be done via patch. Noone will buy this crap just to "warn other people to not get killed".

    The more i see from SoE, the less i like this game tbh.
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  8. Well, i've actually bought one for my sundy.. guess what ? Game took my station cash and i didn't get the horn, yay! Same happened with another item i've just tried to buy, support ticket time -_-.
  9. Wow. This is REALLY stupid. Have the technology to make tanks and hovering **** but can't make a free horn :/
  10. Proximity chat is free, built into the game, just yell, "BEEP BEEP!!!" otherwise, pay for the content.
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  11. You just don't get it, do you...
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  12. Oil

  13. INCREASE the cost PLEASE!!!!! This is going to be sooooo annoying!
  14. Because what this game really needs right now is a bunch of honktards sitting around beeping their horns nonstop.
  15. Woah, this is just ridiculous. I was pretty sure there are default horns.. (still patching, can't check that)

    For that price I would not even buy one if it was on sale.
  16. Were they now? Please feel free to provide some documentation of that claim.
  17. Log out -> log in.

    Faster than a ticket.
  18. They should add a default horn to vehicles and then allow you to purchase customized ones.......
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  19. I prefer it this way. Not everyone has a horn to spam
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  20. You paid nothing to get in the game.

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