Liberator Kill XP not distributed fairly, equally

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  1. All the seats in the liberator contribute to its success, but they are disproportionally rewarded.

    The pilot is the one investing all the certs into the lib, lining up shots and avoiding flak, and only gets half XP.

    The bomber doesn't have to invest a thing, and gets full XP, often with things like kill streak bonuses as well that the pilot doesn't benefit from.

    The tail gunner practically gets nothing. Not only do they not get a share of the bomber's kill XP, but often they don't even get ESF kills. They are helping by hassling and scaring the ESF's until they have to veer off, but they get no reward unless they managed to kill it, a very hard task when even the anti-air A30 Walker doesn't do much damage.

    I fly with a group of friends, each of us specializing in a role. At the end of a long run, the bomber had two hundred certs, the pilot (me) had one hundred certs, and the tail gunner had... I don't know, maybe three? We really, really felt bad for our tail gunner. Switching seats would even out the distribution, yes, but it shouldn't have to be that way. Manning the tail gun shouldn't be like drawing the short stick.

    So, simple suggestion. Split kill XP evenly among the crew, each getting one third.
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  2. There's a thread like this buried somewhere but I agree. Just bought the belly gun and flew around letting my friend blow stuff up. Went great, but as the pilot I didn't earn much, if I aimed down to shoot at something I'd make it impossible for my gunner to shoot ground targets. Didn't bother with a tailgunner, the role was hardly necessary, and when it was the belly gunner just had to do a quick five-second switch. I'd love it if all the exp were divided evenly, especially since I'm the one buying everything just to let someone else farm.
  3. While I agree that the XP situation is ridiculous for the pilot and gunner, splitting into a third isn't the way to go mainly because it discourages full liberators. Why share it with three when one could just switch back and forth, rather just make it that any kill a vehicle gets all XP is given to the people in the liberator. No reason for them not to, really. I only pilot a liberator, and believe me it's a pain to watch my gunner rack up tons of XP and me only to get half, especially when a good pilot makes all the difference in the world.
  4. It's more fun for everyone when the third person flies escort in a fighter. Getting hallf XP as the pilot does kinda suck since I dumped resources and certs into it.

    As one of the more team-focused vehicles, XP should be equally shared between crew members.
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  5. StarBadger, I agree totally with you that the split is unfair. My son and I are trying to recruit a tail gunner but no one ever wants the job. He's a great pilot and I have mad skills with killing ground troops and armor. I think the 1/3 split is not the answer though. Why should there be a split. I think maybe it would be better if there was 100 xp for each player on the team as without the whole team the person/armor would not have been destroyed. Just my take on how I see things.
  6. I suppose I didn't want to suggest that everyone gets 100 XP because that means more XP is earned overall for one kill. Rather than 100, it becomes 300 for a single kill, spread among three people. BUT, with the current system, the bomber gets the full 100 and the pilot gets 50, bringing the total up to 150, so perhaps that isn't really a thing that SOE is concerned about. But to make it 300 for one kill? Seems like a lot.

    I can also see how splitting it would discourage full libs.
  7. Why not whoever gets the kill gets 100 and the other two get 75 each? Not full, but you at least earn a respectable amount of contribution exp. Enough to not be worth complaining about while the gunner is still getting full.
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  8. I agree, there should be some sort of change. It really discourages liberator play
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  9. It is indeed disappointing that the pilot gets the leg out of the turkey. :(
  10. I agree!

    I want the mega-xp from my gunner!!!
  11. Why don't we actually treat it like a team vehicle which encourages team play? As in, any kill on a Liberator gets X amount of XP (lets say like 75ish), and this is gained by all people in the vehicle regardless of who did what or how many people are aboard.

    This actually encourages people to fill their Liberators, and it gives everybody a huge incentive to do their job as well as possible. Your pilot obviously has to be good, your gunner needs to hit things, and your tailgunner needs to keep your bird in the air by driving off fighters, which is the main threat to any Lib. If any one of them fails, no XP for the rest. Right now, the above limitations are true, but you have one person getting zero XP and another getting very little.

    But it probably won't happen. The overall design philosophy behind PS2, in terms of player cooperation incentives, is "swarming solo play." There's almost nothing in the game designed specifically for teamplay rather than simply being better in numbers. Tanks are better with a gunner, but they're very much designed to be one man armor. Tank warfare is simply large swarms of single-manned tanks spawned en mass. In the air, the ESF is the premier anti-air and anti-ground platform among aircraft. In infantry combat, you do have medics, but the very low respawn time and high availability of Sunderer respawns (this will proliferate way more in coming days) means that it's essentially just a small convenience if you get res'd rather than respawn yourself.

    I honestly think Liberators need an enormous amount of rebalancing to be viable. I know lib pilots love their aircraft and its playstyle, but how many can honestly say that liberators have anything close to the same level of risk vs cost/reward as fighters?

    There seems to just be a disparity as far as level of attention goes. In terms of raw quantity of changes, throughout beta, fighters have gotten numerous buffs and nerfs, while libs have gotten maybe 20% as many changes, at most. Meanwhile, even in the patches where fighters got serious buffs and libs got nothing, liberators have been consistently underpowered compared to them. I'm not going to pretend to understand the current challenges or intentions of the devs, but I wish libs would move up the line a bit for getting rebalanced.
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  12. Something like 50-75 for each player seems like a good solution. It isn't the full 100, meaning you aren't getting ridiculous XP for a single kill, but it's high enough to be rewarding.
  13. This makes me sad because I want to be a bomber! There are a lot of areas in the game that don't reward people. I noticed that yo don't get much for defending an area either.
  14. I think that vehicles should have their own killstreaks on the vehicle rather then the soldier. Let everyone in a vehicle gain XP from killstreaks and kill assists. Make it a flat "Liberator specific" reward so it can be balanced separately form soldier XP rewards.

    Then take kills and add two categories. "Air superiority" and "Bombardment". These are assist rewards to the other seats in the craft. When the bomber gets a kill they get full regular kill credit and confer the Bombardment bonus to the other two seats. When the tailgunner gets a kill they give Air Superiority to the other two seats. This would stack with a flat XP bonus everyone gets on the vehicle kill streaks.

    Example run with a Dalton Lib with AA Tertiary:

    Liberator gets into a contested area over a moderate tank engagement and has enough air coverage for some easy circles.
    Bomber nets a lightning kill: Bomber gets kill XP, Pilot and Tail get Bombardment XP. That liberator gets +1 to it's killstreak counter.
    Bomber nets a few more tank kills. Gets his first tank kill with killstreak up: Bomber gets kill XP + Liberator Killstreak XP, Pilot and Tail get Bombardment XP + Killstreak XP.

    Enemey air comes into the area and engages this Liberator.
    Tail manages to drop an ESF: Tail gets kill XP and killstreak XP, Bomber and Pilot get Air Superority XP + Killstreak XP.

    Liberator gets flaked too hard and Pilot drops low and drops off Bomber and Tail before dieing in the Liberator to A2A missles. Bomber gets a kill on foot and does not have a killstreak up. Alternatively if Pilot escaped and made a new Liberator they still would not start with killstreak up as it was tied to the already destroyed Liberator.

    Make Air Superiority and Bombardment get bonuses depending on craft shot down. Bam now everyone's getting solid XP without it requiring an actual split. Clever usage of flat rewards makes a good substantiation and provides room to adjust for balance.
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  15. my group of friends also shares this sentiment. where i pilot and two others man their respective guns.

    as of late my tail gunner has started to complain about his cert gain, or lack thereof and im starting to feel bad for him as his seat is one of the most important in my ship.

    i really hope someone takes some time to look at this issue and resolve it somehow.
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  16. Well I wonder how many people have to cry to make someone notice.

    Not many players main liberators and as a liberator pilot this xp rate makes me sad. I always loved to fly Helis in BF series. And it actually felt more revwarding to be a pilot. You could play real aggresive and get ton of kills. In PS you have to keep very tight angle to allow your gunner vision and still you get half xp.

    Make the liberator fun to play for all the crew!!!
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  17. it's been said many times in beta,
    a better way to handle the exp share from pilot to bombers ect needs a fix.

    be happy your not a gal pilot. they take 11 men to hot spots to change the tide of battle and get nothing for it
  18. After dumping SC and 1.5k+ certs in to my Lib, me and my dedicated gunner have had a rfit open up between our Battle Ranks and total Cert Points Not only do the Gunners get Kill XP, they also get special vehicle kill XP, kill streak XP, and kill assist XP. The total xp gained by the Pilot compared to the Gunner is different on astronomical levels. This seriously needs to be looked at.

    To the top for good measure!

    For Land, for Power, For the Republic!
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  19. Agreed, everything needs to be split equally for the whole crew.
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  20. +1
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