I want lock-on weapons removed.

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  1. These guns are what bother me the most. I've played for about 25 hours and I like flying the Scythe a lot. I'm not really the best dogfighter but I still enjoy it, sometimes I can win. I don't even have many upgrades, just the default gun and some acquisition timer.

    I don't like these weapons that promote staring at a target and then utterly obliterating it without any effort involved. There's no prediction or arcing that you need to think about. I guess only mouthbreathing individuals of subpar intelligence resort to using them? No offense but my wrath is beginning to become unbridled.

    A solution could be to seriously reduce the damage. Low skill should mean low damage. Since they're so easy to use, they should not deal damage comparable to a dumbfire rocket. Perhaps make the rockets turn less effectively? With this I mean, using sharp turns you could outmanouver them and it would lose its tracking capability and keep flying until it explodes.

    Am I the only one who hates these guns? I would never think of getting them because it'd feel cheap. AA guns like bursters or phalanx turrets actually require some aiming, even if you don't have to get direct hits, they explode in proximity and deal some damage.
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  2. I agree. Air vehicles should use the main guns. Ground vehicles, well imo they shouldn't even have air defenses.
    Infantry? I'd like them to add a guide by wire rocket to replace the lock-on ones. See my signature.
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  3. Everyone hates them apart from the geriatrics on Planetside Universe, which is apparently SOE's main source of inspiration.

    Next they'll add cross-continent artillery and BFR's, it's only a matter of time.
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  4. I mostly agree. This is supposed to be a skill-based game right? It's mostly skill-less to lock on and fire a missile that is way too maneuverable and can only be countered once every 40 seconds with flares. I've seen missiles pull ridiculously unrealistic feats of changing directions on a dime. The real fun in dogfighting is using guns and outmaneuvering your opponent.

    I won't go to extremes and say that the missiles should be cut altogether from the game, but what I would like to see is some skill put back into the receiving pilot's hands. What I mean is the ability to out-dodge and juke the A2A missiles. They shouldn't be able to turn directions and accelerate instantly.

    For a perfect example of what I mean take a look at the G2G guided rockets. In beta they were highly maneuverable and would usually score a hit. Now they are limited in their turn speed and will often miss if not fired right or if the vehicle is traveling too quickly.
  5. A2AM are a direct counter to G2A Pods. There is a web of balance here, changes are unpredicatable and create wild swings in balance. It was more fun to fly before the lockon's however, I agree... I do believe at least infantry should retain G2A lockon weapons as it's pretty much the best solution to getting farmed by air atm and one of the most reliable ways ground has for self defence.

    As far as the A2AM are concerned... I'd support any change that creates more dogfighting and a healthy balance between ground and air. Unfortunately, I've seen what the Devs have tried so far valiently... and nothings been perfect, and people get insane about it.

    So... my best advice to all the pilots currently, is enjoy the A2AM now, cause they are cool in a Top Gun kinda way, who knows if we'll ever see them again, or if what comes next will be worse. Best to learn to adapt to all situations... and try not to have an anurism!

    Also... as a p.s. there is quite a bit of skill involved in not getting hit by the missles when your flairs are down, so it's not toatally a skilless environment, and also those with gun skills still dominate bads with A2AM.
  6. So, what you are saying is that they should remove rocket pods?
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  7. Ok, Remove rocket pods, and make air Armor paper thin so flak Max can actually take them down, Cause as it stands now Air is OPED as crap and all you want is to make them even more OPed.
  8. I agree that lock-on weapons really suck in this game.

    I hate any system that removes player skill from the equation and replaces it with raw numbers. 1 HA with AA launcher sucks, 2 are dangerous, 3 are death. I would much rather go up against peoples skill than their friendlist.
  9. I want BULLETS removed. I'm so sick and tired of all these newbs who as soon as they see you just hold down their left mouse button. It requires zero skill and is totally OP.
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  10. Except, you know, this is a team game, and everything is balanced with that in mind and not for 1-on-1 engagements. Tactical skill and coordination are just as important as twitch skill in this game.

    If you're tired of getting killed by those 3 guys on the ground, then get grab a wing-man or two and take the advantage.
  11. Yes, which is exactly why there shouldn't be any weapons in the game that take no skill whatsoever.
  12. Hmm, this isn't really an original idea but what if they would work like the RPG in Half-Life 2? You know, the rocket goes towards the direction of your laser pointer. It's kinda similar to "staring at the target until it dies" but at least there's some input from the player and you could pull off some cool moves with it, such as guiding them around corners or over obstacles to kill targets you normally wouldn't be capable of. Bad idea? :S
  13. First off I'll say I'm primarily an infantryman, preferring Lightassault and switching to my un-certed Heavy for AT.

    I've not had ANY problems with flying, and certainly not with avoiding lock-on missiles. You can just plain outrun them, you can position yourself behind ANY obstacle, and if you're certed for it there's the option of flares (which are unnecessary but helpful). They're so easy to deal with that I consider the only excuse you have is your own maneuvering, whereas AA guns require minimal skill to lead shots but hit significantly faster making complete evasion near impossible.

    While using a dual-burster max, myself and an engy squadmate single handedly locked down a whole squads worth of Vanu fighters by sneaking behind their closest airpad and hiding while camping it. Even without resorting to tactics, a mere two dual burster MAXs render the entire region a no-fly zone, killing FAR more than their worth and with practically no skill requirement as you only need to lead an inch or two at most depending on range, and none if they're coming at you.

    AA launchers on the other hand may not require any skill at all, but they're nothing more than a scare tactic against a good pilot, something to stop them from just hovering around making fun of all the ants. It takes time to lock on, they can be outrun, they can be detonated on terrain, and for those who get it, flares give you TONS of time to get away regardless of how many missiles there are.
    If lock-on missile are giving you trouble, try flying closer to obstacles so you can either circle around them or roll & vert thruster behind them. If you can't pull that off and still want to fly, that's what flares are for.
    I do reckon there needs to be a direction indicator though, and maybe distance. Despite my massive survival rate in fighters, I have taken singular missile hits on a few occasions because I had no idea where the shot came from, and so didn't know if I could detonate it on a given obstacle.
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  14. You didn't do well in school, did you?
  15. I've flown quite a bit and never had a problem with lock-on. In most situations you can outrun the rocket, flare, or just avoid being locked on in the first place.
  16. It depends on how you fly, if you go a little higher you'll quickly find yourself an easy target, the only way to avoid those missiles is to stay relatively low to the ground. It also depends on where you fight. On Esamir those missiles are a nightmare because there are very few mountains or anything like that to dive behind.
  17. I think that if you were being truthful, you wouldn't have decided to start by throwing insults around. That is something that generally "only mouthbreathing individuals of subpar intelligence resort to using".

    Speaking as someone who used them a lot during the beta, they weren't resorted to because everyone playing was of sub-par intelligence as you would characterise the beta-testers. They were resorted to because they were what was made available in the game. Its technically possible to damage ESFs with small-arms fire, but I wouldn't call it viable. Feel free to try to take out a moving, flying fighter with dumb-fire rockets, and show us how that goes as well.

    What was notable was that they most certainly didn't "utterly obliterate" even the light fighters. It took 3 hits with the missiles to take down a fighter, many more for the larger planes. Flares do not just break the lock, they also destroy all missiles currently in flight against the fighter, and render it immune to lock on for a period. In general, it was really only the very sub-par pilots who actually got killed by the G2A lock-on missiles. Given the flare immunity, lock-on time, and reloading, most pilots had ample time to avoid taking more than one, going to repair, returning. It was only the pilots who hovered in one spot, not reacting to lock on warnings who generally could be killed.
  18. IMO Lock on Rockets don't have a place in games that have vehicles...especially aircraft(That is just utterly shameful and embarrassing if using one). No effort, skill of any kind especially when the reload time of a lock on rocket in an ESF supercedes it ridiculously of the reload time of the flares on another ESF.

    At least in BF3 you have an Air Radar and you know from what direction the enemy jet is locking on to you plus flares don't take a life time to reload EVEN when all certed up! 5 seconds to reload rocket...25 seconds to reload flares? WTF? PS2 doesn't remotely have this, it has a crappy spotting system that once in a while the aircraft show on minimap and only relies on one unlock to un-effortesly kill without skill and all shoot and forget. I mean what the F is that all about?! As my sig says: "Don't know what takes more skill, turning a doorknob or using Lock-On-Rockets on ESFs"
  19. You should actually try using them against a competent opponent sometime, you'd be surprised how quickly the tables can turn.

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