Liberator Kill XP not distributed fairly, equally

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  1. It would help them to kill more of the ESF's, yes, but I think a large part of their time would still be spent *scaring* them. A smart ESF pilot will disengage when he gets too low, and causing an ESF to disengage is still helpful, but nets you no points unless someone else finishes them off. So, I think giving everybody a share of all the kills is still a good idea.
  2. My role in PS2 has been a dedicated liberator gunner for a few weeks now.

    I'm the primary person who gets to take the gun, and I cert out the ship. I let a friend pilot it in which he gets much less points during a session.

    I had a lot of boosters on ( 50% boost, 25% sub ) and was netting around 18k/hour yesterday with breaks inbetween for some vanguard/infantry play. I think at one point I had 70,000 score and I asked him how much he had... 10,000. Even if you split mine in half that is still a giant disparity.

    Rarely do I get our third guy to be in the tailgun, most of the time he goes AFK or just has a long boring ride and drinks beers. It is not a very fun job, and you get no points from it. We all value teamwork and know how to crew/run a good liberator but it does get a little lackluster when the pilot and the tailgunner get next to no points.

    As the gunner I get all the points for assists, and killstreaks... which the pilot gets none of, and the tailgunner gets none of.

    I really do think there should be a system of points that would come up as "Crew kill +XX" or "Crew assist +XX" or "Crew Killstreak +XX" and have it only apply to the liberator, sundy gunner/drivers, and tank top gunners/drivers.

    Not sure as to the details of percents, but it should be fairly close like someone said 75% seems like a good number and would provide an incentive to fully man a liberator with a tailgunner, and allow the pilot to actually get some points.

    Far as balance goes? Liberators are devastating and need no changes. The tank buster main cannon shreds vehicles and ESFs at close range, the dalton is capable of destroying maxes and infantry on "good" shots - as well as being able to take a tank down to 25% health in a single shot to the direct rear. The tail gun is a bit lacking entirely, everytime I hop to it ( 2 man liberator ) it does moderate damage but mostly just deters enemy ESFs.

    This is definitely a gripe from someome who has ~10% of my lib certs in already, and spent a solid 8-10 hours yesterday gunning... and piloting when my dedicated pilot wasn't around ( Three of us, only me and my pilot really can fly... third guy just can't )
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  3. I think the pilot does all right as-is for his partial EXP reward; it's the tailgunner I really pity. He should get a cut as well.

    To be honest though, I think some of the EXP for the "other two" in the vehicle (whoever didn't just land that killshot) should be deducted from the guy who got the kill, so instead of, say, 50/100/50 if the belly gunner scores a kill, it should be 70/70/70. About the same total EXP, but not 100/100/100 (that's too much multiplier; it was only one kill after all, why would it generate 300exp instead of 100).
  4. i refuse to spawn my liba for so low rewards its jast stolen time for the pilot as it is now
    there only 2 option for liba pilots to get nice xp flying solo and swith to guns or simply join another limb as gunner lol ;)
    SOE fix that ....
  5. Currently in my outfit Liberator pilots love getting them in the air with a gunner. However they never have a tail gunner as they get 0 xp. The gunner gets a kill the pilot gets some xp. The tail gunner who is often stuck waiting incase something decides to attack gets nothing. My outfit gunners for the liberators however are getting extremely efficient at taking out ESF's on the tail of the liberator using the Dalton.
  6. Totally agree the Tail gunner needs a cut of the XP that the belly gunner gets... Also the rear AA gun totally needs updating the damage is really bad!
  7. I would like to see the experience shared across the vehicle by whatever method. The vehicle crew are part of a team.

    I suspect the driver 50% is meant to be because they're getting the kills of both the bombadier and tailgunner. An alternative way of looking at the problem is that the tailgunner isn't rewarded properly, but I don't see how they ever would be without significant mechanics changes (the tailgun suffers from the same problem as ground-based AA in that the major objective is often disrupting or forcing aircraft away rather than killing them and this not being recognised at all by the score system).
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  8. I'm a dedicated Liberator pilot and I have serious issues finding a tailgunner because of the lack of XP distribution. It's very disheartening as well to only get half of what my bombardier gets considering I'm the one who invested in all of his shiny toys to play with.
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  9. That tail gunner?
    Unless you has an ESF escort, tis usually the only thing keeping me from taking potshots at your liberator.

    Me laugh when me see liberators lacking a tail gunner & attempting to use the belly gunner to shoot me down.
  10. Something needs to be done, I agree and find it difficult sometimes to find a gunner and when I do, after about 30 minutes in the air and only getting sweet F**K all points I begin to wonder why I'm sitting there staring at clouds.
  11. Posting to support more xp for the tailgunner - it's by far the most boring 'team' role in the game, but is so important at warding off marauding ESFs. The tailgunner should get at least as much xp as the pilot, and really, the pilot could use a little more as well.

    The Lib is a three-man team to operate properly, and all three should be rewarded equally. Hope SOE consider this seriously, as the current disparity is a disappointment.
  12. +1

    Liberator needs to have exp distributed better..

    Pilot needs equal / more then gunners (he is putting the certs in afterall...)
    Belly gunner needs to get exp for pilot kills/tail gunner kills(when they get that one kill per hour)
    Tail gunner needs exp from Pilot and Belly gunner

    Please fix soon... I refuse to make anyone in my outfit hit the third gun and do the necessary job of detering aircraft and getting, litterally, no certs unless we cap an area.
  13. +1 I agree this should be split even.
  14. I could get behind this idea. I don't Lib much, but I can definitely see why this would be a problem. Tail gunner is very helpful, but gets very little reward.
  15. I agree as a liberator pilot as well!
    I really love flying, but flying a "XP-booster" for the main gunner is wrong, and being a tail gunner is just demoralizing.

    Equal xp for all say 75 XP per kill per person in the liberator,(no matter if you are 1 or 3) and a tiny bonus per kill (maby 2XP) to the one who spawned the vehicle.
  16. Even my friend who was planning on maining the tail gun for our crew doesn't want to do it anymore. Instead my bomber has been hitting ESF's in the face with the Dalton.
  17. The tailgunner not getting XP is intended >.>? That's just not right haha

    Here I am thinking it's been a bug for weeks....
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  18. I completely agree with all of this.
    Another problem right now is that when the bomber destroys turrets (100XP each!) nobody else gets a turret kill assist or something like that, very strange.
    This should just be split amongst all 3 people fairly, that would make everything a lot more fun to do.
  19. I got maybe 500 XP in an hour of tailgunning. Peppered a few ESFs, (tried to) lay suppressing fire on infantry. Maybe downed 2 ESFs, the rest buggered out and I ended up getting no XP from that. Got more XP for my time spent hopping out and clearing out infantry at contested bases in secured territory while the pilot and secondary provided covering fire.

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