Joystick/Gamepad support completely broken now.

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  1. We all knew joystick and gamepad support needed work, but the temporary fix I've been using since the end of beta does not work anymore since the patch. The problem with the joystick and gamepad support was there was no analog input. One little twitch of the analog stick sent your plane pitching and rolling at its max rate.

    This user created a solution to the joystick support issue by setting the joystick sensitivity below 1.00000. I can no longer do that (my sensitivity was set at .800000). I only use my controller (Xbox 360 gamepad wireless) for flying, and for a while I was able to compete with Mouse & Keyboard users, but now I look like a pigeon trying to shoot enemies down.

    I don't know why this issue wasn't fixed at release, and I'm no game developer so I'm not going to say this fix is going to be easy, but I can no longer play this game the way I like anymore. :/

    Sony pls
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    This is just getting way too old.
  3. Yep, found the exact same problem the second I jumped in my Reaver in VR.

    The problem is that the game keeps bumping it back up to 1.00000 whenever it loads, as far as I can tell. Any way to lock this?
  4. That's the same problem I've been having.I haven't found a fix for it yet.
  5. My friend was using those .ini file settings to make his joystick experience tolerable.

    I ordered a joystick (mostly for Star Citizen) when he said it was manageable with the edited settings, so imagine my pleasant surprise when it arrives and the "fix" no longer works.

    Luckily the rest of the game is still lots of fun!
  6. revert to mouse keyboard for now? I used to use ps3 controller for flying esf but mouse + kb still trumps joystick. The key is to have lower dpi for x axis than y axis. after this change your esf won't tumble and actually can fly level.
  7. Have you guys tried setting your Useroptions.ini file to Read Only? That should stop the Launchpad from over-writing it.
    When a patch comes out you may want to restore writing privileges and change it again.
    If it still defaults back to 1.00000 then I have no idea.

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