Junkers Ju 87 Sirens for ESF

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by FightingFirst, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Can we get some sirens like the Junkers Ju 87 (Stuka Dive Bomber) had.
    Would be pretty cool some dumb bombs to go along with it would be sweet too.

  2. Wouldn't ever happen in Planetside, where you simply stop and hover if you want to hit something...

    Those Sirens are really iconic though, to the point where a lot of people still today think that airplanes make a loud siren noise when they nosedive. Sort of like how some people think submarines make a blip blip blip sound as they swim along... Those sound effects just fit so well in movies that they keep getting added even when they make no sense. :D
  3. I've had to tell a few people that the noise was made by the Jericho Trumpet siren on the plane, not the plane itself. Warfare really had a mental factor back then. PS2 has that too of course. The unique sounds of the Empire rifles for one. The unique ESF engine sounds. The 'fwoosh-fwoosh-fwoosh' of rocketpods.
  4. or the "katshing" sound swords make when drawn :)

    I think this could be doable, but it would be very annoying. Anyway, we don't even have vehicle horns, so don't hold your breath for something like this to be implemented.
  5. That's why I asked for dumb bombs as well so I could get a bit of dive bombing going on :). The actual sound came from the siren that was attached to the plane, in this case the Stuka which would make the sound when it went into a steep dive. It would be pretty cool if each faction siren would make a slightly different sound.
  6. In real war those sirens made sense as a physiological piece, but as a very long time Stuka pilot in WWIIO, the siren just means players look up and shoot. Also, the skill to dive bomb is understanding speed, momentum, and post release trajectory. Even in PS2 you can't hover with your nose vertical. In most of the flight sims I've played, you have to put your all your eggs directly on the tank to destroy it. Near misses would damage, might detrack it (which isn't modeled in PS2). So you would need to actually put your nose down to get any precision with it.

    With that said, it's a very hard skill to master. Many think it's just a point of sticking your nose down, releasing and flying off. Problem is, the higher you release from, the greater the chance of a miss. The lower you release, the greater the chance you lawn dart or get hit by your own splash damage. What this will result in is a whole lot of whining on the forums because pilots aren't seeing the results they expect.
  7. but then we can yell back at them L2P :D
    also this game is already arcade type flying to why not do the same for the bombs. bombs would still have to take more skill then rocketpods id hope
  8. But that would be a good thing. The bombs would reward skilled players. As for the siren that would be a cool addon. It might even have a slight psychological effect of "Holy smokes Im getting bombed."
  9. Dive bombs that kill would make the situation worse.

    You can shoot down Rocket spammers because they hover

    Remove the hover part, and any G2A asset becomes useless
  10. Like I said in another thread, if they add dumb bombs I'm becoming a stuka forever. The siren would be hilarious but I doubt it will happen.
  11. Only stupid ones hover. You can fire off at least one rocket salvo in a pass. In fact, you could dive bomb with rockets right now and it would be even easier because unlike bombs they propel themselves to where you aim.
  12. Ssshhhh, do not tell them.

    They will reproduce
  13. This is true, there is nothing that stops them from dive bombing now with the rockets, and as LameFox points out, it's much easier as the rocket is going to go where the reticule is pointing vs having to pitch or account for speed, angle, and trajectory of a slowing dumb bomb.
  14. Not really you just need to aim. Plus if they are diving at a target odds are they are going in a straight line which is pretty easy to predict.
  15. I use proper divebombing technique with rocketpods and it works great. AA usually can't see you at the flight ceiling and no one ever looks straight up if they have a bunch of low-altitude hovering idiots to shoot at. I almost never die to ground AA when rocket podding, it's always enemy fighters with missiles or someone ramming me.
  16. Yeah, but if you consider shifting the damage from rocket pods to the main gun it would be way more "balanceable";

    Imagine something along the lines of:

    Nose gun
    60 Ammo
    10 rounds per second (6 seconds)
    2.5 damage per round (total 1500)


    Rocket pods
    10 Ammo
    3.3 rounds per second (3 seconds)
    100 damage per round (total 1000)

    The numbers are completly arbitrary, but you get the idea:
    Giving players the ability to deal more sustained damage, at the cost of hovering, while quick passes won't let you land 6 seconds worth of shots.
    You don't strictly nerf the DPS (because reload times exist), but force hovering and therefore vulnerability to max out the damage
  17. Most ground vehicle turrets don' t even traverse to full vertical.

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