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  1. As Lib pilot, the most dangerous thing to me are enemy ESF, at the beginning i did always run from them, which well worked sometimes and with good gunners the enemy ESF got sometimes killed or damaged so that it gave up.
    This has gotten harder, because ESF Pilots have adapted and keep their distance and iam also unable to shake them in the NC canyons, which worked for s short period of time.

    My attempt right know to enemy ESF is to fight them. I try to get my gunner a good line of sight, but with the dalton it will be more luck than everything if the mosq gets hit by it. My nose gun is the Tank Buster, i thought about getting the AA nose gun, but ESF normaly don´t let me point my nose at them, also ESF can normaly always out maneuver me which of course is normal. So my best weapon and which strangely get me the most ESF kills is to ram them. I just fly in crazy turn, hoping to get a chance to ram the ESF. But mostly i just do the dogfighting to prolong death and hope that friendly Air comes to help. The thing is, i know the ESF is the hard counter to Libs but right know i feel a bit to helpless against them. How do you handle them?
  2. 3rd person view lol. SoE has created the most absurd flight engine i've ever seen, designed to favour ***** and punish the skilled. They should just give infantry 3rdPV and set the maximum age limit of the game at 11.
  3. That's pretty much the only good lib video. :p
  4. Forgive the music:

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  5. Both videos actually show Libs killing ESF pilots that suck. First video right at the beginning, two Scythes ignoring the Lib, what is the scythe in minute 5 doing? does he try to land, will he is under fire? Many of these kills are result of ESF pilots getting to close. But what are you doing if a ESF keeps distance?
  6. been saying this to plp for awhile

    dalton , best AA gun in the game!
  7. Yep, agreed, even after the patch.

    Oy, also, I saw in another thread you re-rolled TR. Are you still on Jaeger? feel free to PM me instead of derailing ;)
  8. Yup... when they're following me, it's better to fly vertically with a shredder pointing at them in a sort of ) motion (starting at the bottom) and let that try to get rid of them. The tailgun is just going to get you killed more often than not. I've had shredder gunners take out up to about 3 trailing ESF, after that they tend to out-DPS us.

    The number of shredder videos slowly grows. I'd add to the pile, but my PC wouldn't be able to handle it.

    You don't have enough context here. If you want me to describe how I'd act in a dogfighting scenario, first you need to describe the scenario in detail. With pictures. Because 3D movement is often too complicated to describe accurately with words.
  10. Well, iam talking of a scenario were you get attaked by an ESF that keeps its distance.
  11. Needs more detail. "ESF keeping distance" can mean anything. Firstly, where in relation to myself is the ESF? 6:00 high? 2:00 low? It's three-dee space. "Some distance away" means nothing. Secondly, what is the ESF packing? Roflpods? A2AM? AB tanks? Shotgun? Rotary? Thirdly, what is the terrain, and where is the dogfight occurring? Additionally, what is happening around us? Silence? Raging zerg versus zerg battle? Tank spam? Also, am I in an organized squad, or flying "solo" (can't forget the gunner(s))? Is the enemy ESF in a squad? Is the battle 2 way or 3 way? Is one or both of my guns manned? I cannot answer a question without knowing what the question is.
  12. AA Liberators. <3

    Takes a while to get used to the shredder, but they absolutely rip ESFs apart. You just have to fly at flight ceiling so they can't come at you from above.
  13. No you don't. A liberator can even fly top-first with it's nose in the sky, tail toward the ground, and belly gun aiming back at followers. You just have to use v-thrust to go 'forwards' and the normal engines to keep yourself in the air.
  14. True. Although I prefer top-down fights 'cause then I'm usually out of AA render range, and people don't look up.
  15. Liberator balance patch:
    - Bulletdrop that makes you farm less infantry
    - Bulletdrop that makes you farm less tanks
    - Bulletdrop that makes you go out of warpgate and come back after you shot 2 times
    - Bulletdrop that give you reason to play more as infantry, but wait, not with 20 fps spiking down to 0
    - NV/HS sights for lib guns tweaks, that change ground color so for a change indar is green or blue
    - NV/HS sights for lib guns tweaks, that are waste of certs because you can see more with zoom
    - Modern warfare with pirate cannons in the air, everyone is afraid of them so much, that they shoot their carbines instead of pulling max with burster (yes, everyone has one at least) or annihilators or grounders

    I wonder what would they do if every lib pilot cried so much about weakness of weapons before nerf patch, would you make them stronger ?
    People are learning to play this game, as they learn they make their characters better by certing into them, at least give liberators possibility to cert into some anti bullet drop attachment please!
    Here is how it looks on lithcorp, before patch when i was flying my lib i had to go through 5 mosqitos and 2 libs safely farming nc troops, going back to warpgate for repairs 10 times before i could get to front line to support attack on given location.
    NC gets 0 air support. Guess why ?
    This is what you balanced, liberators were not a problem, people are problem here, depends of situation, you probably listened to less than 1% of community on forums.
  16. Whenever videos like this are posted, I find myself fixated on the kill chat to see if I am the bad.
  17. JackD, Weirdo and myself generally do our best to draw out ESFs and fight them one vs. one. That's how confident we have become. They are very killable one at a time, and it's extremely rare for us to lose to a single lone ESF, unless we start at low health after other engagements.

    First my lib setup:
    Stealth, Afterburners, Tanks Buster with full clip capacity upgrade, NV Zepher, and High G 3.

    Basically here is our step by step engagement:

    The first thing I do as the pilot is face the incoming ESF or give my bomber a good angle. If I am facing enemy lines when attacked, I always go offensive and try to get the nose gun gib. If not, I afterburner back towards our territory while providing an angle for my gunner the entire time. At that point, I always turn to face the incoming ESF because as you likely know, you must be as offensive as possible.

    If the enemy ESF turns away, I turn away as well. My goal at this point is to pull the ESF back towards our lines, forcing him to overextend in order to continue engaging us. At that point, we have the advantage. One of my favorite tricks to turn around is to pitch up and hit my burners. This puts my lib completely upside down at 250 kmh while giving my gunner an awesome view at everything. I only do this if I am falling back.

    As far as going to head to head with the ESF, I always roll to my side and turn by pitching down. This provides me better visibility for lining up my shot, but more importantly as the ESF come closer, my zepher bomber will now have good shots on the ESF. If I dont kill it, he will likely at least land 1 shot, forcing the ESF to run if he knows what's best.

    Once the twirly dancing beings as long as the ESFs are being offensive against me, my number one priority is to line up shots for my gunner. The key is to make smooth non-jerking turns in order to allow my gunner to have semi-consistent zepher round drift such that each shot isn't dumb luck. He can adjust for a better chance at success. Consistent turns are a huge part of setting up your gunner for success. Note I didn't say slow turns; I said consistent.

    My second priority at this point is to line up my tank buster for some epic shredding.

    That's pretty much it.

    And if all else fails and you're getting 500m harassed, just land and out-repair the damage. This goes for all A2AM users as well. They can not out damage 2 certed repair guns. This also goes for rocket pod users if you land with enough health. Just play ring around the rosie so they don't kill you instead of the lib, and you should be fine.

    Hopefully this 4:00am wall of text can be of some use. I'm sure I'll log in tomorrow and see 10+ stupid mistakes.

    And if all else, fails, check out my stream.

    I have a lot of lib footage in there.
  18. You have to let him close range...of course, against multiple ESFs that can be suicide, but in that case you got hard-countered and have no choice but to suck up a respawn.

    As I said in anothe post, I've been hitting the breaks more to let the tail gunner have an easier shot. Best with the bulldog.

    Also, as much as it pains me to say, a good gunner can get hits at long range with the Walker. Its a toss up if A2A spam kills you before you push him off but at least it's something.

    When I have enough folks on from the outfit, I try to always get someone (or I do it myself) to run high guard...stay at the ceiling cap above the liberator, and dive on ESFs that attack it. Trading your ESF to save an Lib is often worth it.

    Its not much, its not reliable, but such is the nature of the game.
  19. There is also using the zepher for anti get 6 shots and each one will 1 hit kill an least last I checked it did.

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