Icarus Jumpjets...

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Albert Blood, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Are they coming back?
  2. Think its been debated. Will probably see them in the future though most likely as either a Subscribers first thing for a week or so then add them into the cert lists for anyone.
  3. Certs will be available for everyone at the same time only thing that will be subs first will be the cosmetic stuff.
  4. This is said in every F2P game :) lets see how long Sony hold out! :)
  5. please gievf. accidently bought the drifters cause i couldnt be bothered with reading the text and thought they were the icarus ones :(
    me so stupid
    /me knocks head aggainst the wall
  6. I talked to ARC the other day and he said that in Beta the Icarus jets were causing significant warping issues with a bunch of players. They'll be back soon enough (So he says)
  7. I would love to have them back..
    i find the regular Jumpjet feels so Slugish.
  8. If it makes you feel better you can drifter off the tops of labs and out of a flying vehicle and practically drift across the entire map with good air control.
  9. actualy u cant anymore. they got hit by the nerf bat.
    they instantly eat up 2 stacks of energy just by activating them. so if you try air control, you end up in hovering way less then you would without now. same goes for the default jets.
    which is exactly why the feel so utter useless now.
  10. Oh man that sucks. I didn't realize they did that to ALL jets. I figured it was just the default ones.
  11. this would be a cert so it wouldent be added for subs first. everyone would get it at once
  12. Icarus jump jets rocket you straight up right? Great. Time to c4 some liberators.
  13. Ah so that was the reason ? I was one of lucky ones that bougth it before they removed option in beta so I could play with it till end of beta and they were pretty awesome option.

    It was much harder to C4 tanks with them (less drifting so not that easy to drop C4 where I wanted) and they were hard to control (if I forgot to save some fuel for landing, *SPLAT*) but were tons of fun when attacking towers.

    Been there, done that (well ,not lib, ESF) and it's AWESOME, not to mention utility (you almost missed starting galaxy, no problem, just hold space)
  14. Anything that cripples my combat movement is not preferable IMO. Flying straight up or horizontally, very fast, is a downgrade from jump jets. Now if they added these as extra modes on the jump jet.. that would be a different story.
  15. I tend to agree. The default jump jets are versatile and therefore preferable to me. I can easily jump high enough to meet all of my needs.
  16. yet there are places you cant reach with default JJs.
    Id take em instantly. i use mine exclusivly for reaching higher ground usualy and if this keeps me from parkign avery 5 secs and recharge energy, id be pleased
  17. Man I miss my icarus jump jets. I certed them in beta before they were removed and never unequipped them. The ability to instantly get to a higher spot and out of danger is far superior to the regular jets.

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