Liberator Belly Guns: Zephyr vs. Dalton

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  1. So I'm looking to get a specific discussion on the merits of these two guns. I found a couple tertiary posts on these.

    As far as I can tell, the Zephyr seems to win outright as it has a large HE radius and 5 shots, allowing it to wipe the floor with infantry. Meanwhile it's no slouch against tanks, as it will take out a full health MBT in 2 magazines.

    The Dalton, from what my gunners have experienced, is slow firing, hard to hit with, and has a minimal blast radius. Although, the blast radius and damage is enough so that a good hit will still kill infantry. It only has 1 round in a magazine and a slow reload.

    Is there something I'm missing with the Dalton that makes it worthwhile?
  2. The Dalton has no drop afaik, and still reloads quite a bit faster than the zephyr -- not enough by a long shot to make up for it, but for some, it will make it easier to hit with. I think they both have their place, though most agree that the zephyr is more viable.
  3. The dalton has amazing damage, but yeah it's really difficult to hit targets with and if you don't hit dead on it does nearly nothing.

    Yesterday some vanu outfit parked their entire airforce (6 scythes, a galaxy and two liberators) on that long airpad on that amerish tech plant and were repairing them all.

    Had the dalton and destroyed the entire thing. Even better, they landed more there and I took all that out too. Dalton managed to quickly cripple their entire airforce before they could react.
  4. Before the Zepher buff it was a matter of preference. Now there is no reason at all to use the Dalton, not even one.
  5. My gunner used the zepher to AMAZING effect. If the Dalton was any better, I would have to think that the lib is becoming OP at that point. I am also very interested in this discussion as i havent used the dalton yet.
  6. Right now the balance between the two is broken. The Dalton should be more effective against Vehicles, but kind of isn't. Also the Zephyr gets extra points for being a semi viable anti-air weapon, especially against Galaxies and other Liberators.
  7. IIRC the daltons AOE damages heavy armor, the zephyr doesn't.
  8. The Dalton seems to to better against heavy armour. The AOE causes damage, and direct hits obliterate. If you have a good gunner you can also one-shot ESFs and take libs out pretty quick. I've been using it to fantastic effect with the anti-infantry tertiary gun supplementing.

    The Zephyr does a better job against groups of infantry and light vehicles, but takes ages to destroy Libs and MBT's.

    I try to hit the bigger targets like hard to reach Sundy's and let infantry deal with infantry.
  9. Also Zepher's salvo takes a while to land completely, so even if you have direct hit with first one, if the target has any situational awareness and self preservation it'll jerk out of the way (well, deployed Sundies can't obviously do that instantly) and rest of the shells will deal only splash damage. In Dalton's case you'd land first hit causing bigger damage than Zepher's one hit and 5 splashes.

    And I agree that the balance is still bit screwy. I imagined Zepher would be HE AI weapon with big splash and shrapnel flying to nearby infantry while Dalton would have HEAT shells with practically no AOE at all while dealing massive damage to armored targets.

    Both guns do kill things just fine as they are now - assuming your gunner knows how to aim - they are just very much of same general use with slight difference in functionality.
  10. It's also worth noting you can't see infantry half the time from libs, so why bother with an AI-centric gun? Even if the difference between the two isn't great, the Dalton's punch seems more useful.
  11. Considering the Dalton can take out a sundy in 4 or 5 direct hits it has become my new favorite for the lib. It will still take out infantry (not quite as effectively as the Zepher), but direct hits with the Dalton will utterly destroy armor.

    I have yet to pull my Zepher lib since I purchased the Dalton.
  12. in the case of the Sundy, I'd wind up thinking Zephyr.

    Why? You don't *REALLY* want to kill the sunderer.. you want to kill all the people spawning around it. That's where the points are. The sundie is just collateral.
  13. Is this still the case? I wouldn't think the Zeph , now, would be too useful with it taking that many shots against armor

    Except when he captures the base your squad is at because he kept spawning infantry who went different ways.

    OF course, if you can suppress them with the Zephyr, then it doesnt matter..
  14. You can snipe with the dalton from 900 m away, unlike with the zephyr.

    But both are situtional

    zephyr + thermal = infantry mass destruction in 300m radius around gunship

    dalton + zoom = sniping tanks from the safety of your warpgate / sun / moon

    Dalton - More damage to tanks, slow firing, larger splash -2 shot to kill infantry if not direct hit

    Zephyr- slighlty lower splash, 6 shots, -2 shots to kill infantry.
  15. Wrong. Dalton has very little splash radius. Direct hits decimate armor. Splash deals some damage to armor. Very low projectile drop. 2-4 shots take MBTs out with ease. One shots ESFs.

    Zepher has huge splash radius. Wipes infantry off the floor. Splash deals nearly low damage to armor. Low projectile drop. Enemy vehicle operators with half a brain can avoid this with ease, without taking much damage.

    Be assured that, if infantry draw distance gets fixed, Zepher will get a huge nerf after or along with it.
  16. Why ? I am asking, because I am thinking of buying Zepher :D
  17. Zephyr is great at infantry farming. The quite Dalton is good as well, but if they ever made the two guns more role specific the Zephyr will still generally be the go to for killing infantry.

    Shredder gets not love, heh. Would like to see some videos of how it fares against air/ground targets from decent crews but good crews using a Shredder are fairly rare.
  18. Right now you have to be within 300m (or as little as 100m if there are a lot) of enemy infantry for them to render. If they dont render, you can't see them and you can't kill them.

    If the game is fixed so infantry render at farther distances then you can see (and shoot) them from a much, much higher and safer altitude. Ironic that fixing that 'problem' would probably ruin the game even worse than vehicle spam already has.
  19. I use the Dalton, compared to the Zephyr it cracks armor in no time, and like already sad trough its accuaracy its also good vs infantry. Tankbuster or Infantrywiper. But both are still effective against the other.
  20. I bounce back and forth personally. I've pulled off some miracle long-shots on enemy aircraft with the Dalton since it doesn't have gravity drop. It's also great for max-altitude anti-tank ops, though I usually fly much lower. On the other hand, the Zepher is much better for taking out infantry and it's nice for taking on aircraft that get too close.

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