How do you put spawn beacons?

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  1. I researched the "spawn beacon" cert under squad leader but can't find where I can equip and use them.
  2. Its another item in your list on all your characters.

    It appears in your weapon list when you cycle through them.
  3. The other thing is you must actually be a squad leader. Its not just an item you can equip.
  4. Must be why I can't even see an "item" slot on any of the classes...
  5. Well yeah, its a squad spawn beacon, you need to be a squad leader.
  6. Also is this the same thing as the beacons that go on the ground and has the smoke come out which allow allies to "deploy" from the map? If not, is this ability the 200 cert point thing that allows you to call for reinforcements from your nation?
  7. The spawn beacon is a item that a squad leader can carry if they buy the cert (no need to equip it, you just spawn with it). You place it on the ground and it creates a pillar of light the same color as your empire. At this point the beacon is a small target on the ground. If allies die, they have a spawn option of the beacon. They drop pod in on top of it (so remember that when placing indoors).

    The beacon itself is on a cooldown to deploy (i.e. you can't keep placing it and making it impossible for an enemy to prevent your squad from attacking). I am unsure if the rankups from certs reduce the spawn time or reduce the cooldown of the item. It could be both.

    I do not know what the smoke drops for a squad leader do.

    The 200 cert reinforcement option I think is for the purpose of putting empire wide markers on the map.
  8. smoke drops are like incremental waypoints. useful if you don't want your squad to take a direct line to e waypoint.
  9. What about simulation type games, bet you didn't think about that when making your quote... Still a game, can't be a complete anything if the scope of your point can be varied greatly.
  10. The spawn beacons allow your fellow squad members to spawn on it, with a variable timer depending on how many certs you've invested into it (more = faster ofc). If you see a different faction colored beam of light going up into the sky, follow it down to the ground and you'll see the beacon. (Red for TR, Blue for NC, Purple for VS)
    It'll stay up until someone kills it or you change squad leaders. There's also a bug currently where the squad leader does not get the beacon in their 'inventory' if they're promoted to squad lead by the platoon leader (the guy with the big yellow star next to their name).

    The different colored smoke is simply another way for you to make temporary markers in game that your entire faction can see but the enemy can not. Useful for marking enemy AMSes.

    The shield and bullseye looking markers that you see on your map are defensive and offensive requests respectively. Using defensive markers should, in most cases, allow your faction to spawn there on the deploy menu under the 'reinforcements requested' section.

    If you see a diamond (Think it's a diamond anyway, kinda reddish) around a capture point, that means your squad leader has set it as a priority and you should focus on that point first.

    Hope that helps and I'm sorry if I got any of the squad leader abilities mixed up

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