I haven't had a good rant yet, but I've finally found what makes me most angry in PS:2.

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  1. Been a loyal Planetsider since 2004 I'd say. Loved the original and totally love Ps2 as well. I love the way infantry combat flows(for the most part) and I also really enjoy the vehicle handling and perspectives. That being said there are obvious drawbacks to anything, especially at launch. The mounds of posts on reaver rockets might have been necessitated by the situation in beta; but something that has always been a part of the game even in the Test Tests that I havent had an issue with until now is the Liberators Dalton turret, or the single shot Anti Armor shell.

    *insert obvious arguements about countering a liberator here*

    Yes, if they were close enough I could burster MAX or AA HA, or even pull a ESF with AA missles, but that is still at worst a 1v3 encounter. I also cant count the amount of time liberator pilots have barrel rolled on me when im hunting them down, only to get 1 shot by the gunner's dalton. It seems like this gun and "gunship" role is fitting the niche of efficiently killing solo players. Why argueably beneficial to planetside's outward teamwork focused experience. I dont see the devs intentionally building a weapon or vehicle around the prospect.
    I dont really have any feasible nerfs in mind to this weapon, but it just seems glaringly powerful in nearly any ground vehicle without a bunch of friends. If theres a skyguard around you might be ok, unless he gets dropped quickly.

    I think liberator pilot and gunner teamwork is great, i love participating as well but I dont like being on the recieving end of the combined effort of 3 people...EVERY TIME. Its particularly frustrating when they are staying over the bases you are trying to take or hold and no one pulls AA. Sure you can try to initiate that action, but I wonder whats gonna happen to the first Burster MAX that starts shooting a Lib while hes hovering right over the spawning sunderer? Exactly. Same story goes for the first reaver that starts to follow.

    Clearly the liberator becomes weak when multiple enemies are around, as it should, but it is hard to justify a skill(or in this case gun/vehicle combo) in any videogame being able to totally dominate upwards of a squads-worth of unorganized solo players.

    Bottom line is you cant expect everyone to ALWAYS want to be in a squad, and it seems flawed to have something designed to limit solo players enjoyment of the game.

    /rant off
  2. Well what would be the point of the Liberator otherwise? Incidentally the Zephyr is way meaner to ground troops, though it is worse against fighters.

    If the lib has caught the sunderer naked, no/little AA with no air cover, it deserves to obliterate it and the surrounding infantry.
  3. I am yet to have joined a squad in this game. I play solo everytime I play, which is a decent amount. I usually only get killed by a liberator once or twice a day, because they are usually gone by then or I just go grab a Reaver and take care of them myself.

    A lot of people think the liberator needs a little bit more health. I tend to agree with them, I believe that the liberator needs to be a large gunship capable of really punishing ground forces. It does it's job very well.
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  4. ^What people think libs need moar health :FACEPALM:

    They already take atleast 6 hawk missles to take down, try soloing a lib as a HA
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  5. I always kill libs 1on1 tbh, it aint that hard at all to avoid their lame ram maneuvers or belly turrets, just use your head.
  6. that dalton man, all i ever hear is the sound of something ticking my armor.. never an explosion, never a crash, just this "tick tick tick IM DEAD". hate those things, not calling nerf, just darn, at least let me know whats hitting me...
  7. Right, because you're supposed to be soloing 3 man gunships easily...
  8. 20 HAs vs 10 libs (dalton, Zypher) with 2 people in each one who wins?
  9. Yes, because clearly one man with single shoulder mounted launcher is equivalent to a very expensive plane manned by three players.

    Liberators should be able to annihilate platoons of infantry without problem unless they have turret / vehicle / burster max cover, with HA rockets being a deterrent.

    Its combined arms for a reason, and you have to remember infantry costs 0 resources to spawn.. just because you bought the AA rocket off the store doesnt entitle you to dominate the air as a HA.
  10. Lol I find this quite funny. Why? Because I pop planes out of the sky all the time w/ the dalton / zepher and the bulldog.

    What that boils down to is a person just being a crudy pilot. A good pilot I cant even touch w/ those gun reguardless of how good my lib pilot is.

    Libs are not op in any sense. They die quite fast to ground fire (if they are low enough) and planes.

    The biggest problem w/ people saying stuff is op... is they only see a massivly skewed view. For example, in a base w/ no aa around and a lib sitting over head drop kicking the base. Well what do we expect? Do people want it to shoot fluffy marshmellows @ them?

    Its not the libs fault people do not have aa of any kind or any aircav in place. This is no different then a tank rolling up on a medic. Obviously the medic stands no chance against a medic. When someone playing papper and scissors walks up guess what? Papper get cut up.

    We can't constanly have people screaming for nerf just because they don't like a particular type of combat or they choose to do something goofy and get caught w/ their pants down.

    If somoene feels something should be altered. Then give us the facts of why this thing is op and then give us a suggestion to fix this problem. The opinion that the lib / dalton / what ever is op just because that person get srolled by it is not a valid reason. That person also needs to put feedback on how you thought it should be adjusted if the info you provided was a valid reason for alteration.

    Also fyi I play primary medic I have max med took, triage, both grenades. I personally do not have to many issues w/ the lib or its guns. I constantly keep an eye out for them so I don't get caught off guard when I am doing anything. Battlefield awarness we have to have it to make it in this game. If we just run around like a bunch of lemmings w/ no support we can only expect to die like lemmings.
  11. The dalton takes more than one shot to kill a tank. So not sure why you say its a single shot kill. Obviously you have never used it.
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  12. I think the main reason Lib pilots are using the Dalton to shoot down enemy fighters is because our tailgunner turrets are simply awful at that job, and people got creative and decided they should roll to the side and use their belly cannon instead.

    I'm fine with SOE nerfing the Dalton (and/or Zephyr) versus AIR UNITS, but they should give us a real anti-air weapon that isn't broken in return (I'm looking at you A30 Walker).
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  13. Well...do you have any idea how hard it is to hit a plane with the Dalton? And do you know how quickly an ESF can kill a liberator by using A2G rocket pods? Honestly the Shredder is an amazing AA turret and I'm surprised nobody has mentioned it.

    The tail turret is pretty darn awful though, I suspect the devs never wanted it to kill aircraft, just deter them. I don't know if I agree. The liberator is fine, a single (intelligent) fighter is death to a liberator 8 times out of 10.
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  14. As a Lib pilot, I imagine shooting a fighter with the Dalton is quite hard, but I've seen some experienced gunners manage to do it multiple times in a single flight session. It essentially kills any fighter in 1 hit so it is much more effective than trying to shoot it down with the tailgun. Obviously you need a well trained pilot that can position the gun correctly, but it's not impossible.

    Every time someone mentions Libs dying to fighters they simply say to fly with fighter support. But like you said, I think the tailgunner needs to be DETERRENT, not necessarily over powered. If the tailgun is dangerous to fighters, they will think twice about chasing a liberator all the way back to their warpgate from behind. Yes the fighters will be forced to attack liberators in more creative ways, because if they sit behind it too long, they are going to take a serious beating.

    90% of the time we encounter an enemy ESF, not even behind enemy lines, we are forced to retreat back to the warpgate because they relentlessly chase us. To them, we are a easy target and they don't have to worry about the tailgun so we are basically helpless prey. If they are a bad pilot we can usually shoot them down, but not before we get brought down to 25% armor, from a single stubborn fighter.
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  15. Agreed, try taking down liberators with an either the ESF's default weapon or the ESF's AA machinegun. (It takes several clips & enough kiting to unload said clips.)
  16. Yeah but a single ESF of moderate skill is guaranteed the kill. Not saying that they need more health but they definitely don't need less.

  17. This. You speaking the truth brother!
    Happens all the time, regardless of fighter cover, sometimes i have two of them fighting with themselves to get me.
    And other times if i have a bad gunner, but get lucky and i manage to fly upside down all the way to the warpgate engage my fire suppression just in time.

    But that only happens 1/10. like last night.

    But anyway, just put the bloody Shredder on the tail and be done with it.
    If they just did that, i can live with it! Hell, i've already learnt to fly upside down regularly im sure i can adapt and make my lovely gunship do things the dev never thought was possible, us Liberator pilots are tough. :p
  18. its definitely a single shot kill on full health infantry, has happened to me multiple times from the dalton specifically
  19. yeah but it doesnt nearly have the same blast radius as the zeph
  20. As a medium skilled ESF pilot, I would have to agree that Libs are delicious meals of XP goodness. I break away from almost any engagement to chase down a slow moving fun cake that is the Lib. They do have a decent amount of armor, even my rocket pods need a little more than a few to take down a lib, but this is half the fun. The tailgunner is a joke, and Ive only encountered one or two lib pilots with enough skill to flip sideways and let their bottom gunner have at me.

    Overall, I could agree the tailgunner could be a little more menacing.

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