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  1. I really think its more a server hardware/bandwidth issue not our PCs. It gets far worse the heavier the load on the server/continent gets. I have been in massive battles during off hours and had no rendering issues. But even medium size outpost fights during primetime start to have rendering issues. So if at times i can render 100vs100 battles at 100+m why does it screw up when you walk from building to building then into a room and it takes a second for the 10 people in it to render. (thus server load), more not knowing whats important to send me ahead of time..
  2. No he doesn't look like anything because infantry only render at 300m
  3. rendering is on the roadmap, if im not mistaken it was in the January/Early Feb patch. Also the whole reason that there is a rendering "problem" is because the game is much harder to run when everything is rendered. They did it so that it would ease up on computers. Maybe they will eventually get the tech to redo it.
  4. After that big february update infantry keep disappearing in front of my sniper rifle as soon as I aim. This happens at 150-200 meters.
  5. Nobody forced them to craft a game with 2000 players per server.
    1000 was enough for an epic feeling, they wanted to do it "massive", and it turns out they cant really handle it.
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  6. Yea actually if you watch the event recap of the Ultimate Empire Showdown, they are all using alienware PCs and as you are watching them play there are major rendering issues. Definitely a server-side problem, not our PCs.
  7. I wanted to comment that the best fix right now would probably be to just allow you to damage them while their character model has not yet rendered and still show their name tag+arrow over their head. For example let's say there's an invisible guy in front of me and a teammate happens to spot him, I now see his name tag and arrow so I know he is there and I can retaliate. This probably would be the easiest and best fix right now until they find something better.
  8. 1200 per server would be a much better number. 400 per faction. or 900 at 300 per.

    Or they could have taken ps1, bumped it up a LITTLE in the looks department, optimized it for newer pcs and made it ftp. Wildly more successful than ps2 is now. They went for 'ohmygodgorgeous' rather than something that could work with so many people playing. Everyone is so focused on 'if it isn't absolutely stunning to look at it isn't worth playing' nowadays it's sickening so I actually can't blame a company for trying to force it to work. But at some point you have to make a call and cull the graphics so your game can actually do what it advertises.

    I know some of it likely has little to do with graphics and more to do with processing everything going on serverside, but the fps limitation would be gone if everyone weren't so focused on having graphics that require 1k+ pcs to run on minimum at 30fps
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  9. Yea that is quite annoying, like I said imagine if 100% of all players rendered.. how fun this game could be.
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  11. Your point was valid, and i agree. But i REALLY upvoted your post because of your Sig. Yes, yes, and yes
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  13. That wouldnt fix much and Im guessing you dont know what is causing the problem. It is not the actual rendering of all the pretty graphics/actual models that is the problem. The problem is rendering where every one is supposed to be and where they are going along with where their bullets are going etc which presents a lot of calculations for your CPU to do as well as taking up a fair bit of bandwidth getting the info from you to the server and back again. Rendering just a name tag wouldnt help as you are still having to track all the movements of each individual player and how they interact with other players and the environment.
  14. Well the thing is, people say that rendering the player models is not possible because it would cause too much FPS lagg. So that is my suggestion.
  15. The only answer that I can think off for this game breaking issue is to limit the numbers on each continent.

    I was in the original PS Beta and then played the released game for a number of years, alot of players tend to look back with rose tinted glasses but PS1 suffered problems, many of which were no different than those we face now, the devs worked hard with patches and optomisation as they will with PS2 and the game got better, from a players pov there were always small problems here and there but the game was playable.

    With the original one of the main things for the lag etc was to limit the number of people on each continent, I am not sure/cant remeber exact numbers but I have 300 per faction in my mind, this was made easier no doubt because we had our own sancturary continent and the 5 other continents to fight on, if your choice of continent was upto your faction limit then you either went elsewhere of had to wait in the warpgate que for your own faction players to leave/disconect/log before being able to jump to that continet.

    With todays lag and rendering problems imitating those of the original then there seems only to be one answer.
  16. My biggest qualm is that it's dynamic rendering. My infiltrator who is at the edge of the rendering zone sniping is all of a sudden in the middle of the battle, is all of a sudden out of rendering range of the enemy is all of a sudden dead from the 10 TR that appear 50 meters in front of him. I just want something concrete to work with. I understand the principle behind dynamic rendering, but it makes things difficult at times.
  17. They dropped the render distance early on in Beta. You were able to see a mass of infantry from a long ways away. They did that for the masses of people who don't have a good enough pc for it.
  18. I think you have got the wrong end of the stick with regards to what those players mean. You could render thousands of player models if they were all standing still and not moving. Its not the actual rendering of player models that causes the problem it is tracking everything and communicating this to everyone. If you still have a nametag (like you suggested) then you will still have to be tracking all the action those players make. That is why at the moment the game doesnt render players to you so it doesnt have to track them for you thus cutting down on the workload.
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  19. Which is why, at extreme render, it might be worth tracking only AV shots, sniper shots and immediate player location.

    Those threethings should be enough to let the game play out fairly without bogging the server down too much. The infantry won't render, but you'd be able to hit people at extreme range. You'd be able to see their rockets (if you're a tank/jet) and shoot back, albeit nearly blindly. I just don't know how you'd solve the problem for infiltrators though....but pop-up due to narrow FOV render distance extension could be explained away as "it takes a while to see things at extreme range", so you could get a workaround for long range sniping without bogging everyone else down.
  20. But to do that you are still having to track the position of the players and where they are going which is the thing that is bogging everything down.
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