I want all my cert points and money back from Magrider

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Fingerlin, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. Inkos

    Wanting your Certs and SC refund because something get nerfed in PS2 would be the same as a WoW subscriber wanted his money back because the class had changed and he dont like it or imagine you break up with your girlfriend and asked her to give back everything you paid for her. Things dont work in that way. The magrider is still a good tank, but as ESF had to adept to a more deadly AA, you have to live with the new Magrider or play something else.
  2. PoisonedAl

    Quite. When something is clearly over powered and you pour a load of points into it to take advantage, don't be surprised when it gets nerfed. The game has to be fun and fair for the other side too. The libs and rocket pods got the axe first because everyone hated them. With less air, there could be more tanks... and it quickly became clear who had the better one. On paper they looked balanced, but in practice they weren't. Like the two cannons on the Prowler. It looks like an advantage on paper, but we HATE the bloody thing! The kick always means the second shot almost always misses or take time to adjust. Not fun when your armour is made out of old crisp packets. The Vangard is powerful but it's painful to drive and that armor is of little use when you can't get away. The mag? Heh. A chimp could drive and fire it.
  3. Stormlight666

    Whine whine whine whine whine! Magrider still is the most fun "tank" to drive around the game out of the 3 factions. Especially since you can pull off an instant 180 degree turn when needed.
  4. Stigler

    Hello everyone stop replying to this thread please, it was started before we knew the strafe bug was causing multiple unintended nerfs.

    And it is obvious people do not read the posts before even replying. If the strafe speed and its other side effects like magburner not working had not been a bug it would have been a super nerf, and not a balance change.
  5. Ronin Oni

    At least your tanks weren't shooting 90 degrees to the side at patch launch :p

    But yah, basically the patch to prevent strafe + forward speed boost (particularly going uphill) is what caused this new bug
  6. Maarvy

    It feels to me like they have adjusted the gravity in the world to fix the prowler and vanguard traction . This would explain the added colision damage since the patch and could also explain why the magrider is now stalling up inclines it would have previously crossed with ease .
  7. DG-MOD-02 Community Moderator

    Closing this thread down. Thank you for the feedback!
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