Incident 121128-002096 - failed weapon unlock

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Mr Monkfish, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Mr Monkfish

    Hi, please can you have a look at incident 121128-002096, where a 250SC in game purchase was made, my wallet was debited, but I did not receive the item unlock.

    I logged it to a technical problem, but now I realise it should have been under account and billing support.

  2. Kediec

    Have you logged out of game and back in to see if the item appears ? as that is what is needed atm . I wouldn't worry if it is under the wrong section , it will get forwarded to the correct people if it doesn't show up after a relog .
  3. Gary

    Log out of game, Log back in If it doesnt show up do not purchase it again!.

    Open a ticket containing the following.

    Account name:
    Character Name:
    Item Purchased:
    Time and Date of Purchase:

    Avoid buying anything else on the market until the issue is resolved. Will just make it harder for them to identify the sale if its clogged up with a bunch of others.
  4. Mr Monkfish

    Thanks for the response guys. Initially it did not make a difference, logging out and back in again. But ~24 hours later, and the item then unlocked.

    I'd like to thank everyone for the speedy response. :)
    I can't say the same for the support team, as they never contacted me once, rather poor. :(
  5. TSR-SeanF Customer Service

    My apologies for the response time. We have lots and lots of tickets at the moment so it has been taking a while to get all of these issues addressed. If you have any more problems you are more than welcome to send me a PM with the ticket number and I will do my best to take a look when I can.

    Glad to hear this has been resolved!

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