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Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Babaganoush, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Babaganoush

    Thinking about purchasing membership. Maybe. I know there are multiple tiers for the months. But let's say I purchase a 12 month membership. Can I cancel midmembership like for example, at the 7th month and get back the months that haven't been used yet?

    Or if something comes up, can I postpone a membership?
  2. Freyar

    Nope and nope. Membership charges you immediately and runs till it's expiry just like a standard MMO.
  3. Kurreah

    If you're not sure, why not just purchase a shorter membership and renew it if you want to continue?
  4. Babaganoush

    Doesn't say anything on the disclaimers unlike the PS1 refund option (which is a no).
  5. Glymner

    I'm confused, If I say bought a 12 month membership, then canceled it, then bought another membership sub. Would then the 12 membership be in effect for 12 months and then the second one comes into effect?
  6. Mansen

    Yes. You've paid for 12 months up front - cancelling it will only stop you from re-subbing in the 13th month. So if you cancelled it and re-subbed during the enforced sub period you had paid for, it would simply be queued.
  7. Mansen

    No - It's not called a 1 month recurring subscription, it's called a 12 month recurring subscription - you're in it for the duration. If you don't want a full year, pay more each month for a 1 month sub.
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  8. Zenatsuu

    Simple logic is simple.
  9. Kediec

    Exactly this .

    The reason you get it at a lower cost is because you are buying the time in much larger chunks , so are therefore taking a gamble in a way that a) you will still be playing , or b) the game will still be live .
    No refunds are given for time not used by you as the option is clearly there from the start to buy a smaller amount if you want to .

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