Indar Warpgates Need To Rotate

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kitlo, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Woohoo! :D NC gets the north of Indar!!

  2. Warpgate rotating will help things until proper continental warfare is in.
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  3. Sorry but i dont see a point, but whatever let it be soo
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  4. Isn't that the opposite direction from last time? I guess VS will never get the northern gate :p
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  5. THE ANOYING VS will spam as much as they can since they are going to get the techplant at 2 feet away from the TR warpgate on amerish so basically it will be kinda like indar atm a magriders spam fest is the way it will be after this rotation ;) on amerish

    GOOD JOB SOE brillant ;) brillant

  6. Lol go read the post again. Also NC have had Esamir and Amerish for about 2 weeks on Mattherson so you dont know what youre talking about by thinking the devs are not favoring you.
  7. Will be intersting to see on Waterson as the TR will get the WG on Indar they've been moaning about since release. What will happen if the Vanu kick them out of there?
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  8. Change of pace? Test if faction dominance on particular maps is due to map placement or faction item / member superiority? Change the status-quo so people get to experience parts of the map they might otherwise not have fought on/in?

    Seem like decent reasons to me.
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  9. And on Waterson NC hasn't held squat for very long at all (Usually VS has Indar and TR has Amerish and Esamir), so maybe your server's situation isn't entirely (or remotely?) based upon developer favoritism and includes faction population / outfit or member quality?
  10. lol only a NC would be happy about having the north of indar. welcome to the flat barren farm land.
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  11. So Indar warpgates will go back to the Beta setup? awesomesauce!

    SW indar is a ***** to fly scythes in with all those trees, you're probelm now TR ;)
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  12. It will be interesting to see how Magriders fair getting out of those canyons on Indar. The NC front-side resiliency to their tanks seems like it would be better suited for pushes out of those canyons than hover tanks. I remember seeing what happened with magriders when we tried to push into Broken Arch.

    Maybe the TR will start using emplacement more!
  13. [IMG]
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  14. However all those trees and flat terrain made a natural hunting ground for Magriders to push out from. Pros and Cons, I suppose.

    That and supposedly the Scythe is the best fighter to thread the needle of tree paths with. Mosquitos are thinner, but have a bit more inertial drift.
  15. Incidently this means Vanu will lose the dominant spot on Esamir, but gain the dominant spot on Amerish
  16. This is great news! can't wait till the end of the month.
  17. Scythes may be flat and mobile, but they also have huge circular hooks on the front of them,
    They are tree magnets.
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  18. says the tr lol. No one cares about amerish, no one plays on it.
  19. Yes, it's true. While it is easier to dodge trees, those hooks assure a quick death if you hit one.

    They are great for righting flipped liberators in the warpgate, however! Scythe AAA hooks are OP! :p

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