Liberator Kill XP not distributed fairly, equally

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  1. There definitely needs to be more incentive and XP for the tail gunner and maybe a slight buff to pilot XP for kills, the tailgun really needs to get more XP. Teamwork should be encouraged and rewarded. How useful the tail gun weapons are is another story (bulldog fills its role fine though)....
  2. I think if the tail gunner had an actual anti aircraft weapon it might make being a tail gunner more appealing because you just might get a kill. As it stands now I let my tail gunner handle repairs when we rearm and he gets squad repair points, if we even have a third. Maybe if the tailgun had a weapon that was an actual threat to ESFs it would work better, since the tailgun not only has limited movement but is also underwhelming and gets no XP for bombing.

    What I'm getting at is the pilot gets his half xp essentially for free, all he has to do is maintain situational awareness and not fly into the teeth of stationary AA.

    The bomber gets full xp and can play with one hand.

    The tail gunner has to be an amazing shot, landing 9/10 of his shots through the entire magazine only to see the ESF break away or get killed by another fighter because it is flying in a straight line. This is, of course, if the ESF doesn't kill the liberator in the initial 5-10 seconds of the fight.

    If you made it so getting behind the liberator and staying there was a horrible, horrible idea because the tailgun will rip you to shreds, maybe the tail gunners would have a better time because they know they are dangerous. As it is now there is no reason not to park your ESF behind the lib, absorbing silly basilisk or walker shots until the thing is a flaming ruin.

    Or give the tailgun more range of motion.
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  3. From my experience, the bomber position can handle both the main gun and the tail gun for the majority of situations. He also manages to kill I would say about 75% of the aircraft that chase us. It really depends on how much uptime the pilot can give him on the target. If he can't shoot it because it is out of his arc, it's the pilot's fault.

    @above poster. If you really think that a decent Lib pilot is "getting half xp essentially for free," you need to reevaluate your pilots (or yourself). Mastering the flight mechanics, especially in this game, are arguably the most skill-dependant part of the game.
  4. Without reading all the posts, I totally agree to the thread opener. The whole team system within vehicles still has to be implemented. But I'm quite sure that they'll do it as soon as they've got rid of the more urgent problems like performance, server issues, class balancing.
  5. Nerf the living **** outta ESF before that happens.
  6. All of which should have been done in BETA.... even implementing the team system within vehicles should have been done in Beta. They released an unfinished game that I still consider to be in beta, but that is an entirely different subject in general.

    Let's hope they get to this issue sooner rather than later.
  7. I am contractually obligated to agree with anything TRANSPORTER1 says.
  8. Give XP to all occupants. Who cares if there's "too much XP"? I don't think it would be game breaking.
  9. I so agree. Give the pilot and tailgunner exp closer to that of the main gunner. Also, perhaps they could incorporate some way of giving the person who spawned it some extra exp? That way the person who invested the certs is guaranteed some payback.
  10. I get more XP with flying alone & seatswitching than having my friend at the zepher
    That alone is ********..
  11. ^^ This, I also have no idea why they didn't fix this in beta when the devs were told MULTIPLE times that this was an issue. It' such an easy fix too :(
  12. Pilots should be getting full XP for all gunner kills, if not 150%.
  13. Good answer.
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  14. Please give the pilot something more for his gunner's kills. It feels really horrible to have a friend fly while I soak up all the XP from the unlocks HE purchased.
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  15. Even distribution won't do it. At the end of the day, I am the one investing in that liberator. Other guys are passengers, and they are free to spend whatever they get as they wish. But as I've said, I will be the one keep investing in the liberator. Equal distribution is NOT fair to the pilot.

    In my opinion, everyone in the liberator should get 50-75XP per kill, and pilot should get 25XP as a bonus. For any killstreak bonus, it should just award 25XP to all crew. If you are asking why the pilot should get 25XP as a bonus, because if I want to invest in something else than liberator, that bonus will be saving our *****.
  16. Yeah it kind of sucks that the pilots who spend real money and lots of certs on the libs don't really get the benefit of it, unless they get somebody else to pilot their lib. I'd like to hear what the SOE opinion on the "all occupants share xp in vehicles" idea is, because that seems like a really fair way to balance the disparity of usefulness in seats.
  17. Pilots have to cert and buy the thing, and get the gunner in position, it's very much a team thing and right now it's not rewarded as such. Pilots don't get the killstreak bonus, empty vehicle kill/assist bonus, turret kill bonus, (or maybe they do but at like 25% the rate, I don't know, I play the bomber position most of the time).

    XP should either be split or multiplied, anything the gunner gets the pilot gets and vice versa. Then the gunner/pilot will do the most prudent thing to maximize effectiveness, even if this means the pilot has to charge in hard with the 30's. It removes the incentive to do that however when it would not be efficient or safe.

    I would lean towards split because the third seat should not be a free XP farm. If you need it, you pay for it with split XP. However, if it were multiplied instead I think the increase in liberator population would be countered by increased AA/ESF presence.
  18. Not to be rude but, free XP farm on the gunner? Hell no, the tailgunner is the second hardest worker besides the pilot. In order to be really effective in a hot zone you NEED a tailgunner and a belly gunner, switching back and forth doesn't help in a populated area. To say the tailgunner does nothing and is a free XP farm is ******** and they definitely need to be properly rewarded. I like 100 for killer, 75 for the two other seats (or even 50). But right now the tailgunner needs something. I can't +1 this hard enough,
  19. How does one 'like' a thread anyway?

    Seriously though, as the pilot of my friends, I'd really really REALLY like to see some actual exp returns on the liberator (and any other team related vehicle crew) I admit it feels weird complaining I'm 'not getting enough exp' when you consider that a good liberator position can net you like hundreds of kills in moments but when you consider Im the one investing in it, flying it, waiting for cooldowns and resources and trying to get that great position for my friend, seeing 50exp, 50exp, 50exp ever now and then when i know said friend is getting 100exp, plus vehicle bonuses (sundies pay a LOT) its sorta sad when at the end of the day he's got twice as many, essentially free certs as I do. (by free I mean they aren't going towards making my liberator better, which my certs are going towards)

    I would like to see cloned exp. I realize that sounds like a lot of exp per kill but really, we're a team, and its not like we're getting double the experience, we're just both acting as one unite.

    Its interesting to note that while I fly the planes, my friend drives the tanks. Using a decked out Magrider, my friend takes the splash cannon and I use the sauron. When we go into a hot spot, my friend is obliterating infantry. I of course get nothing seeing as the sauron has to be surgically precise to kill infantry, but the second we face a tank, im usually the one getting the kill. At the end of the day, we're one unite but we're watching each others backs. If he drives into an infantry heavy area, I can't really help, nor do I get any exp. I'm only suddenly helpful when another tank shows up.

    So yes, I think ALL vehicles where a crew is in place should get cloned exp. It may sound like a lot but you're all part of the same unite trying to keep each other alive. MBTs would share between the two, sundies would share between the driver and two gunners (passengers aren't part of the crew and don't assist in it's survival. They have the option of getting out and helping already) Liberators would share between the three (also that tail gunner... ugh, yes please make it actually capable of scaring off an ESF if not out right destroying it... Trying to shake off an ESF as a pilot is crazy hard and even if I do make it easier for the tailgunner that thing doesnt really work at all unless the ESF is -really- determined to follow in a straight line) galaxies should also share between the 4 (5?) though this one I could agree just giving everyone besides the pilot 50% (including bonuses) with the pilot getting 100% cloned. Also... there has GOT to be a better gun then the walker to scare off enemy ESFs...
  20. Having a tail gun which shoots bullets instead of paint balls would help the tailgunner points situation.
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