I want lock-on weapons removed.

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by Ymirok, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Now ... I would be in favor of having pilots be able to see on their map incoming rockets, and maybe even a dotted line to show its flight path if it is locked on to you to help yo see where it came from.
  2. When you guys are b*tching about how dumbs are lock-on weapons users and complain about nearly everything on a forum, i am in the game, improving my skill in air vehicules and from now i can proudly say i know how to deal with those lock-on rockets.

    To conclude, stop whining, launch the game, learn to play.
  3. I'm just gonna ignore that one guy telling me to... err, "learn me some skill". Whatever that means. And no, this isn't complaining; this is my view on lock-on weapons after a considerable amount of gameplay. This isn't about my skill level (or anyone else's for that matter), this is about certain weapons requiring little to no skill to use. I'm still thinking about ideas but it's not going too well. Either way, I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling this way. Tribes: Ascend has the same problem (Doombringer's Saber launcher).

    I doubt they're getting removed anytime or even nerfed ever but I can rest assured there are some people that enjoy to aim and EARN their kills rather than getting them handed to you.
  4. Get in your key binding settings, set a key to Look up and Look down (I use F and C which are quite accessible from W,A,S,D) it will allow you to take tighter turns and avoid the rockets.
  5. After some consideration, a thought crossed my mind that surprised me. It struck only recently, but the point seemed to hold pretty true.

    Maybe it's seen as requiring little skill, because it's designed to fill the niche as needed? It's just as specialized for the situation of combat as anti-tank rockets and machine-guns. The only difference is tht the argument here is essentially the same as arguing that the Heavy Assault class shouldn't have a light machinegun because it has more bullets. It's an advantage that diminishes the needed experience for the operator to obtain any kills. The same could be said for sniper rifles, because they outrange weapons and can kill you if you're just as unprepared.

    These complains are in some ways legitimate, but they don't really take into consideration that this weapon is only powerful in its element. It can't destroy ground vehicles or infantry and the ammunition supply is so limited that it can't even kill more than a couple of ESF's to boot. If it were capable of all that and a bag of chips, then it would make sense.
  6. Ground anti-air is quite easy to avoid atm and a2a missiles are the only incentive to not use rocket pods on an ESF.

    Then again, I'd probably take out rocket pods spammers just as easily with nosegun if I targetted them like I do when I'm flying my air superioirty specced mossie.

    But without a2am, everyone would be using rocket pods. Me included.

    As long as they don't add any more lock on weapons, it's fine Imho.
  7. I said the same thing, but even my patience is beginning to wear thin. Actually contemplated unlocking them tonight, but instead logged off to take a breather. Going to have to try again later and hope the air and ground isn't littered with lock-ons.

    Cause right now trying to engage any enemy with the rotary results in a mini chase and pursue only to be ruined by some guy hovering 150m away staring at you for 2 seconds and pressing a button.
  8. Minimum lockon distance for the missiles is eighty meters. Just...y'know, thought you'd like to know.
  9. Yeah I'm so bad in gauging distances in this game. :oops:

    While on the topic of distance. I've been thinking about getting the proximity for my lightning, but don't particularly know if its worthwhile. Don't suppose anyone knows how long the sunderer is in meters do they? Maybe I could measure its radius in Sunderers :D
  10. Your ability to judge distances isn't too much of a problem. Over-exaggeration, intentional or not, usually leads to threads like this. Not that it's a problem or anything...
  11. I seem to dodge lock-ons just fine. I start pulling on the stick looping backwards, tightning the loop with every loop I make till the lock drops. Ill try recording it next time I fly. Pulled this off last night on 3 different occasions. I'll add these were G2A rockets so if A2A reacts differently is unknown to me as you rarely encounter them due to the price. Everyone just goes A2G it seems.

    The damage they do though is a bit intense and doing backflips everytime you get locked can leave you doing that all night instead of partaking in the fights. In my eyes they are just annoying.
  12. So instead of trash-talking and throwing insults at people, why not actually address your real issue. It sounds like you don't like lock-on missiles, so suggest a viable alternative.
    The fact that you started off by throwing insults at people rather than being constructive about the weapon design gave the impression that you were more interested in calling names under internet anonymity than getting the problem fixed.

    A man-portable burster cannon, anti-vehicular machinegun, proximity-fused rocket with rapid travel time and large blast area, or MANA turret with additional vertical traverse, would all be possible things that you could have suggested, had you not been so focused on denigrating people for using the only option the game provides for those situations.

    I can't comment on your skill level. I can simply say from experience however that against skilled pilots, the G2A lock-on missiles are no more than a deterrence in most situations. I can only guess that pilots used to hovering safely above the weapon traverse of their targets will learn to adjust just as they did in beta.
  13. Remove lock on, While at it remove esf rockets and tank main guns. Wouldn't want any one to be able to destroy another vehical. I have been killedmany of times be enemy troops just tring to get a lock or killed be the target itself (rocket pods having an insane range). It is my opion that the lock on weapon is need as a chance to cover all the people that doen't use heavy asault.
  14. Shameful to use lock-on rockets? Clearly, you use Rocket Pods, and are just upset that I'm specced to bully you right out of the sky.

    As for lock-on weapons against ground vehicles? The only thing they do is tell you "Hey, there's someone looking at you, you better get some cover before someone brings a dumbfire weapon and actually does significant damage to you.
  15. you forgot to knock on wood. We all know BFR will be back before any naval vessles in the game. The caverns? dont worry those were brought to the surface.

    Lock on is not as much of a problem as F&F weapons are. The first ones most Lock on were tracking weapons (you had to keep your enemie in the croshairs.) the only one that was fire and forget was the NC Sparrow AA MAX (but NC back then was easy mode)
  16. How about buying countermeasures.
  17. Going to copy and paste my reply to the other similar threads.

    Ok perhaps i'm missing something here but:

    If they are behind you, or in any position to be locking onto you, it doesn't matter what weapons they're using - you're not going to win the dogfight.

    IF anything the lock-on gives you a very good indication that you are being tailed (depending on the situation of course) and you need to start making some aggressive manoeuvres in order to shake the tail. (A favoured tactic is too AB to the nearest LOS - hover near the LOS - hovering near this LOS makes finding the attacker much easier, and breaking his inevitable second lock much much easier - with the LOS) The flares avoiding the first missile and the 5-seconds after should give you more than enough time to locate the threat and respond to it. This is exactly the reason why heat-seekers have become redundant in Battlefield 3.

    The fundamental point behind these 'skill-less' A2A missiles is: They take a lot less skill, but are not effective and even counter-effective against a more skilled pilot.

    Against a good pilot - using the lock-on missiles lets the pilot know he is being tailed, and allows him to react accordingly.

    Against a good pilot - using the main gun he will have killed the pilot before he even knew he was there.

    The point stands that if a pilot is staying behind you long enough to keep the lock-ons and reload his missiles, he could have shot you down with his main cannons - although it would take more skill, it is rewarded with a faster kill and a better element of surprise.

    This is how it's worked for me, and I'm still chugging the standard cannon on my scythe...

    When it comes to G2A missiles, it's simple. You have overstayed your welcome. As time goes on you will see more people certing into these, and it will make these 'zomg OP rocket pods' a lot less effective, and in fact quite dangerous to use.

    The only exception to the rule is when 2 pilots use lock-on missiles in a coordinated attack, and unless you do some pretty sick flying - they're going to win this fight. Not because of A2A missiles - because they are working together.

    In short:

    A2A missiles, are bad. They are easy to use, because they are bad. They are easily countered, gives targets the advantage, remove the element of surprise, takes away their A2G capabilities, and the damage really isn't anything to write home about. Any kind of nerf to this, whether it be having to hold the lock, nerf damage, removed - whatever, is NOT needed.

    In the hands of a good pilot, they can give a slight advantage, in certain situations - this is what they were designed for - but most of the time it is going to be more effective to use your main cannon (rotary is beast)

    Situational awareness and safe flying would eliminate 90% of the deaths you suffer from A2A

    By safe flying, I mean that with flares, you should have 7-8 seconds after being locked and fired upon, to react to the potential threat, soalways make sure you have an LOS that is going to take less than 8 seconds to get to, and use. The quicker you get to the LOS, the more time you have to start a 360 turn to find and evade the threat. (Though really it should only have to be a 180 degree turn, because you should have a good idea of what is in front of you)

    Things like BIO labs are THE best LOS to use, because not only can you go around, you can go under, and if you are a skilled flyer, you can do some crazy manoeuvres to immediately lose your tail. The amount of times i've taken some ***** who insists on trying to lock me on a trip through the bottom a bio lab, and see him suicide, is literally countless.

    Even if you are in a chase against someone else, and you get locked, you should always have, in the back of your mind, an emergency escape plan. Constantly assess your surroundings, big open areas are dangerous and the more open the area, the bigger risk you are taking.

    When it comes to situational awareness, things like flying on the front lines are very useful, because the chances of something coming from behind are drastically smaller, flying in enemy territory is very dangerous, not only because of the amount of potential danger, but the fact you are going to have no idea what direction that danger is coming from.
    Another good example of situational awareness is remembering your surroundings, if you are getting locked onto, make a split-second scan to see if the target is in front of you, by process of elimination - if he isn't in front of you, there's a very good chance he is behind you - so react accordingly.

    Although really, I can give you all the tips in the world, but experience trumps it all - soon you should pick it up just by natural reaction.

    Yes you will get caught out every so often, and like I say, that's usually by a coordinated team using A2A together. But by using situational awareness, safe flying and above all staying calm - you drastically reduce the chances of getting caught out.

    Learning how to counter A2A missiles, instead of shouting OP/nerf - will make you a much much better pilot.

    'Adapt, improvise and overcome'

    Again, perhaps i'm missing something?

    Edit: TL;DR - It's fine, L2play ;)
    Edit Edit: Before you say I'm just defending them because I need them, I don't use them, i'm saving up for the Lolpods :p
    Edit Edit Edit: 'I don't rage because I get killed by A2A missiles, I rage because someone was flying better than me.'

    If they're in a position to be constantly locking you and reloading missiles, you were never going to win the dogfight anyway.
  18. I want rocket pods removed.

    We don't always get what we want.
  19. Remove lock on - > make air totally OP
    Think about it?

  20. New patch should allow A2A Lock-on Rockets to lock on an enemy on another continent. THIS IS BRILLIANT!

    We should also have Lock-On sniper rifle aim/ammunition.

    Agreed though, Less Skill should equal Less Damage. POINT TAKEN!
    Although it's possible to out maneuver these lock on missiles; care for a demonstration?

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