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Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by cp252nd, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. cp252nd

    Now, I'm all for permabans like IP and MAC address bans. Those are great. This is a F2P game after all, we need those. I would like to call attention to the fact, however, that players from some countries don't get their own IP address from their ISP.
    I know that some sites (like, say, Wikipedia) have a blanket ban on anybody with a Singaporean IP address. Wikipedia will allow .sg users to create an account by writing in, though.
    SOE doesn't seem to respond to those banned in any way.
    At the very least, an automated email to say why you've been banned would be nice. I'm not sure why my friend was banned, but this is the only possible cause from my point of view.
    So what I'm asking is this:
    1) Customer Service, please actually tell people when and why they're banned.
    2) I hope to god you guys know about the situation in Singapore, because I really want to play Planetside when I return to my home country for the holidays. Do you?
    That is all.
  2. RoaRawR

    proxy, mac smurfing....google....5 min to set up...waste of time
  3. Mansen

    1. You can open a support ticket and ask for details. It's not like they're stealth banning people and refusing to tell them why.
    2. Singapore aside - they do NOT IP ban. It is worthless to IP and MAC ban in todays internet. You can bypass both in a few seconds (as well as hardware ID bans)

    The only real way to ban people is to apply temporary IP bans to avoid people logging on via a tagged/banned IP for a short time period after a ban has taken effect. Long enough to annoy the casual griefer, and short enough that a legitimate player isn't punished. That and hoping the account has a credit card or similar hard physical data that can be pinpointed to an individual.
  4. Gary

    Your Friend himself will have to submit a ticket. I cannot see SOE disclosing any information about it to you.
  5. Stahlibuh

    There are no IP Bans :)

    There is something like a hidden Serial that prevent your friend from making a new account and use 3rd party programms again. So be sure: Your "friend" used some tools SOE didnt want to be used in PS2.

    I love the System SOE has implemented in PS2.
  6. Archey

    The above is 100% incorrect. They haven't specified anything.
  7. Stahlibuh

    They dont, but people who try to avoid this System to sell their hacks have specifiied it.
  8. Mansen

    I severely doubt they try to hide any kind of "serial" - not only is it borderline rootkitting, but it is also ridiculously easy to spot and work around for a hacker.

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