MAGRIDER - i want my money back!

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  1. The rage is strong with this one...

    If you had read my second post you would of seen it was the average of driving from point A-B 50 times, so ofcourse it's not gonna be accurate. At least not considering the Vanu WG positions, as you pointed out downhill is a different matter, was there a downhill? I don't know was looking for as flat terrain as possible. Which isn't the easiest part now with indar being impossible almost.

    Also yes I play NC but I'm no tank driver so I rarely go against magriders unless I'm trying to C4 them. Also you hit the nail on the head, yes Prowlers and Vanguards got to turn their chassis to "strafe" which in turn reduces their mobility. Since they can't just rush against a Mag in that position while a Mag can rush you. In other words a Mag can keep their forward moment now since the fix and still strafe to dodge. Heck if you did read you'd see that I even said that the reduction in forward momentum when strafing wasn't a good idea if it had been intentional which it wasn't.

    I do agree that I find most tank battles I observe to be ridiculous... Come on bloody charge, run under and smack them in the back. But no people seem to be in a sniping mind-set no matter what tank they're using.

    Another thing as well I did never state that their mobility over uneven terrain or being able to scale hills in unorthodox ways was overpowered, heck I was laughing my *** off at some of the points cause it was just such a ridiculous position. On Amerish this was...

    Besides never did I say that the weapons was overpowered... Really did I? No so didn't have to even bring that up. :S

    The only part that I personally found to be overpowered with the magrider is that IMO the choice for defensive cert is a no-brainer front armor since your gun is mounted in the front.

    Now to another thing, does the Magrider weapons have a damage trail or something cause I am constantly getting shot of my Flash by the Supernova without being hit and seeing the projectile flying way off target. :S

    Anyway next time just point out that the results might have been inaccurate due to downhill momentum increase.
  2. Ya this guy is exactly the reason why the magrider was overly nerfed. Ya i play NC and i hated going against Magriders. The tanks were just straight stronger then TR and NC tanks. The ability to consistently and without a large amount of effort, dodge enemy rounds makes armor and damage useless stats. I mean really! Given a RANDOM portion of data used to solely show the Higby's point and you still pick it part. Maybe if all the vanu tanks drivers were like, ya this seems a little too strong, the nerf would have been smaller instead of this huge knee jerk we see now. But thats ok, keep crying, god knows we did it. TR i hope you have a lot of fun swimming in the tears of the vanu!
  3. Bump ... Give us back the old hill-climbing *signature & fun* ability our MCT used to have. You did buff the others, you did nerf us. Why take *that* sole thing away ??
  4. I'm pretty sure maggies go 55+ kph default. At least, that's how it was yesterday.
  5. i cant swim... it wasn't in basic training... they said there wasn't any water where we would be fighting..... HELP!!!!
  6. That amuses me. I correct your inaccurate stats, with facts, and it's apparently "rage" Interesting. Especially coming from an NC.

    There's loads of flat terrain in Indar, and you know the best place to test something like this? The very place you log into. The very first area you spawn your magrider. Completely flat ground. There. Done. Yet, y ou dispute the guy who states that the tank is the slowest (which it is) and try to state it goes faster than it does, as a fact. When it doesn't. It doesn't matter if you tested 1000 times in random areas of indar, you can just spawn at the warpgate and press A. There's your answer in cold hard evidence.

    Now you're complaining that a magrider can rush YOU? That is EXACTLY what you want. If a Magrider rushes you, then you win, that is if you're any good. If you take 2 drivers of exact same skill, place them in a the two tanks and have the mag rush you, then that's exactly what you want. There's only a tiny handful of scenarios that would actually be beneficial for the magrider, out of thousands.

    You talk about strafing, once again, another generic thing whined about the magrider so much. Yet you're talking about a mag heading towards you. Again, bad move. The closer the magrider is to you, the more useless the strafing is. The speed at which a mag strafes, especially while moving forward, is of zero threat to a gunner that is half competent, hell, even a bad gunner would have no issue in fact. Strafing is a very powerful ability when used at a distance, THAT is when it is most potent. Now that you've had velocity increased by a large amount, it's even easier to hit the magrider. Considering the mag has the weakest damage of all the tanks, and the VG has the highest frontal armour, then you're quite well equipped to slug it out even then. It's only extreme ranges that it becomes a very hard target to hit, but even then, since the mag is moving, and has a fixed turret, they still need to adjust for their movement as well. It's not as if it's so unpredictable to see which way their going to move either, the mag still has momentum to it and deceleration that if it starts to slow down, it's fairly obvious it's going the to strafe the other way. Here's the thing! If you're now fighting a magrider at it's optimal range, there's this thing you can do, retreat and find cover. The mag will either try to chase you down, or go elsewhere. If it chases you down, now it's once again, in your domain. Here's what it all boils down to yet again, use your tank to it's strengths. Now sure, you said you don't drive why are you arguing "facts" and figures as though you do?

    Also, I even opened in the first line I didn't read the thread, or the posts, what caught my eye while glimpsing through it, was you stating it does 58kph, which is plain wrong, and why I replied due to yet another forumite just jumping on he bandwagon shouting random things.

    You lost me with the Amerish thing, not sure what that is about so I won't comment.

    I don't believe the front armour is at all overpowered. I don't use it personally, and I know many who don't. I've been told I'm one of the best mag drivers on our server by a few people, true or not? Probably not, but I do know what I'm doing in one. I am however, very careful with the tank and use it's strengths and will not sit and slug it out toe to toe or try to get lucky with it's weaknesses. In fact with the frontal armour, it's only 5% anyway, which if you use the calc HEAT

    You'll need 1 more hit from a lightning. You'll need 1 more hit from a prowler (which fire twice anyway) and it won't make any difference from a Vanguard, same amount of hits with or without the front armour. When I'm in my mag, the thing that kills me most is 1) Other mag riders flipping me due to my rival chasis 3 so I go over them (So, this "nerf" was a buff for me) 2) Air. I rarely die to other tanks, because as I said, I use it's strengths. It's a sniper tank, so I snipe with it. When I want to farm infantry, I'll stick on HE (despite people claiming HEAT) is better (it's subjective and opinionated. Statistically, it might just be, but for me, it isn't) and if I am 1 manning it and get caught out by another tank, I'll retreat in reverse driving via minimap until I'm far enough away, wait for the round to fire from the enemy, turn, mag burn it away, jump in secondary and start sniping and switching between them. I will not, ever, try to take on one up close. Even a lightning can be dangerous.

    Yes, it's a wall of text, yes, I could have just said your statistics were wrong, but hey, I'm bored, I like writing, you don't have to read it, you don't have to reply to it. Just know: This game is FAR more balanced than people try to make out. There are ALWAYS two sides to every story. Twitter posts can't be taken seriously when they have done nothing but contradict each other, or when the forumites decide to do selective reading and only read what they want to read and/or ignore certain aspects to it. I'd go on, but hey, who'd read it.
  7. Unless rival chasis 3 slows it down, then no.

    The tank, as I said 100x, goes at 50kph.

    It will sometimes drop to 49 and sometimes raise to 51. If you hit a small bump it will push it to 52 for a short while.

    This is driving around the warp gate flat terrain. It did seem that the old VS one was flatter though and was more consistent at exactly 50kph.

    When taking a 1000m trek, it will mostly be sitting between 43-49. When goign down hill it can reach up to around 57 give AND take (not or) +1-2.

    Same with the prowler, if you want to use slopes in your arguments, then hey! it's a 70kph tank! But really, no, it's not. It's 60. While I'm pretty sure the VG is 55, this is what I was consistently getting when I used it, however every time I've spawned one, I've been TK'd, often just as I've left the warp gate.
  8. Hate to sound blunt here, but you could've just posted a video hours ago and pretty much sealed your argument. If it really is that speed (I'm an NC guy with a Vanu alt), then you should have no problem finding footage that proves it.

    I'm not disagreeing or agreeing with your argument, but you've dragged this on for no good reason, when there was an easy way of putting it to rest.

    My 2c
  9. whine some more plox
  10. Here's what I think...

    Magriders haven't ever been really good at killing infantry from my perspective. Magriders tend to only engage armor on my server and don't focus much on armor as much. On the flip side, I see Vanguards and Prowlers going after infantry first and other armor second.

    Is it possible that the imbalance just has to do with the style at which Empires play the game? Is it different on other servers?

    I'm not on the ground much, this is just a personal observation.
  11. Magrider needed balancing, other two needed buffing, originally I thought they were going to buff the other two slightly and hold off on a mag nerf until they could get a closer look at how that had changed things. However, what we got in the end was indeed a big buff and a significant nerf, mag is noticeably worse, other two are way, way too good, Vanguard is a bloody rock that can snipe shells of destruction and the prowler... Libs and Gals watch out if there is a Prowler about. Funny thing is they still haven't really fixed the traction on the other two, the main problem, just triple their projectile speed and made a deployed prowler a bringer of death to all those who behold it... and often those who never get a chance.
  12. The Magrider goes 50kph without any upgrades. It makes no difference if a tank goes 50, 55 or 60kph, though.
  13. Magrider standard topspeed is idd only 50 kph, 52 if you go on a downhill road(not slie of a mountain, I dont do that).
  14. top speed doesnt matter, what matters is the acceleration, turning speed and reversing speed. From what i gather from 2nd update & hotfix, All tanks manoeuvring capabilities are nearly identical. So much for "Empire Specific Tanks" :rolleyes:
  15. As a VS player.

    No you can't have it back.
  16. In that case Magrider pilots should rejoice. My Magrider accelerates to top speed in about 0.2 seconds every 10 seconds. Haven't seen many Prowlers or Vanguards do that unless they drove off of a bridge. Even without the Magburner the Magrider's acceleration pattern is noticably smoother and would probably show a pretty decent performance curve if measured meticulously.

    Turning speed, well, turning the hulls of both Prowler and Vanguard on the spot takes about 9-10 seconds (the Prowler seems to do it a tad faster than the Vanguard), which is kinda meaningless when you have a turret to rotate and when the speed at which those turrets move is mostly determined by the same thing that determines how fast I turn my whole tank: mouse settings.

    In terms of reverse speed the Magrider is the clear numerical winner with 32kph. The Prowler reaches 25kph, the Vanguard 22kph. Nice to have, might save your life once in a while. Nothing major, though.

    Was it different before? In terms of top speed, acceleration, turning and reversing nothing changed. At least nothing that was documented and nothing I would notice by driving them. They have all been very similar in those departments from the beginning. Not just since GU2 hit the servers.

    The "empire specific" sticker always resulted from the way they are played, not so much from the numbers. As far as maneuverability is concerned the Magrider is still in another league. Even more so if that Twitter post by Higby is indeed refering to a bug that is related to its climbing abilities. I can strafe, they can't. They can emulate it but it is harder to set up and way harder to maintain. It is also not helping when you have to drive your tank blind because your turret has to face to the left or to the right to kill things.
  17. It's true when you always play with an OP MBT, when it get nerfed it look like ******. Now you should deal with it, and see how the other tanks hardly fight you before... And seriously, this "nerf" is really tiny, you can cry if they reduce Mag's total HP
  18. Re-balancing is total BS!

    Keep our stuff how it was when we bought it!
    If they want to change the balance then offer everyone their SC and Certs back!
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  19. if you don't have anything to important to add then get the f$%^& out of the thread. Go troll somewhere else. Period
  20. Bump ... Give us back the old hill-climbing *signature & fun* ability our MCT used to have. You did buff the others, you did nerf us. Why take *that* sole thing away ??

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