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  1. There are two things that many people agree with: the Striker is boring to use (keep the target on sight, click click click click click, reload, rinse and repeat) and annoying to be locked on by (NC and VS lib pilots know what i mean).

    It's boring. Very boring. I had a lot more fun with a Phoenix and a Lancer in the half an hour of trial than with all the time i used my Striker (except for the first few minutes, when i was excited by "Lolz! 5 rockets at a time! die rebel scum!" and so on).
    It works simply like an Annihilator that trades the fire and forget ability and the single shot for higher total damage and multiple, albeit smaller individually, warheads.
    Both the Lancer and the Phoenix have something that puts them in some sort of niche and, while sometimes less effective, they are unique and most importantly fun to use.

    Also, the lock-on mechanic is something very abused and boringly annoying for everyone that gets the exploding side of the deal, so giving the TR a better lock-on feels like a slap to NC and VS pilots (not drivers, tanks are hard as heck to get, most of the time). It's just like the first Annihilator release, so we know it will get nerfed to oblivion sooner or later. I don't want it to be nerfed, i'd love to have it changed into something more interesting that is also less annoying to everyone.

    Without going to alter the initial concept of the striker (a guided multi-missile launcher), we could change the lock-on into a laser guided system.
    It would lose effectiveness against air (so it would be in par with the other launchers about this) while being better against ground vehicles (same thing: the 2 ESRL are better for anti-ground use).
    One of the concerns is: would it instakill infantry? Of course not, that would make it OP as hell. It would take something like 3 or 4 direct hits to kill a single soldier (which gives him enough time to dodge the rest of the volley or find some cover), and 5 direct hits would do about 90% damage to a MAX. Splash damage should be minimal, kinda like AP shells.
    And what about the damage against vehicles? Same as a Phoenix or slightly higher (if all 5 shots hit) in my opinion, because both require to keep the target sighted until the missile(s) hit it before being able to reload and shoot again.
    Another concern: range. The AV turret has an unlimited range, instead the Striker should travel something like 300 or 400 meters before losing guidance and behaving like dumbfire shots. I lean towards 400, because the user still has to stay visible and thus vulnerable.
    Also the missiles could be hittable and killable just like the Phoenix's ones, so that there is some sort of counter to them.

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  2. Lotta threads on the ol Striker lately. I admit it's not as cool as the Lancer or Phoenix. It's actually a lot less fun to use now that I think of it...

    But I see what you're saying. Your laser system description is reminding me of the Half Life 2 RPG. It's like that but with 5 rockets? Ok, I suppose that's alright. I don't know about losing my lock on though...that's still useful to many of us, I'm sure. I certainly wouldn't make it do as much damage as the Phoenix, or even the same. NC are supposed to have more damage, it's their faction specialty. We however, get 5 rockets in one magazine.

    I know a lot of people don't like the Striker is the way it is now, and I can't help but feel myself starting to agree with them on some points. Mostly the fact that compared to using the lancer or phoenix, it's...yeah. Pretty dull. But it gets the job done in most cases.
  3. Very well though out suggestion. I like that your suggestion keeps it as useful as the nc and vs counter parts and also puts the skill back into the launcher. As an NC player I approve of this suggestion. Its current state is not balanced as its the only one of the 3 that locks on and locks onto everything on top of that.
  4. Bring back the Rocklet Rifle.
    If you don't know what that is, go look it up. Much more unique than the Striker.
  5. In a nutshell, are you suggesting the striker loses lock on in favour of the engineer anti-tank turret mechanic.
    I can say I'm not instantly against it, but something at the back of my brain is trying to complain, I'll edit if I can figure out what.
  6. I like this idea, and I think your analysis is spot-on.
  7. Meh, not a bad idea... but how do you differentiate it from the AV turret? In other words... the ENTIRE reason I've been playing my HA recently is the Striker.... period. I almost exclusively play the ENG and for months I never even touched my HA. If it's no different than the AV turret then I'll just switch back to ENG as now I can do everything my HA can... plus more.

    Perhaps the rocket is faster? That's about the only thing I don't like about the ENG AV turret and would entice me to use this different striker. Only other thing I wish the AV turret had... optics.... maybe that's how this new striker would be different? I could get IR, NV, zoom, or some other optic?

    Another idea.... to play on the mulch-projectile, splash damage, spray & pray, TR philosophy. It would initially fire a single projectile. While in flight you would hit Fire again and the projectile bursts into an array of 5 smaller projectiles. So if you were dead-on.... nail it with one big payload.... if you thought you were a little off... burst it and get SOME damage but not as much as if all 5 had hit.
  8. When you see NC, TR and VS saying that a balance idea about a TR specific weapon is not bad, you know a Christmas miracle happened. :D

    Well, NC has the best first strike but the TR does more sustained damage (look at the vanguard and the prowler, for example). Also, both launchers would have the same dps overall, but with the NC having it concentrated in a single missile, while the TR has the same damage spread on more missiles. However, this is a balance point that can be decided further ahead. :)
    The lock-on-everything is still available for the Annihilator, even if it's not very good.

    I see your point, but the engy has to be stationary and needs to deploy the turret, the launcher would allow much more mobility and versatility in exchange for a limited ammo count. The way they work is similar, but their role is different.
    Still, that weapon looks so much like a rocket launcher mixed with a shottie... so NC! :D
    I think that there aren't that much things that could be changed to make the Striker more unique while keeping the same concept of multi-shot rocket launcher (and the model, which is already there and working).
  9. bad idea.
  10. Yeah it's more mobile; agreed. However I can easily just redeploy the AV turret.
  11. Good idea, I want the crysis swarmer-esque striker!
  12. good idea, but it would be Overpowered weapon. It is already now .... Amerish, mountains, strikers....

    "It would take something like 3 or 4 direct hits to kill a single soldier "

    how about 6 or 7 or little 8 ? like with phoenix now ? i mean ... keep dreaming.

    i understand your dream, but hey, we have no "more fun" with phoenix.. so you should stay with your weapon limitations. and we with ours, and vs with theirs.

    we still wait for phoenix dumbfire after 300m... and you want just little 400... or maybe 450m ? 450m sound like even more fun, and after that 200-300 meter dumfire. and that all with precision of Av-turret ? lol. If this weapon would exist, it would be nerfed like 1-2 week after the release.

    tl:dr = no changes to striker, if - then only to reduce the range :p
  13. I like the idea because it would make Striker more "special" rather than just another version of the Annihilator.
    I can say that currently striker is too effective against both air and tanks because it can create a very large death zone for the enemy giving TR air and ground forces an easy time to take out those that the strikers don't.One solution would be a drastic reduction to the lock-on range but I like your idea better.

    Also out of curiosity:is there any reason for TR heavy to take Annihilator over the Striker at the moment?
  14. Overpowered? Just as much as a Phoenix can be in that situation. Limit the range to something reasonable and there you go, a sniper can easily get in range and plink the heads of the HAs while they guide the missiles. Because they need to stay in line of sight all the time, you know.

    Then: the phoenix takes you by surprise, if it oneshot people then there would be loads of problems. By the time 3 striker rockets hit (about 1.2 seconds from the first hit) you have all the time to move and avoid death. But yeah, who cares about anti-infantry, you can make it 12 missiles for all i care about that, if i want to shoot people i get the default launcher :p

    You do have more fun than us, at least from my perspective. You're at least doing something and you can use the Phoenix in creative ways to hit an enemy. We are stuck with the "aim, wait, click, rinse and repeat" mechanic which gets boring after a little while.
    Strangely enough, with this suggestion i'm implementing more restrictions: nearly useless against air and requires more aim to hit a vehicle. What's the problem with making our life harder for some fun in return?

    @Dalzaar: if you really like to not have to keep the crosshair on the target after shooting, the Annihilator is ideal. But once people start realizing that you don't need to remain scoped and that you only need to keep the crosshair on target, you will negate this problem as you can reload while looking at the target and the missiles will hit. So the Annihilator is just a watered-down version of the Striker now. Useless except for the fact that it's cross-faction (yay?)
  15. Great stuff!
    I've been arguing on the "Official Striker Thread" for this kind of change for weeks.
    There is only one problem I see with your set-up and that is the part about the rockets being hitable and killable and here's why.
    For the rocket to be able to hit a aircraft it has to be fast enough to catch it, if it's fast enough to catch it, it is too fast to be shot down like the Phoenix.
    If your looking for a counter to the rockets then here's one. Make the reticule that the user is looking through a simple red dot, just like the reflex site. In order for the rockets to hit their target the dot has to be held on the target until it strikes it. And maintain the way the rockets fire the same as they are now and keep the recoil too. This way it is not possible to keep the dot on the target during follow up shots. So if the target is say 100 meters away you'll have to slow your rate of fire to hit the target. Thus giving them time to escape or kill you in turn. But if they are at maximum range you may have time to get off all five rounds and with some practice be able to guide them to the target.
  16. Yes there is although it is situational. The annihilator is far superior against ATV's and it will lock on to AP mana turrets.
    The use of ATV's has become more prevalent since the release of the striker for obvious reasons. So when I see the NC rush with their ATV's I switch to the Annihilator and kill as many as I can.
    AP mana turrets? does anyone use those anymore, lol. (j/k)
  17. That's just how the laser guidance works, the missiles follow the center of the crosshair. Try out the AV turret in the VR training and see for yourself ;)
    Though i agree that the part about being able to shoot it down is a bit redundant, as you can just as easily shoot down the user. :p
  18. Yes I know what your saying but, giving it the same "Shotgun" reticule as the AV turret would make danged hard to see at night or on Esimere because of the color, while looking up into the sky. Red dot has no such problems.
    Also note the the AV turret has no recoil to speak so it's follow up shots are not effected. Recoil would have a lot bigger role to play with a rocket launcher.
  19. Oh my god, is there more people like you on TR? :eek:

    To the topic I would like it to be Laser-guided aswell. I have suggested this before myself, but the thread wasn't that popular. It should always do most damage per clip if all those 5 missiles hit. Also I would increases missiles damage against aircraft, because it would be very hard to hit em. Like 3 missiles to destroy an ESF and not sure about Liberators/Galaxy.
    Lock-on missiles requires 0% skill (okay a little bit aiming), very easy to use and therefore they are very easy to avoid. People who use Striker/Annihilator wont get that many kills, which isn't fun. Currently its just most annoying weapon ever as it does that very well, annoys aircraft and its users.

    I really hope SOE change this to laser-guided ESRL.
  20. As a VS player there is nothing more than the beep beep beep explode and i even use flares.

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