laptops for planetside 2

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  1. No laptop is good for PS2, and I have a $1400 laptop.
    The laptop itself or the charger overheats withing 2 hours, and the graphics card makes it run terrible.
    Much better to just get a gaming PC.
  2. No. Just no. Not even on the lowest settings. If the game starts at all, that is.

    Like ih8Darian said, don't buy a laptop if you want to play modern games. No matter how expensive it is, a desktop computer with well chosen components will always blow a laptop out of the water, at a significantly lower price.

    And please don't make another 3 threads on the same topic in the next few hours, thanks.
  3. Agree with both above, Laptop gaming is more expensive for a worse experience. I only use my Gaming Laptop (which cost £700) when i'm away from home and it does not perform anywhere near as well as my desktop which i built for £600.
  4. I bought a laptop from Walmart a while ago, and I have been playing Planetside 2 on it for months.
    I don't get the best fps, usually between 10 and 20, sometimes a beautiful 30.
    I'm able to play just fine, I kill people, people kill me, I'm sure it's like that for everyone.
    I'm currently battle rank 52 and have about 27 days of playing time(yeah I know I should be a much higher level with that).

    Windows 7 64-bit Intel Pentium CPU B950 2.10GHz 4 GB RAM
  5. Laptops are not gaming machines, period.

    Whatever a manifacturer publishes it as it will be never be as good as hardware for example desktops with equal monetary value.

    If the main reason for buying a laptop is the fact that you want to take it with you to several locations then go right ahead. But if your main purpose is to buy it because you want to game, your money would be better spend on buying lose hardware and compiling the machine yourself. Even with the highest tiered laptop the performance you want will still be lacking. I have a i7 laptop (purchase price was 870 euro and bought it for video render and programming/compiling work when away from home) and it can run ps2 mediocrely, and that's when the powerjack is plugged in.


    The laptop i own is a Asus N53S
  6. I have the same one, roughly (N53SV) and I stuck an extra 4GB of ram in to help with the animation and video rendering I do. But it plays Planetside decently. 30 FPS in good-sized fights and almost 60 if there's no one around. However, I had to disable shadows and do a few other things to make it run that well. I'm not as concerned with how it looks, but I do enjoy the Ultra textures.
  7. I use my for all of my gaming, and it does a great job considering what it is.

    I run Planetside 2 on medium/high getting ~35-40fps. Other modern games I play (Shogun II, Bioshock Infinite, Witcher 2, etc) usually get into the 55fps range, but have some slowdowns during very graphically intense times.

    I have an Asus kv55s or something like that, i5-2410m CPU, Nvidia 540m GPU, 6gb RAM, and a 7200rpm HDD.

    Honestly, this thing was $800 2 years ago, and I love it. I recommend getting throttlestop however, it prevents your CPU from throttling itself when it approaches anything over 70 degrees C. I know I'll take flak for that recommendation, but I've been using it for two years with no adverse affects.

    I want to build a desktop, but I have limited time and money. One day.

    ps. Use, they have great warranties and deals. I'll never go to another site to buy a laptop.

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