MAGRIDER strafe speed needs Buff, velocity Prowler to high to dodge

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  1. The statement I made prior was not specifically about the mag but, the game in general. Once again it seems that people just don't comprehend. The point was to many people look @ 1 v 1 fights w/ lets just use tanks as the example.

    faction 1,2 & 3 say I want to be able to compete on all playing fields w/ my tank. Boring.

    Instead it should be faction 1,2 & 3 has specific traits that makes them very strong in specific conditions. Then faction 1 will have to move into that condition to give it the edge or faction 2 or 3 will have to try to counter that by manuvering to give them selves the edge. Sort of like a chess game persay.

    I am not here to discuss reality / realism vs a video game.

    We can discuss all day who is better then who or what is real or not but that does not get us the fun fights we want. So lets just do like the rest wants and just make everyone have the same weapons w/ different colors and modles then maybe we will have the balance everyone wants. Because its quite obvious that people don't want distict difference between the factions.
  2. Maybe because it's really bad? It was unintentionally broken, even Higby made a comment about it on Twitter. It'll get fixed.
  3. So I pulled the Magrider to actually try it out and not just test a few things. AP + PPA (because I don't like the Kobalt) setup. Rival 3, Smoke 2, Mine Guard 4. Mostly 1/2 because I'm bad like that. An Inf did jump in for about a minute, and mostly shot the PPA at a Sunderer instead of infantry.

    Killed 2 Vanguards (mobility to flank via unconventional paths worked just fine), a Sunderer, got shots in on another Sunderer or two, and fought off a bunch of infantry (still the most common threat). Should've died a few times for being reckless, but the LA in the area only had a single C4 instead of two. Sucks for him. Tanked a double set of tank mines at least twice, one of which was when I'd pulled back to the previous base to repair and he ran into the vehicle bay to get me. He did kill me through a combination of my bad aim, horrid frame rate, and trying to not TK the friendly Engineer that helped repair (who got mowed down as well). Magrider wasn't even full health and didn't even go to the red so I just respawned and walked back to it. Speaking of which, got put down to red health quite a few times and managed to save it each time.

    Killed a bunch of infantry, some with AP and a few with the PPA (and one infiltrator I ran over without seeing while he was trying to escape two Scythes roflpodding him). Eventually ended up at Zurvan, but the battle was pretty much over and it was getting capped (by us). About all I did was kill 3 empty turrets. Then, out of nowhere, surprise butseks from a Zephyr Lib took me from full to red in an instant so I guess the game gave him rear armor shots or something (was near northern cliff, so doubt he should've been low enough, whatever) and promptly died after he reloaded. Reminded me of why I stopped driving a Magrider in the first place and certed an ESF + have a Skyguard - dying randomly to air no matter how many friendlies are around.

    Jury still out on how it'll fare against Prowlers, but the Magrider seemed to work fine while fighting NC (was massively outnumbered for quite awhile, too). I expected the Vanguard changes to more or less make fighting against them actually a fair fight anyway. Noticed zoom sensitivity got changed to make it easier to fine tune your aim while zoomed in. I'd probably upgrade Smoke more for the shorter cooldown if I used the Magrider more often because of all the HA skill launchers, but screw Zephyr Libs. Seriously.
  4. Thing is that game balance shouldn't be 1v1, or vehicle/class vs vehicle/class, it should be everything. We have 3 factions, all with certain advantages, VS could have best tank, TR best ESF, NC best MAX (amazing max imho)
  5. That's a horrible way to balance a game. I did not join the TR to fly. I joined it because I liked the color red.
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  6. Maybe for some games, but for one on a massive scale like real warfare, it is the best way. If a tank could effectively kill ESF's without skyguard and it was made for Anti Infantry, it would be unbalanced. Tank kills ground vehicles and infantry, esf kills tank, aa max kills esf, and well IDK after that,
  7. Reds OP, nerf it.
  8. completely op. that is why SOE are fixing the bug that caused it.
  9. Up until the last patch. It was Tanks>inf, tanks>max and air>everything except... air

  10. Anecdotal evidence at it's best. You could write similar stories for any tank.
    So the other day i pulled my lightning...........
  11. Or I could just sit here and watch the likes for my post roll in.
  12. I would rather have video evidence.
  13. R.I.P Flukeman62

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