Long Forgotten Soldiers (LFS)

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  1. Long Forgotten Soldiers

    We are a multi-game community and have a presence in most Online Multi player games, LFS has a large following which attracts gamers from all over Europe and further afield, our Teamspeak server is English speaking and open to any members of LFS for any games they may be playing.

    We started out life as a small outfit in a game called Planetside, a MMOFPS, in November 2003, we grew rapidly and became well known and respected for what we do and the way in which we do it. Our success in Planetside was staggering, we amassed over 5 million outfit kills and 8 million outfit points, we are looking forward to entering Planetside 2 and setting the trend once again.

    Teamspeak isnt a must but it will be great to get you on!, we are a mainly chilled relaxed outfit but can get serious when the time is write, the one rule we have is follow the squad leaders orders as we all know it can get a bit stressful at times ;)

    We do not have a specific trial period, if we decide to invite you into our outfit, we´ll see how well we get along with each other. If your activity is fine, you know how to play in a team, and feel comfortable in our outfit we´re game!

    How to apply
    .Our forums are : www.longforgottensoldiers.org Some information about yourself and your reason or motivation for joining us would be appreciated.

    Contact & Playing Times
    Playing Times: Alot of LFS are on through out the day but i'd say tuesdays and sundays are our best days mags r us ;)

    Contact Ingame
    Gimpylung ----Outfit leader

    We are also in the TVA ,which is a old alliance that has been going for 10years we work with 4
    main outfits which were from the very first Planetside Game

    Immortal serial killers (ISK)
    Vanu Corp (VC)
    Libertas de Dominatus (LDD)
    Druckwelle (DW)
  2. Hifi said I couldn't have my gun back unless I bumped this thread. Bulling is rife in this outfit. Sarcasm is also pretty bad.
  3. I fell over and bumped....this thread.

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