How was I banned?

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Irreverence, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Takara

    Congratulations on being banned for have confirmed your hacker status
  2. RobotNinja you don't remember if you were using a cheat or not?

    @Takara: Notice how he never denied those were his user accounts on various game hacking sites, that I found with a simple google? You know what else is funny? This isn't the first time, I've done a quick google, found a cheater using their exact same account/player name on game hacking sites and then their only retort was to ask me how I found out they had accounts on those sites unless I was a member too, completely oblivious to the fact that their user profiles on those sites are completely public.
  3. Falcou

    After reading a numerous posts of "Got banned without reason", I have started to wonder If all the time SOE puts in this game is actually implementing new generation robots that do the work instead.. I mean, of course there are people that actually hack and then come to these forums whining that they didn't do anything but I have followed numerous "False ban" posts and most of them have had their ban lifted.
  4. Bassik

    I too did a quick google search, and went to the first website that had a realy obvious name, like gamemurderer only different, and yes, azngodness12 has an account there.
    Damn cheater.
  5. [Phx]Ghost

    Lol busted, his azngodnes12 account was banned there but there's also an account called Irreverance there which posted this on 12-11-2012:

    If anyone would like to play Planetside 2, come to US East SolTech and I'll gladly help and play with you. =)

    If you're stupid enough to cheat apparently you don't have a spare braincell to not use identical usernames on your hacks site.
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  6. RobotNinja

    Apparently, they don't like him on the hacking site either.

    Here's one charming thread from one of the sites, I won't bother naming:

    That's the whole thread. Lol.
    Not only that those forums are filled with many, many more lolarious threads like that, all expressing the same sentiment. It seems Azngodness/Irreverance is e-famous ladies and gents.
    So...anything else to add?
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  7. Pig

    Yep, as soon as i read that I thought... Guilty as charged.
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  8. Machine Spirit

    this post made me ROFL at first everyone was like ''awwww you poor thing'' then they found his name on a hacking site and went ''BURN THE WITCH''

    sorry, just so funny in a way.

    as for hacking BURN THE WITCH
  9. Albatross039

    **** you cheater and may god have mercy on your soul
  10. Acsriot

    Things that buried you in this hole :

    3.63 K/D

    When your name is punched into google several hacking sites come up


    Stupid hacker, if you think you got banned unfairly registered a support vote. your just going to get trolled here.
  11. Believer

    You don't know the person is legit.
  12. Albatross039

    Same person , two accounts lol
  13. LordTankT9

    He don't have to use hacks to get banned, bug use or abuse, swearing in the chat. - Those things get you banned as well.
    Recently I read about that SOE started camping against guys who C4 farm spawn point, wonder if he ever did that?
  14. sagolsun

    Busted with his hand in the cookie jar. Not even a spark of intelligent thought to use a different username.
    Comedy gold.
  15. sagolsun

    I don't want this to turn into a lynching thread as that will force the mods hand to close this thread (and that would deprive of of fun), so let's be respectful in our contempt of this wretched, lying individual.
  16. IshanDeston

    Sure thing. You were most likely banned by a GM entering the proper commandline or turning the proper setting on in your profile. I hope that helped dispelling the confusion on how you were banned.
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  17. Curse_Gamerkin

    Using 2 accounts, and lower level account is banned for hacking, and has name of a hacker from some sources. dont see why a legit player would need 2 accounts. at least we can enjoy the game with one less hacker.
  18. Rhumald

    I don't think you've played NC on SolTech, no one in their right mind would, given the severe population disadvantage and the fact that both other factions go out of their way to bully us, unless you like brushing up on your tactics, ain't nothing gets done by the NC on Soltech without some solid tactics (there are still loads of times that people regrettably refuse to listen...).

    His KDR is far from being unobtainable when most of what his people do is sit on base defense, letting idiots zerg to them.

    I agree that the similar name seems fishy, but with a name like "azian god" with ness tied to the end, I could think of about 50 kids just off the top of my head that have at some point used a similar name. I myself have had what I thought was an original name when I was younger turn out to be several other people as well, so the fact that one person somewhere else with a similar name frequents hacking sites doesn't say a single thing about this user.

    Finally, if he had another account he was cheating on, there's still the burden of proof, considering that they'd need to confirm the native IP on both accounts, as many service providers use blanket IP addresses, and unfortunately, when it comes to an issue like this, you have to be black and white; if it's not recorded, it didn't happen.

    I understand that you all like the "guilty until proven innocent" mantra, but with that mindset, you should all be banned... you cannot prove you're innocent, right?

    Edit: it's not two accounts, if you'd payed any attention during the sign up process you get to chose a different display name for the Forums.
  19. Deschain

    Obviously SOE found him guilty as charged, move along nothing to see here no need to pontificate any longer.
  20. LordMondando

    Yeah amusing thread. Given the username in question is easily observable on hacking sites with a Google search and that the odds such an idiosyncratic user name with a number being created twice independently are basically infinitesimally small.

    I imagine the conclusion is, you were banned for hacking.

    A large part of me, wants to see him try and explain this though.

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