Mac release date?

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  1. Hi. Just wondering if there's a determined release date for the Mac-friendly version, as it was, indeed, confirmed there would be one shortly after the PC launch date. Please, no "GO BUY A PC". Thanks!
  2. Same question here.
    Though, I think the best way to get an answer to this question is asking J. Smedley on Twitter. I've asked him a few times, no answer so far.
  3. Go buy a PC...
  4. If you pay for the anti-virus programs.
  5. Wow , look, still people who think they are safe, sorry that i must say it to you, those macs are mostly infected like a cheap w.....
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  6. My guess is that SOE is getting an outsider company to do the porting (which normally happens), so my guess is that the porting company has just got the final code from SOE.

    PS. Go buy a PC.
  7. They are safe, unless you are stupid enough to install some kind of weird Java plugin yourself. Atleast we don't get a virus by just visiting a website, lol.

    Probably transgaming, then porting will take only a few days (with Cider), instead of months.
  8. I have never once in my life owned a mac, and I have never once in my life payed for an anti-virus program. If I do get a virus, it's from torrenting, in which case I simply run Ad-Aware for 30 seconds and it's gone.

    I would never buy an overpriced computer, especially since I know what I'm doing with them.

    That all said! Four out of five of my roommates have macs and two of them are fiending for PS2, so they better release it soon!
  9. Hope we can get some info regarding this, for example if we can expect it anytime soon or in 2 years.
  10. I asked on the twitch Gamesradar interview with Higby (stream) about Mac client support.
    His answer (sorta):
    Someone else also said this (not sure if he said it or Gamesradar/PCGamer): 'grow up and buy a PC'. Lol.

    So yeah, that's the answer and nothing about when they port it to Mac. I guess probably after 'smoothening' PC gameplay (bugs, performance etc.). So I guess, cya in 2013 unless I bother to use bootcamp.

  11. [IMG]
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  12. *Yawn*

    Enjoy your overpriced, underpowered, insecure, unsupported, nailed to the desk laptop with little-to-no software library. The reason why no one takes Mac advocates seriously is because they sincerely believe that, being the minority, they are superior to the majority.
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  13. ... its easy to look after your PC (properly) for free.
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  14. Not to start a flame war *readies shield*; but I have been running OSX for 7 years with 0 viruses (so much **** mang).

    As to the OP I have also been running windows for a very long time. I had vista on my gaming comp for 4 years 0 viruses and ive had 7 on my comp for a year 0 viruses. Truth be told I have never touched a antivirus/firwall expect to scan, nothing ever found.

    Maybe im just amazing or OSX is locked tight like a nuns ****. IMO if your not ******** you don;t even need antivirus ever.

    Run bootcamp, install PS2, profit!!
  15. @Blitzkrieg: You don't even know what Cider is, so please stop digging yourself into the ground.

    It's funny how most of the PC users keep starting flame wars about this. Why do you guys keep caring about Mac players? Do you see me starting a flame war in a topic where ppl ask for an Android version of the upcoming Planetside app? No. Do you see me caring what kind of car you drive? No.

    I'm not saying Mac is better or PC is better. They're run different software, so be it. And there are just guys out there in the world that use a Mac and want to 'casually' game on them, so let them be. So stop the crap please and show how mature you are.
  16. I totally agree, although saying Macs are totally safe and PCs gets viruses just by visiting websites is ludicrous.
  17. Alot of Mac users appear to not understand the hows and whys their machines are marketed at them. A PC user who has built and optimised their rig from the ground up can never have the same accusation leveled at them. Then you have the minority of mac users who should understand the issues involved and completely ignore them with useless utterances like 'my mac never gets a virus'.

    Hence the flames! :D
  18. This is a thread about the mac release date not how bad or good macs are thanks! :)

    Now go to a forum where stupid people argue about it and nothing happens or changes please! :)

    And by the way i hope all you PC lovers enjoy windows 8!!!;)
  19. Loving it, especially the new UEFI support and TRIM optimizations!
    Now please excuse me as I play PS2 without needing a second OS or other runabout methods ;)
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