MLG Decal, Boosts code

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  1. Yup and if save them for an alert as well tis all a bonus
  2. Surprised this works with ProSiebens. Not gonna say no to free stuff, may even use the MLG decal just for lulz.
  3. Decal is not bad - kind of colorful on my desert camo
  4. I'm totally gonna latch the MLG decal to my Scythe and ram people so that they can see it.


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  5. thanks op, something is better than nothing. that mlg decal was made for MLGYolo420QuickScope, or whatever that guys name was who killed Luperza on FNO a couple of weeks ago
  6. TR composite armor: Don't need to care about my decals!
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  7. I can now fool all the people who don't read the forums into thinking I'm MLGPrO1337skillzxxSniperXxxxxxXYoloswagthissentenceisdumb

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  8. If only we learned to put sticker on the outside of armor... IF ONLY!
  9. I am considering wearing this decal simply because nobody would see me wearing it.
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  10. Ask support if you can get a character rename to xxXXXxxXXxxXXXMLGPROXXxxXXxxXXxxXXXxxx and then to complete the illusion make sure you shout racial and homophobic slurs at anyone who kills you.
  11. when placed on vehicles it looks terrible =/ the decal is to big and clips into the window of the sunderer =/ It is almost as bad as when i found this on my Tank whilst playing on medium...

  12. Not really.
  13. Why would any NC use this over space merica, or anyone use this over the sexy babes? Silly ness.
  14. Congratulations. You just answered your own question :p
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  15. Yeah, I actually have a bunch of composite armours on my VS too. :c Fortunately it's on the upper arm on VS MAX suits so the engineers giving me ammo can see how pro I am even with composite armour equipped when I'm sitting outside the NC warp gate with dual burster going LOL LOL GUYS SPAWN MORE REAVERS LOL GET ON MY LEVEL #mlg #swag #burstersgonnaburst
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  16. The free boosts are nice (only 1 hour boosts though) but it would be even better if you didn't get a MLG decal with them.
  17. I haven't had a chance to go online yet, pics of the decal please? also, can the boosts expire when not equipped? I might just keep it back for if there was a 2X XP weekend.
  18. [IMG]

    Boosts will not expire when not equipped. I'm not gonna complain about a free decal and EXP boost.
  19. they should did at least one MLG Camo....

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