Liberator Kill XP not distributed fairly, equally

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  1. I was my outfits Liberator pilot doing beta.
    However, at launch I just didn't see the point in it, and ended up certing out my mossie instead.
    Libs are challenging to fly well, however its not rewarded if you do so. Sure you get xp from the kills your gunners get, but how about that tail-gunner I am always missing, wonder why?

    If you ask me, any kills that any gunner get should be shared equally with every person on board, since the belly gun would hit nothing if I didn't line up the shot, and he would not have lived long enough to really kill anything without the tail-gunner keeping incoming ESF's at bay.

    The liberator is a killing machine, however it doesnt really get to be one since nobody wants to be the guy without high-explosives.
  2. instead of 100% gunner / 50% pilot I would be totally ok with 75%/75%/75%
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  3. Agreed, this needs rework on xp shares.
  4. Same here , i do my best for keep the whole team alive and the gunner get all the reward...

    Tailgun ?! What is that ? People seat there and just jump when they are bored to be useless i called it the passenger seat...
    Seriously i put a M60 because my back gunner was tired to be useless as AA....

    Sorry my english sucks i am french
  5. Bump I agree. I have a fully upgraded liberator with the dalton and a30 walker and we rarely run a full lib because the tail gunner gets virtually nothing. Equal exp for all seats please specially the pilot...
  6. Agreed, I go on long runs and I feel as though I am better off not using the plane. Anything beyond a quick AMS kill means that time I could spend getting points is gone. I only fly it when I want to have a little fun, as I feel I am actually earning little for flying it.
  7. I <3 tg. But I get no xp :'(

    Xp should be equal for the whole crew, as they must all work together to accomplish a single goal.
  8. I really hope it gets changed to something like this.
    Even 50/50/50 would be better than the current system. Tail gunners shouldn't have to commit to a session of zero experience when they're helping the team, and primary gunners shouldn't get more exp than the pilot who spent all the certs on the vehicle.
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  9. I agree.

    All liberator passengers (pilot and gunners) should have equal exp gain.
  10. Due to the length of this thread, I'm just going to agreed with the OP on all points and suggest that the tail gunner get a better field of view (expand the gun axes) and add in a cert'd FLAK spitting tail gun. Oh and maybe the ability to swap out the nose gun on the Lib with rocket pods like the Lib should have have to begin with instead of the ESFs.
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  11. yes! give the rocket pods to libs! its slow movements means it gives ground targets a chance to evade, maybe a slim one but better then what they have now. Also flak in the back tail gunner sounds like common sense, in that why no one thought about that in the first place!
  12. Not to mention, when the poo hits the fan the pilot is the only one saving everyone's kill:death ratio against that single A2G-rocketpoding-highly-agile-cos-36-rocketsalvo-are-weightless-ESF!
  13. Liberator is amazing!

    An incentive to fill the tailgunner slot would be welcomed!
  14. i do feel a lack of reward most of the time while flying. you can have a great gunner that pounds things into the ground but if they dont score the last hit then you get nothing at all. im the one investing all my certs into the lib but am only getting a small amount for every kill it gets and nothing when my gunner gets an assist. this does need to change.
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  15. +1 to op
    Myself and my friend are incredibly high up on the world leaderboards (top 100), we are always mostly flying a liberator and have probably put in the region of around 1500+ certs into it. We only take a tailgunner for the EXP bonus the pilot gets, so the gunner and pilots are on a relatively equal cert/exp level.
    We have a lot of people in our outfit who fly and gun liberators , but nobody wants to tailgun because he/she gets literally no reward for swatting ESF's or making them fly away.
    1. The tail gun (Walker) is incredibly underpowered right now (Velocity and Rate of fire)
    2. The tail gunner recieves 0 ZERO exp for any kills the pilot or gunner makes.

    This needs to be changed SOE. Thanks.
  16. Should be split between everyone because its extremely easy to wrack up huge amounts of kills in a liberator. It wouldn't hurt anyone, other than bringing your XP gain down to a more reasonable level and encourage teamwork. Most all the people in the top of leader boards are liberator gunners or rocketpod ESF's.
  17. this issue still out thier. can't let it die out on us.
  18. Does a Gunner get xp bonus when the pilot kill something? Because I just have fun to crash in to enemy ESFs and sometimes some nosegun shooting.
    And oh yah I agree. I put the 150mm and the 30mm in that thing and push other certs up for being a better gunship. But the hell I must pay for a new liberator and must wait to spawn a new one. I always have a Tailgunner from my outfit but they dont like it. We test the grenade launcher but this thing is crap against ground units and also against air. The 150mm guy is most of the time the guy who shoot down the enemy ESF.
  19. Definitely needs XP tweaking. I want to upgrade the lib more, but am not getting the cert gain to do so if I'm the one piloting.
  20. This. Devs, why is this not in yet?

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