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  1. First of all, a few points I dont like:
    1. Its safer using a ranged weapon in melee, even when you are killing an sniper.
    2. For now the knife is not more than "finish him" weapon.
    3. MAX melee is a bad joke.

    Things i DONT want to be implemented:
    1. A BF3 like knife animation.
    2. OHK on all infantry units from all directions with a uncharged attack.
    3. A New knife for 1000certs/700sc that does simple more dmg or instagibs.

    My suggestion:
    Add a strong charge up melee attack when holding the melee button for a longer time -> 2sec.
    A charged up hit would do 2x more dmg (enough to OHK all infantry units, except MAX and HA with shield).
    After a charged up hit it takes 0.5-1.5 sec longer to equip your weapon back again.
    10-30 EXP Bonus for a successful charged OHK from behind (backstab) to make it the risk worth.
    A MAX punch would do: knockback and a concussion effect (0.5-2 sec) and 5-20% more dmg.
    Other maxes are immune to concussion and knockback.
    A charged MAX punch would do: OHK all infantry units, knockback (to make it look more devastating)
    and Slight dmg to vehicles.

    Please leave a comment if you like or dislike my suggestion, or when you like the current state of melee

    And sorry for bad english if you find typos. :<
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  2. Hold mlee button and player will hit knife once, dont release it, after 3 sec he will be ready to throw it (some animation maybe). Projectile speed and angle goes down wery fast, range max up to 50m, damage is a bit lower to mlee kives 70-80% but more on headshot , no infield resuply or get knife back (so no actual span in cqc) , only at terminal. Use? When u have no bullets hit someone and enemy start to flee. Or try your luck on engaging someone in CQC (current weapon switch is not instant, so its should be ok)
  3. That means everytime you just want to throw a knife, you need to do a melee hit first? sounds really unconsidered.
    Thrown knifes at the ground are not possible at this time if all players could pick them up (server side <- correct me if im wrong).
    I think throwing a knife on a MAX or "armored" infantry unit wouldn't do much damage.
    Throwing knife at your enemy 50m away would be perfect to get attention.
    Running out of ammo happends most time when you play solo (lone wolf).
    A throwing knife with long charge up would be really useless in cqc.
    All in all that sounds not really good to me (my opinion!).
  4. the knife deals around 600 damage, thats realy good honestly. the knife is silent, it doesnt make you apear on radar, it has unlimited ammo. Its exactly what a mellee attack in a shooter should be.
  5. MAX punch is already pretty brutal, 1 shots knocks out all of an infantry unit's shields and a decent chunk of health, 2 hits with a burster beforehand makes it a killing blow.

    Only issue I have with it is the lack of collision between MAXs and infantry, and the fact that MAXs can't catch up to backpedaling infantry
  6. What if this "charge up" function activated the knife in a similar function to the original planetside knives, where it would do double damage but make a ton of noise while charging/swinging? Then have a brief delay before you could swing it again. TR knife is a small chainsaw, after all. Perhaps this could be a cross-class cert unlock rather than a completly different weapon.
  7. max punch and knife are identical, except i think max punch has a longer delay, and it deals more damage to other maxs
  8. MAX Punch deals more damage altogether, test it yourself and you'll see that it's a 2-shot to infantry versus the 3-shot with a knife

    Funny enough, after deconstruction was removed my Bursters finally surpassed MAX Punch in kills
  9. MAX units use the melee pretty rarely, why? the hit box is not the problem.. problem is the MAX melee animation is slower than he actually hits, they hit with the same speed as infantry knife does (insta) so players think theres a delay until he hits + server delay.
    Its the players fault when he gets killed by a "punch" because the MAX is slower so you can flee from a MAX that is trying to punch you, and the concussions effect and knockback would be perfect to get rid of shotgunners & melee dumbfire HA..
  10. wrong. By which I mean the knife is a 2 shot as well.
  11. Really? I could have sworn it was 3, though the last time I tried to do anything but finish off with my knife was back in beta
  12. yeah i have done tests, if its not the exact same damage, its realy close. Except against MAXs, the max pucn does like 3x as much against other MAXs as the knife does, but for a squishy, its all the same.
  13. I´ll like if the knife was actually a weapong like in CS. I hardly ever use meele because I dont know the "range" of the knife or how is going to work out

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