Lost my NS-15m and the SC I used to unlock it.

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by MaxHubert, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. MaxHubert

    Well I just logged on right now to buy the new NS-15m, I shot a few people with it then I got disconnected. When I logged back on I found my new gun was gone the NS-15m was locked, my loadouts were back as they were the first time I logged in and I lost my Station Cash. I got my 30 certs back from the sight I bought for it, I wish I had lost that and not my 700 Station Cash...
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  2. z00k333r525

    just wait for the servers to finish being updated. Idk how you got on to play, but they are down. When they are finished being updated maybe it will show back up on your account.
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  3. Aurcius

    if not, then submit a support ticket to soe
  4. Sharpe

    Same thing happened to me.
  5. MaxHubert

    I just submited a ticket, I just wish this doesnt take weeks or months, like the other F2P games I used to play. Anyway, the guy from the chat support said they would look into it and to expect an answer by email soon. I will let people here know the details and what happened, just dont buy anything from CS for now I guess...
  6. Dyneslott

    Same thing for me, got DCed from Woodman and lost everything since I first logged on today.
    No NS15 and still missing the SC
  7. beefrobo

    This is probably because they had to change how often characters were saved. Originally at the double XP 2 double XPs ago, they found that characters were getting saved every time they gained a cert and this was causing server lag. It's been reduced now so basically, your character didn't get saved before you were disconnected. If youopen a ticket, they'll be able to correct the problem.
  8. Dark_Eagle

    Just happened to me 5 mins ago, I got DC'd from Connery, Lost my NS15-m and the new engineer helmet I had bought. It took the SC for the purchase as well but the items are missing.
  9. Sabiq

    Same DC happened with me on Cobalt. Tho "only" certs,xp and my time are lost

    edit:just wondering..if you get random DC's(which happens sometimes with most of us I guess)will it only depend on our luck if a save did happen recently or not so will lose these continously?
  10. MaxHubert

    It would be dumb if it didnt save everytime you buy something tho... and judging by how often people get dc/crash saving everytime you get 1 cert might be the best thing...
  11. Arquin

    Same here, just bought infantry starter bundle and engineer composite armor. I got disconnected and when I logged back in, both of them were gone along with the SC.

    Nice way of doing business.
  12. Ellan

    Yea, same thing. Lost all certs for 40min gameplay (around 50).
  13. MaxHubert

    I hope we get compensated for this with a few hours of 2x exp later today or something.
  14. zzarge

    Happend to me as well. I bought the new LMG and played for a bit, then got disconnected.
    When I relogged, everything I did is reset; no certs, lost SC and lost my new LMG.
  15. Hamakua

    Nah, this is probably a different issue. If those who were DC'ed check their killboard they will see nothing has been saved since the patch. I don't think this is related to the "not saving cert count" as often change because the killboard usually updates at least within 30 seconds of something happening. I played for about an hour, got DCed, then had everything roll back. Upon checking the Killboard the last thing recorded was something I did just before servers came down.
  16. dexn555

    Lost my purchase as well. Got the message: "You were disconnected from server". Went to buy something else and my Anti-Vehicle turret was gone. sigh...
  17. Zeke342

    Same... Mattherson DC and lost my gun... yay.
  18. TestyVenom

    I just lost my SC and the NS-15, too. WTF?
  19. RIctavius

    have you submitted a ticket?
  20. BenJones

    Never play on patchday ...

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