Liberator experience split is unbalanced

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by Syncope, Nov 30, 2012.

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    I definitely agree with this, I'm just like Synscope and enjoy piloting just the same as him. Our group of 3 are often together in our Liberator. We're a front line support and love it but something should change here with the sharing out of the EXP. Please listen to this thread SOE :)

    The only other thing I can think of us keeping the third gun as an option between Bulldog/Walker/Basilisk but allowing the Liberator to stay propped up on its nose in support allowing the pilot to use the tank buster while still allowing your mid gun able to reach forward more (Not entirely). At the moment we have a fighter escort and are circle strafing areas with a Dalton and Bulldog on the back. So in terms of balancing, if anything at the moment we're doing quite well.
  2. I completely agree. I'm a Lib pilot, and if I have tail gunner, I always feel really bad for them, sometime I just ask the bomber to switch with the tail gunner to just give him a lil xp.

    I Have to say the xp for the whole lib crew and Galaxy pilots are really not thought out well, I love piloting a Galaxy for logistics, but its just not worth it...
  3. +1 from me, pilot should get the same as the main gunner given that the pilot is the one dumping his/her certs into the lib while the other 1/2 are free to spend them elsewhere. Thus the pilot should get a higher amount of exp from the kills since both the pilot deserves it since it is his/her certed liberator, and more exp means more certs to put into said liberator. Also not sharing assists is a really stupid idea >.<

    I also feel really sorry for the tail gunner, they save the liberator as much as the pilot by driving off the tailers, but driving off does not give exp.
  4. Tail gunners tend to be less bored if they are given the M60 Bulldog. Being able to actually attack ground stuff makes them much more willing to fly with you.
  5. There needs to be better XP share for all multi person vehicles, including tanks with two gunners, galaxies, and sunderers.
  6. Agree with so many of the points made in this post! +1 :)
  7. this and many threads on it. and everyone agress. but like many things getting SoE to even say. Yes we hear you. is on par with getting Cold Fusion to work with nothing but rocks

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