I want lock-on weapons removed.

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  1. Competent as in unending circles then just shoot and forget? Anyone can use Lock on Rockets... from newbies to Skilled players. The difference is using such a cheap tactic of a weapon to hurt your enemy in a very cheap way and calling that legit or "competent". Best example I can use to explain what lock on Rockets on ESFs are is when in BETA "infiltrators were able to shoot their shotties while being cloaked." ...yeah that cheap.

    And it's only going to get worse as the game gets mature as players will find out how easy it is to hover at 800-900+ feet and camp with their lock on Rockets.

    So why do I despise them?... THERE. IS. NO. SKILL. INVOLVED.
  2. If only they had some sort of counter that stopped a lock on missile, and even distracted it from it's intended target thus being able to fly away.

    Oh snap. Flares. Don't like it? Try explaining to the rest of the player base why aircraft should be immune to their COUNTER.
  3. Rockets should not just automatically fly to their targets. They should slowly turn to their targets and if the user does not aim it far enough ahead the rocket will miss. That would require skill to actually use lock on rockets, in the air. On the ground the rocket could fly faster but still turn slowly requiring the user to actually aim.
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  4. So you've yet to use them against a competent opponent?

    I've offered all of my input and these topics are becoming painfully repetitive. The points have been made that these missiles do require not just skill, but experience to handle properly, and that they are as easily countered as the issue of getting tired while walking somewhere. You drive yourself to your destination.

    First off, the weapon doesn't kill in a single hit. That's nonsense and clear evidence that anyone using that claim, has yet to use them properly. The required kill-count for missile impacts against an undamaged ESF, is three. If you've put yourself into a situation where any less can kill you, then brace yourself, you'd have died that quickly anyway. In the time it would require for you to reorient your craft or evade, the given minimal range requirement for an effective lockon would have promised the shooter all the freedom they need to shoot you down with conventional guns and in the worst case scenario, even rockets.

    The next point that missiles don't require skill, again...a misconception. You only get one. That's it. The price of misallocating that resource can and will conclude your interactions with the target in ways that include your craft exploding. If you engage one of three targets, your position is given away. If you engage one target and miss (yes, missiles miss, get over it.) your position is given away and you've left the minimal safe distance for effective lockons. Your target(s) can now retaliate effortlessly while you try to achieve a lock-on, to which the only circumstances in which you'd win, is if you either ended up behind them (where conventional guns work too) or if they broke the engagement and put some distance only to turn around and charge against your proven weapons.

    There are elements that have been intentionally disregarded for the claim that it is skill-less, because so long as they remain unmentioned, you've got a point. Well, you don't. It does require skill, and you're not willing to learn how to overcome it. Get over it.

  5. How the fishnizers does this weapon require SKILL? How can I hold your points credible with this? One missle hit demotes any dog fight which is the real adrenaline action of the aircrafts. ANd when did I say that "doesn't kill in a single hit." Don't make up that **** man. One rocket hit and a couple cannon hits is all it takes. not to mention the unending lock ons that deter you from flying right as you don't know if its other aircraft, or ground. That itself is the major factor.

    And yes I have used them in BETA and seen how easy it was to kill an enemy ESF. Don't kid yourself man... lock on weapons on ESF are for the weak.
  6. Let's be honest. Air...IS...ANTI-AIR. That's why they have lock-on rockets. And they don't do a lot of damage, especially to a Lib or Galaxy unless it's already smoking. Not to mention, it's easy as crap to outrun or outfly an AA rocket as long as there's some distance between you and the enemy pilot to start with. I've dodged my own share of lock-on rockets myself.
  7. Evidently not, if they're causing such a problem for you.

    So far I've only seen that you've not yet learned the proper strategies to avoid missiles, which really isn't a chore. A few simple maneuvers and it's resolved without any damage. The only one putting themselves in a position to get hit by the missiles in the first place, is you.
  8. What game would lock on rockets have a place in? I think lock on rockets are completey acceptable, they do less damage than free fire rockets and they have a timer and can be countered with flares, if you don't want locked on again, fly out of the area. I haven't had an issue with getting spammed with lock ons in vehicles, usually getting nailed by free fire ones, because they work well and do massive damage. I like to use lock on rockets when there is no chance of me landing a hit, and thats when infantry is aiming at aircraft. Some people just want to rain death down on infantry and vehicles with no repurcussions at all. That's just not how it should work, you should live in a state of fear of being in the open while in an aircraft. You shouldn't able to hop into one at BR1 and destroy an entire squad that has a tank and sunderer and weak guns that can't kill an air vehicle because the pilots complained they were getting killed quickly. Infrantry get killed quickly, and by just about everything. They are not immune to anything. Somehow when people get into an aircraft, they suddenly feel entitled to being immune to everything that can possibly shoot them out of the sky. I was being shot in my sunderer yesterday, was being shot with rocket pods, 2 of us were returning fire with the default guns, it took us down to half health with 1 barrage, it slowly turns around to do another pass, we keep shooting it, it sweeps in again and destroys us with another pass. I remember reloading 3 times, and getting non-stop hit markers, and I had another gunner shooting it. Without real AA and lockon weapons, this type of shenigans would just turn people off from the game. People would just stick to aircraft and work on the KDR (KDR does absolutely nothing btw, this is an objective based game, aircraft is only for support no matter how you look at it, the real work is being done by the infantry who are at the capture point).

    If lock-on weapons are taken out of the game due to people wanting skill to be a factor in aircraft, then I would like to see pilots being more vulnerable to ballistic weapon fire. If I can shoot the pilot through the window, then I should score a headshot and intantly kill him, as that takes skill. Hitting an aircraft with a free fire rocket takes skill, and should knock a light aircraft right out of the sky, as that's harder to do than to spam a full barage of A2G rockets at infantry to score a kill. If you want it to be skill based, then you better expect some major changes to your aircraft that makes it even footed for all players. I wouldn't mind seeing Light aircraft limited to 1 or 2 shots with a high damage rocket, as opposed to A2G as it is right now.

    The game isn't balanced around 1vs1 duels, not even among aircraft. It's based on teamwork and veteran player support, as the longer you play, the more versatile everyones characters become, and you need those other playrs. Someone said they shouldn't be facing down someone's friends list. If you feel that way, then this game isn't for you. Heck, no game would be for you except COD:MW3's 1v1 mode, or Quake for N64 which was only 2 players vs each other. This game is all about bringing your friends to fray and dominating because of it. If you're not social, this game was not designed for you, and don't try to ask for design decisions to be based on the lonewolf player trying to dominate everyone, and then cover up those whines saying it's not "skillful". You're not meant to play alone, even in a single person vehicle, those are meant to be driven or flown in packs, or to support larger vehiclels. It's a large scale battle game, and one people start to get into well organized outfits, your angst will only grow, as they strategic abilities will out way your player skill, and yes, having more people is a strategy, and one that works quite well.
  9. planetside 1 had orbital strikes and it was one of the best features of the game however it had a 2hour+ cool down and wasnt easy it get. not as simple as "save up 2K certs and get orbital strike" you had to work for it.
  10. I want _____ removed - they have no skill involved pretty much covers the entire game.

    Hold your mouse over something, press button, win. o_O
  11. Once again never said that I can't avoid them. They are not that hard ,...Thanks for putting words in my mouth again. I just find it hilarious when "pilots" * smirk * like you say that it takes skill to use a shoot and forget weapon like lock on missiles on a ESF. Don't worry you're not alone, there are some BF3 pilots that claim the same thing.
  12. Air missiles deal half damage of a dumbfire rocket.

    Spazzing out in the air, will cause the rocket to fly past and "give up", without damaging you.

    Learn to fly, or don't fly at all.
  13. Just a heads up, but I don't fly ESF's. It was sort of my thing back during Beta, but now I primarily specialize in Galaxy delivery. I'm simply justifying the need for missiles because you can't keep a single insult out of your counterpoints.

    Given the ease of maneuvering to avoid missiles and the cost of using them, it does require some measure of skill comparable to firing your main guns. It requires that you keep your nose in their direction, and squeeze the trigger when needed....the only difference being that your chances of hitting are reduced based on how far out of the 'sweet spot' you are in range and whether or not your enemy is at the helm of something with scramjets.

    It's a unique weapon that provides a different flavor of combat, barring none of the disadvantages found in other weapons fitted upon your craft.
  14. if ur getting locked on they have to be within lock on range and that just so happens to mean they pop on ur radar. just look on the minimap and locate the 1 reaver looking at you.
  15. Thanks for acknowledging that.

    That's why generally, the players that don't fight very well in air combat use them. Don't believe me? Ask any newbie pilot in the game which would he prefer for air to air combat..."Lock on Missles with Canon gun" or just Canon gun.

    I'm not saying that it shouldn't be in the game, I wouldn't use them but who am I to say that they have to be executed ever so evilishly from the game.

    All I would like as I have stated before is to have a decent air radar system to let you know where the aircraft is locking you from. I would accept the shotty flare system and even give up 30% of my armor and 200 rotary Mosquito bullets for this option. Which sadly enough PS2 does not have.
  16. It's not about learning to fly, it's about the relationship of using a weapon that literally requires no skill, and how it takes very little skill to negate. This means it's a broken weapon and should be completely rethought. If I'm really skilled with my AA weapon I should be able to down Aircraft of lower skill. The reverse is also true, if I have low skill I shouldn't be able to damage or annoy the people of higher skill to the same degree that I annoy/damage those of lower skill.

    Replace it with a 3/4 hp missile that's guided by laser and has a maximum range (decided for balance) and dropping out of the Iron sights makes the missile go haywire. Your trading the ability to consistently hit aircraft if you can lead well enough, for mobility and the lack of a lock-on.

    Some maneuverability restrictions would have to be placed on the rocket ofc.

    The G2A lockon doesn't even have a skill ceiling, because that would require it to take skill in the first place. Dodging most G2A's and A2A is also relatively simple, but to effective in dogfights.

    Replace these weapons with a weapon that permits the more skilled player to come out on top most situations.
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  17. That would be nice....even moreso considering that a lockon is in fact being detected. Today we have systems designed to track down the source of such...I doubt we would lack some improved version in the future.
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  18. I wouldn't doubt that. These are the same people who somehow forgot how to make doors.
  19. You do realize there is no reliable way to dodge missiles, right? Sometimes the missiles completely miss the second you fire them, and sometimes they will perform multiple 180 degree turns that would put a scythe to shame.

    And don't say I should be hugging the ground 24/7.
  20. Your post sir is a load of hog wash.

    Two successfull G2A Missiles from a heavy assault kill in most cases the air craft. I can kill you in one shot if you're already at half life. I can kill you if you strafe me (I shoot you on approach) and then shoot you again on retreat if you don't do any kind of evasive maneuvering. I can kill you if my rocket lands second to some one else already shooting a rocket at you.

    Now to the difficulties of G2A - If a single leaf comes between me and you I lose my lock and have to restart the timer.
    My rockets don't always hit you even though they make it to you. I have seen many times where my rocket misses its attack run then spins helplessly at full throttle around your aircraft trying to get in only to run out of time and die off.
    My rockets are slow - when pilots heard that lock on noise if its a good pilot they can duck around a mountain, a base, or a hill and my rocket rill still continue to follow straight as an arrow towards your craft, and slam into what ever is in the way between it and you.
    I see you, i want to lock on and kill you, but you're just to damn far away!
    I only get 5 rockets. That is only 2 and a half aircraft, and thats IF i can land the shot which I then have to run my *** back to one of the few terminals in the game or beg a engineer to drop ammunition if one is even there.
    Against a Liberator or Galaxy? My rockets are next to useless. I have never had a change to unload five rockets into a Liberator to see if it will kill it, And I know it won't kill a Galaxy.
    Timing your afterburner right, will let you fly out of range of my rocket before it can strike you.

    So in closing - Rockets are where they need to be. You are flying fast, light attack fighters. Quit complaining and learn you some skill. It is much easier for me to fail at G2A than it is for me to win at it.

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