Liberator a chore to pilot

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  1. I used to love the Lib. I used to love flying all of the aircraft in Planetside 1. Unfortunately, that has changed. The aircraft (at least in stock form) are such a fun-slaughtering chore to pilot that it's not even worth attempting. Much of this has to do with the turning rate, especially in the Liberator. More often than not, I end up hitting something because I can't convince the aircraft to turn. I've seen jumbo jets with more finesse than this. If this was an attempt to make it hard, they've failed. Not because it isn't hard, because it can be. They've failed because they made it the wrong kind of hard. What they should have done is make it Battlefield 2 chopper hard, not chop your legs off and try to play soccer hard.
  2. I fly the ESF with a mouse now, but i fly the Lib with a joystick, it feels much better even without the chassis upgrades.
  3. I fly the Liberator with a mouse and I can make that thing dance. It's not that bad. The only thing that really grinds my gears when I'm piloting Liberators is getting a fraction of the XP that my gunner gets and not being awarded a single kill. My KDR looks horrible despite the fact that the Liberator I pulled and certed up will easily rack up 50+ kills before going down in a decent run.
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  4. not all about k/d, look at your assists, that will show your involvement, not much but at least it is something. But I agree, I love my libby to death...but come on, give me something like least the view my gunner is seeing, I want to see the pew pew and bang bang, not the fkcn windshield...
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  5. It's... sort of a difficult plane to get a hang of at first, especially if you're trying to do it with the mouse. In beta, before there was any real joystick support, I got by with using a keyboard setup. Now I have my joystick and life is good. To me, the liberator is a joy to pilot.

    I don't know what kind of inputs you've got available, but see if you can't get a control setup that's more workable for you, and practice maneuvering it around near the warp gate (avoiding suicidal friendly ESFs of course) if you haven't done so already. It's too stressful trying to learn to fly when you've got another person in the plane, and flak is chewing you up. The lib can be tamed, I promise.
  6. The key to liberator piloting involves a lot of hard G turns, imo.

    Also, it's not practical at all, but if you want to check your gunner's view, you can quickly swap back and forth between the tailgun and pilot seats with only a small drop in altitude.
  7. Then get a wingman for goodness sake and swap seats now and then - added benefit of half the respawn cooldown since you both have the certs and weapons.
  8. Well, the last scenario for me played out like this:

    1. Spawn a Liberator.
    2. Try to turn around so that I can pick up my friends.
    3. Taking way too long to twist with WASD controls, lets tilt a bit.
    4. Gets wing caught on object.
    5. Lib essentially glues itself to the object and no amount of user input will detach it.
    6. Lib explodes forcing me to wait 17 mins to get a new one.
    7. I log out because it was either than or punching a whole in my monitor.

    This all happened right after I riled up my PLATOON of people to take out the enemy landing pad that has been pounding us for the last half hour. Everyone was ready to go, I was supposed to lead the push... then my Lib exploded. So, not only did I lose a fair amount of credibility, but I also lost the very aircraft I needed to make the difference I riled everyone up about.

    Basically, the only way I've kept this boat afloat is to stay at 900ft and hope nobody sees me :-/
  9. Just like the other planes in the game, and even planes in real life, you need to rotate and pull up on the stick for quick changes in direction. A and D are only for subtle direction changes and for keeping the nose up in the air when circle strafing targets.

    Don't get frustrated with it, its actually pretty nimble. You're just relying on the wrong part of the controls to do what you want to do. The mouse is for all large or fast movements, the keyboard is for dialing in directions with subtle corrections.
  10. Yea, how dare I demand a game where I am fairly rewarded for my efforts. It's clearly my fault that I'm not getting proper XP for piloting the craft, because if I wanted proper XP I shouldn't be piloting it ... uh.. wait...
  11. Libs are easy to fly once you get the feel for them. they are not ESF but you can make them do anything and landing is a easy i just dont like the rubber landing gear.
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  12. i do have to agree. its my job to get my gunner in a position where he can nail tanks only to get 40 xp with 100% boosts on i get 100 for any infantry which im fine with but tanks are a hard shell to crack and i get less xp then a softy?
  13. Exactly - Following your flawed logic I should also get loads of experience from moving people around in my galaxy. Afterall I was the pilot. :rolleyes:
  14. You should get experience for contributing to the fight, and if you pull expensive equipment to help out your team you should get a decent reward for it, yes.

    What's wrong with Galaxy or Liberator Pilots getting a reward? Explain please.
  15. To the op, the flight mechanics are easy to use, but hard to master.

    Have patience and you will be rewarded, then you too can laugh when people take out a Liberator then pitch around suddenly because they find the yawing too slow and tumble about before blowing up.

    sigh. i was like that too...once upon a time.

  16. Yeah or the think that you need to cert into the liberator so teh gunenr has all the benefits and the most EXP/Certgain out of it. Ant the pilot isnt even getting half of it....

  17. When you drop people out of your galaxy (yes you can gal drop noobs) you get points everytime they get a kill. FYI
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  18. This is a big issue I think. The lib is going to be one of the most expensive vehicles to upgrade cert-wise and yet the pilot gets a faction of the XP from the vehicle's effectiveness. I don't mind throwing certs into the lib to make it more effective, but it is hard to do if you're not getting XP to get the certs.

    I'd love to see a chart showing XP gain/hr per vehicle/gunner/pilot seat. I suspect ESFs and MBTs would be at the top and the poor lib tail gunner would be dead last followed closely by the lib pilot.
  19. I just wish they didnt feel like a boat.
  20. Totally the fault of the plane. It's not like you see them flying around functionally all the time or anything.

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