Liberator A30 Walker tail gun

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  1. Agreed. I keep telling my Lib pilot it's not my fault the ESFs chasing us are killing us, but he doesn't believe me. I'm a terrible Lib pilot myself, or I'd give him the chance to see this first hand.

    I still think Libs should be vulnerable to ESFs, especially if they get the drop on you at the proper attack angles, but there's no reason an ESF should be able to essentially hover at our rear while I put an entire belt of ammo into their cockpit, killing me while I reload. If you're going to be a crappy pilot like me and act like that in your ESF, you deserve to get shot down. LET ME SHOOT THEM DOWN.
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  2. nomatter how many threads of this, i never get tired.
    always a +1 internett from me.
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  3. I agree. I'm perplexed that tail-gunning in a Planetside 1 liberator was actually easier, and more satisfying, than PS2. The whole XP issue aside, for me, the biggest problem with the tail gun is the color of the tracers and the color of the crosshairs. The same flippin color as the sky. Very hard to correct your aim when you essentially are shooting blind, hoping to see the little red x flash on the screen.

    I like the challenge, and I'm not bothered by no experience, but it's just gosh darned tough to see where you're shooting.
  4. DESPERATELY needs a buff, the gun could be strong as hell and still be countered by flying out of the view of all threat (sides and top are 100% safe to attack)

    Out of all the whine to sort through on the forums this is one thing that I am 100% certain of after playing around with countless strategies and builds for the lib. You can argue that it isn't supposed to be able to counter air but why give it an AA gun then? Even more so he isn't even awarded by assist XP for his hard and most of the time impossible job.
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  5. I'd like to see single-mount bursters as an option for all the slots A30 currently mounts, on all vehicles

    I think that might solve ALOT of problems with lack of AA, especially for ground vehicles without air cover.

    Edit: It might be a bit insane on a Gal though, as effectively you would have 2 dual-burster MAX's as defense...
  6. turn the walker into a flak cannon with the same stats as a max's single burster

    bam, walker is now fixed, 90% of liberator problems are fixed, and ground vehicles actually have some protection against air

    ESF's no longer have total and unrestricted reign over every apsect of the game

    90% of current balancing problem caused by ESF's are fixed with a single, simple change
  7. This gun does need some serious help. Its not worth any amount of certs or cash for that matter and ESF doesnt have to care that its there because they can out-tank it way before he can bring down the lib.

    It should provide a challenge for them, something that they want to avoid and not just hover right up the libs behind while blasting it with anti ground rocket pods.
  8. Gun used to be awesome in Beta, now it's severely outclassed by, well... everything. I'd stand a better chance at hitting an ESF with an M60 than a Walker.
  9. I had the "fortune" of being a tail gunner on a Lib equipped with one of these a few days ago.
    The Walker, as is, is a useless weapon compared to the avaiable alternatives for the tail gun on the Liberator: it has very low damage per shot, large bloom, low rate of fire and decreased range compared to the Basilisk.
    Back in the beta, the Walker was pretty much as it is now, with one big difference: you could empty it's 75-rds magazine in about 2 seconds: I gunned one on a Galaxy a guy in my outfit had back then, and any ESF that wandered too close would melt when fired upon by two Walkers, or take enough damage to leave when only one fired at it or was engaged beyond a certain range.
  10. the real problem isnt the walker itsself but the angle's it can shoot at. same for all the 3rd lib guns. and combine that with the lack of xp you'll get a bad liberator gun.

    I would like to see some changes the first is the xp
    let all the persons in a gunnersposition or even all the persons get some xp when there is a kill. if bellygun kills something let the 3rd gunner get a gunner xp bonus when pilot kills something let there be a pilot kill reward for all the gunners. if 3rd scores a kill let 1e and 2e gunner get gunner kill xp and so on.

    an other change wich would divine there rolls more is their angles.
    walker: let it sit on top like on the galaxy. then its extually good for killing esf's cause youve got a 360 view above the craft. it would help alot for the survival of the plane because then you can see whats above you and tell your pilot that there is a galaxy about to ram you.

    buldog: yeah that ground pounding gun wich cant get a decent amount of shots on target couse of the angles. let it be sitting under the tail so it can also shoot forward a bit. then it's really an anti ground gun and not your killing esf's in 2 shots when they hover behind you gun.

    drake: let that be your inbetween gun that can do both. in other words let it sit on the same lokation as it currrently is. it can look up and behind the craft and down and behind the craft. walker is pure aa it can see all arounds but not downwards and buldog can look downwards and cant shoot up.

    it will maybe be a good idea to give the 3rd gunner a laser or a projectile weapon where they can destroy lockons with. it should be hard and take a lot of skill but let it be an option (like a second firing mode or like theunderbarrel attachments)

    and my final thought about changes
    isnt really about the 3rd gun but implys for that one as well.
    let there be a circle with a dot inside to see under wich angle your gunners are shooting. then you'll know if you should roll your lib a lil more. you should also be able to see gunners ammo. it would also be nice to see a circle that changes shape wich shows you what your gunner is able to shoot at. this idea is very optional and will probably be hard to implement but it will be a welkom edition. if you can toggle an xray button so your guns will be surrounded by orange wireing so your always able to see where your bellygun is pointed at cause as it stands right now your not able to see it a lot of the times because your tail will get in the way of it. a changeble 3rd person view would fix this as well.

    please let me know your oppinions about my idea's and why you would or would not want to see them in the game. once we have enough people upvoting (not begging for likes just keep reading and youll know why I said that) this commenting about this and all that kind of stuff then SOE's eye will maybe fall onto it and they might give it a go XD

    these are my opinions and I would like to hear your own creative idea's to fix this problem
  11. thats called a ranger. the ranger is much worse than a walker
  12. Or if they change ESFs to only A2A aircrafts and give Liberators more resistance against Flak+ESF weapons so ESFs are required to get good Liberator pilots down and one ESF couldnt destroy a Liberator as easily as it can now. Now two good ESF pilots are guaranteed death for Liberator crew, it shouldnt.
  13. The walker is pathetic. Use the drake instead my gunner has actually gotten kills with it post PU02. Drake has a hard time killing targets from long ranges but anything chasing you either leaves or dies.
  14. Moin

    I've been using the bulldog a bit (fully upgraded magsize and thermals :>) to farm infantry and conserve dalton ammo, and it's actually a really decent gun against groundtargets. "Mini-Zepher". With a pilot who is able to give both gunners an angle you can utterly destroy unprepared infantry squads. XP/h for the tailgunner is at least bearable + it can be great fun.
    But the walker is garbage. Not only does it do little damage to a competent pilot, it's also in no way fun or rewarding for the tailgunner.

    I really hope they concentrate on the tailgun with the liberator update and don't "fix" things that don't need fixing at all.
  15. Personally, I can aim the walker just fine. both on lib tailgun and battlegal I bring ESFs to heavy smoke and sometimes kill them. I don't see your problems. Maybe you need a lil lead indicator to show you where to aim? please, no. walkers can be devastating if aimed properly

    but nevertheless, bulldog master-race wins it all
  16. Personally I think that liberators perform a little too poorly against ground targets, and a little too well against ESF's, their supposed counter. If some changes were made to reduce a lib's effectiveness against ESF's I would be all for the walker getting a much needed buff.

    Also tail gunners need shared exp, it's the least rewarding slot on a liberator.
  17. Libs are very vulnerable to ESF's. Unless you are one of the 1%'s and you can engage with your bellygun. Don't even bother crewing the tailgun until they fix it... which will be never, liberator hasn't gotten a proper buff since the game was released.

    I am even wary of the liberator 'patch'. Given what happend to ESF's.

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