Is it worth getting a joystick for flying?

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by Wallonthefloor, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Just wondering, I can't do dogfights with my m/kb but they look pretty fun, Ive never owned a joystick but right now its on my christmas list.
  2. No. Not in my opinion, and I have a full HOTAS+Rudder Pedal setup. The game isnt really advanced enough or using an advanced enough flight model to pull off any really good manuevers that cant already be done with just the keyboard.
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  3. I'm curious too. I'm learning ok on the M/K, but put a $25 joystick on my list for my sister to get me for xmas. If it's no good...meh, I'm not out anything.
  4. Not really. Because of the way flight controls were implemented, it's not superior to the M/K setup.
  5. This exactly. Dont waste a lot of money on a joystick. You will be incredibly disappointed. If you an Xbox controller thats pretty much all you need.
  6. Definitely not. i finally got one of my own joysticks plugged in and found out that flying is SPECIFICALLY designed to be used with the mouse in this game. its not hard to do but unless they change the physics or give us a checkbox that says []STICK FLIGHT the way the aircraft reacts to a joystick is not going to make any sense.
  7. I was pretty hyped to use a joystick for flying in this game and I gave it a really good try. Messing with configs, trying different techniques, etc... and I have to say in the end it's just not gonna happen. I'm off to learn mouse/keyboard flying unless they change the flight model to work better with joysticks.
  8. Give it time, I don't think full joystick support was on their list of priorities for launch, but you can bet they'll work on it in the future.

    Joysticks would have a nice benefit of being able to keep at max turn without moving the mouse all over.

    Then again, all anyone ever does in their ESF is hard brake to avoid gunfire, and drop flares to avoid missiles...
  9. I have a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro that I used in BF3. I flew mouse & keyboard for a couple of days in PS2, because I couldn't be bothered setting up correctly - key bindings (lots of buttons on the joystick), inverting control, sensitivity, etc...etc...

    Once I did set it up...yeah, I found it better. BUT, you need to spend a little time getting used to it (took maybe ~4-6 hours flying) AND, you really need to crank down the sensitivity on the joystick. I fly the scythe, and it was all over the place until I adjusted sensitivity down.

    So, yeah, I would recommend a joystick, takes a little time to get used to, but I was already used to flying with one in previous games, and I find it more intuitive for flying than a K/M set up.

    I can see, though, the flight model and sensitivity is really intended for K/M...but I (now) prefer my joystick.
  10. I can say this:
    1: the existing keyboard/mosue controsl are kinda slick and work rather well.
    2: I PERSONALY found it alot more enjoyable to pilot and easier to manuver in some cases using my joystick
    3: takes time getting used to and settign up correctly, things liek deadzone can be a *****.
  11. To be honest I just remak my key bindings for air to include rolls and turns and what not. QE rolls AD turns.
  12. The main problem (in my opinion) is that PS2 dont cant work with analog controls.

    There are only two States (exampl for rolling) the game could understand. Mouse is moved (1), mouse dont move(0).

    But a Joystick is a analog medium. On my Stick, it looks like similar like this: 0-50% of motionrange PS2 interpred it as 0 (mouse dont move) and 50-100% as 1 (mouse move).

    So nighig happens when i pull the stick into the 50% range. But when i get over this, the plane rolls with maximal rollspeed. There is no way to flying this cause you cant give sensitive commands.
  13. I'm using an X-Box controller right now, and I find that it makes flying a lot easier. On the other hand, I can't help thinking that perhaps I'd be more accurate using a mouse.
  14. I think flying with a joystick will have serious advantages in dogfight airframes just because you don't end up doing that idiotic thing where you pick up your mouse and move it to the center of the pad again to get more space to turn with, but since everyone just uses High G anyways since its the best choice it doesn't really matter.
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  15. Put the Nose up/down Keys on keyobard or an extra buttons on the mouse. Now i slide a litle bit the mouse to get an 90┬░rollangle, then pres the nose up key.

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