Magriders Wish They Could Do This

Discussion in 'Vehicle Discussion' started by Compass, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. [IMG]

    Play dead. Good Prowler.
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  2. I wish my prowler could do that. It often just explodes.
  3. I wonder how you did it. if the top slightly touch a wall, not all the way, the tank explode.
  4. Roll over! Good boy!

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  5. It's the fourth time it's happened. I rolled off the rock bridge poorly and was like "I dead."

    Then I realized I wasn't dead.

    Popped out, poked around, couldn't move it.
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  6. Maybe it's the problem with that smaller turret. Never happened to me in vanguard or lightning.
  7. Nope, yours just explode. Because they are inferior.
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  8. If a Magrider went upside down, would it push the planet away from the sun?

    That or it becomes an improvised jump-pad.
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  9. If a Magrider went upside down, it'd bury itself into Auraxis.
  10. Happened whenI was in a lightning once. Couldnt get out, thank god for deconstruct
  11. Happend to me in a lightning twice now. sucks so much
  12. Flipping a magmower is not impossible. They just tend to explode near instantly.
  13. RRRROFL!

    No, they just explode. I flipped mine last night at Quartz Ridge.
  14. My lightning has flipped over a few times.
    I don't tend to use the lightning unless necessary since I often get wedged into trenches.
  15. How is that even possible... should replicate at warpgate and see what happens.
  16. That happens pretty easily if an other Magrider flips you. If you have a chassis at lvl3 and the other Magrider has only lvl1 he will drive under you... if he then Magburns you sometimes will flip. You can also flip if you get pushed against a wall (e.g. by a Sundy) and someboday drives under you, what happens is that your top touches the wall... and you explode <_<.

    If it happens in the warpgate you just lie there like the Pic Compass posted.

    Oh and @Compass... it happens with Magriders too. I flipped mine without instant explosion once. So yeah... Vanu isnt jelly, we can flip our tanks too xD
  17. I wonder if that's just a bug with a better combat chassis. I get pushed around in my prowler by things smaller than it.
  18. Every single day of my life.
  19. And there's more! Not only is the Lightning also capable of this, but it multi-purposes as a ladder.

    Utility galore!
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  20. I had that happen to my Lightning a few times.

    One time I bailed out as it was about to flip over and got to watch it complete a full roll after which I got back in and drove away. One of those moments that I wish I could have recorded.

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