Isn't a Reaver a bit too good?

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by MGP, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. MGP

    Yes, yes. I know what NC is supposed to be the "easy difficulty faction" but i think they got too far with Reavers.
    It's got the most powerful weapons.
    It's got the strongest armor.
    It's most maneuverable (due to insane vertical thrusters).
    And it's also fastest.
    What's the weak spot?
  2. You are clearly trolling.

    1. The NC gets completely owned on every server in Planetside 2. Nobody says NC is OP; their weapons are the weakest and their tank is the clumsiest. Even the Prowler does more real DPS than the Vanguard.
    NC weapons have highest recoil, bullet drop, lowest projectile speed, highest cone of fire. Their weapons are NOT easy to use, the Vanu ones are. Vanu weapons have no bullet drop, fast projectile speed, no recoil.

    2. ALL ESF HAVE HAD THEIR STATS NORMALISED, EXCEPT FOR WEAPONS. All ESFs have the same HP, turn rate, top speed, acceleration.

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  3. Go away with your sarcasm, or i must hurt you.
  4. Is there a way we could rerun the "yama" video's from beta? I'd be interested to see actual TTK's on the Reaver, Mossie and Scythe... not sure how that could be done... maybe we could organize some larger outfits from a big server to provide a safe area for testing one night?

    If a bunch of pilots participated and we created a demiliterized zone it could work. Would be fun to try... 4science... I mean... *cough... for balance.

  5. Eh, I still feel that the Reaver is more maneuverable than the scythe. Haven't tried the mosquito since launch. But maybe its just me in that area.

    But at the very least, they don't have the same contact boxes. The scythe has those two stupid front end prongs that have a nasty habit of catching on the railings that seem like they were put on launch pads specifically for scythes by the devs that causes the scythe to flip over because there is no way to back out of it. /runon.
  6. is this true? can anyone confirm? kind of lame if it is. im all for balance but if it means making everything the same then that's no fun.
  7. Top speed and acceleration isn't normalized. Their health and pitch rates are.
  8. It is and isn't true.

    The main difference is the afterburner capacity and power. The Reaver has the most capacity and with burners goes a solid 30kph faster than a Scythe. It also has the slowest bleedoff.

    Also as Spadar above said.
  9. It also can't accelerate without some afterburners, it's actually quite the disadvantage.
  10. Wasn't the strong point for NC vehicles their armor? Mosquito has speed and Scythe has maneuverability, what does Reaver get?
  11. Reaver has the best sustainable speed. It is also very maneuverable do tricky movements using the Reavers momentum/mass and powerful vertical thrusters.

    Scythe has the second best sustainable speed. It's only very slightly faster than Mosquito but due to it's very light weight, it's very agile. More so than the Mosquito

    Mosquito has only very slightly slower sustainable speed than Scythe but has no advantages in maneuvering or speed. Mosquito's anti-air nosegun has very slightly slower TTK (barely noticeable) without upgrades. Mossies anti-air nosegun also get's less extra ammo/magazine than Reaver and Scythe for upgrading the gun.

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