Making the Enforcer guided (like Eng AV turret)

Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by Varennikov, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Saw some one mention this in another thread. Make Enf missile slow again but guided.

    Ohh yes I see this as being good and actually not OP. Give it a long reload. It'll sell well, it'll be useful, please discuss.
  2. No. Learn 2 aim. The Enforcer is good as it is, no need to improve it. I use it most of the time, it's very effective.
    No need to put even more lock-on c*** in the game.
  3. Eh I use the bassy, not enf. IMO bassy better. Just wanted to see others opinions on the matter.
  4. I think it's good as is as well. The TOW-like guided mechanic was included with the AV Mana turret to improve its effective range (no drop and adjustable velocity) because it was otherwise disadvantaged by the static position and mostly weak defense of the Mana turret operator (unlike the gunner of a tank).
  5. Learn to aim? If I wanted that I'd be playing Vanu and using the Saron. I don't want a sniper rifle, I want a unique, faction specific top gun. The enforcer is just a reskinned saron and I do NOT want that.
  6. you have to compensate for drop. It has drop. So it's not a reskinned saron. Otherwise the Halberd would be a reskinned Saron as well.
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  7. I've used the enforcer, it's drop is minimal and only takes effect at extreme range. It's a reskinned Saron with a little drop added. I'm sorry but negligible amounts of bullet drop doesn't magically make the weapon something entirely new and unique.

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