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Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Amador, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. I've came across a hacker today.

    Jeffro421 - NC - Mattherson

    While I was looking at my certs (appearing to be AFK) while in a MAX Suit, standing inside of Tech Plant Tawrich next to the Generator on the stairs, I was being shot at by Jeffro421 and I was being consistently hit. I immediately closed the cert screen and ran down the stairs for cover. As I was running down the stairs I was looking to see where the shots were coming from and I could not visually see the player.

    (Note: I feel that I was singled out because I appeared to be AFK. I was also the only player in the area when this happened. So in my reasonable estimations, I would assume that he thought he was 'safe' to get away with me as a victim without any witnesses.)

    As he reloaded and started dumping his second magazine, I was still taking accurate hits to the body and noticed that the sound of the weapon firing wasn't as loud as it should be if he was nearby. I took note of where the shots were coming from and I had quickly ran for cover and stood behind a wall between me and the direction where I was being hit. I was behind cover, and there was no way he could've hit me unless he flew directly over me. This was not the case because the player was not flying overhead shooting down at me.

    By the third magazine while I was behind cover, with no view of Jeffro421 in sight I was killed in my MAX Suit.

    I am accusing him of Aimbotting and Wallhacking.
  2. well if anything like this happens I suggest you record it. The game has an in game recording ability(default key is page up). Without that no one will believe you, or doubt that it was truly what you thought it was. I'm sure there are hackers around, but I'm also sure a lot of people jump the gun, go on witch hunts or outright lie.

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