Mochaside Comic Ep 9,10,11 How Each Faction Train their Soldiers.

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  1. Humorous as usual. The larger size definitely makes these ones easier to read compared to the previous episodes.
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  2. TR-Bison is my new hero.
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  3. These comics are great, 10/10 would loyalty until dealing with primitives.
  4. wait... you took my advice... sorta...

  5. The TF2 Soldier made it awesome. Although, you made it seem somewhat like you are extremely biased against NC. :p
  6. The NC has no Bias. We will free the s*** out of everything!!!!!!
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  7. VS and TR will get equal rights and LIKE IT!
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  8. I can't tell if the NC is supposed to be extremely smart or extremely dumb. See, the drill sergeant doesn't know his arithmetic, but then of course, apparently arithmetic is a basic subject expected of one year olds.

    Another thing I've always found interesting is while the NC are collectively often portrayed as the 'dumb' faction, if you think about it, their weaponry is unbelievably advanced. Like wtf advanced. It's year twenty whatever and the TR still are using black powder based kinetic weaponry. On the other hand, the NC exclusively uses Gauss weaponry. Gauss weaponry, at least in principle, is nearly identical to railgun technology which, surprise, surprise, the US Navy is developing. Except the Navy's prototypes haven't been very successful. While the technology works, apparently very well because as far as I know, this technology is still being pursued, the energy requirements are immense and as a byproduct, every single time the cannon is fired, a massive, all destroying ball of plasma is produced, most likely from the friction created between air and a projectile being accelerated to Mach 20 or whatever over 25 feet of barrel. It's so bad that the cannon can be fired like once because the barrel is entirely gutted from said white, hot plasma erupting forth. We're a couple major technological breakthroughs away from even starting to get the hang of this Gauss stuff.

    So the NC have not only mastered the whole Gauss thing, they have such advanced material sciences that fully automatic, handheld Gauss weaponry that doesn't tear off the user's arms is everyday stuff. Not only that, the muzzle flash produced is entirely safe, as opposed to engulfing and killing every single living thing within four feet of the muzzle in a gigantic plasma ball that can be seen from low orbit. Hell, throw on a 100 cert attachment and the muzzle flash will actually go away. All of it. Gone. And whatever the NC use as a power source for all their Gauss stuff? If we had that tech today, our energy crisis would pretty much be solved.

    And remember how I keep mentioning plasma? Yup, that's the stuff the VS use. The NC consider that stuff a byproduct.
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  9. Vanu taunt needs to be changed to DEAL WITH IT PRIMITIVES!!
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  10. The nc don't make their own weapons, they are provided for them by the cooperations that support them.
    Kinda like real life, where rebels are provided with weapons that they have no possible way of manufacturing are provided to them by a super power that supports their cause.

    And Nc weapons are powered by the same thing that powers everything else on this planet, nanites.
  11. Umm... The NC get what they can from what they had:
    Example A- The MAX suit is a repurposed mining hydraulic suit
    Example B- The NC special helmet is a welding mask

    The "cooperations", I assume, keep the bases and power going. The only evidence I have for either of us is when you take a base and the NC announcer says "Good work, the suits are impressed."

    Also, Nanites are what they use to BUILD structures, including all vehicles, jets, weapons, ammo, even PEOPLE.
    Also, in response to the person you responded to, I got to tour the Naval Railgun Facility in Dahlgren, VA. I got to see the railguns, and even touch one. I can assure you that they can use each gun more than once, however they cannot use each projectile multiple times. But nice burn about plasma.

  12. And all the while the NC has been taking friendly fire from a march 20 speed molten metal ....... the more you know.
  13. More amazingly, mach 20 slugs are only slightly more effective than good old 5.56x45mm NATO ball ( or whatever the TR uses ).

    From my understanding, there are three possibilities:

    Either the slugs would go right through you, fail to deposit any significant amount of energy, and leave a nice, clean hole for 'low damage.' If you notice your new hole, you would probably run over to the nearest medic who would give you a tablespoon of ibuprofen for the pain, a cork for each side to keep you from leaking too much, and tell you off for being a ***** and for keeping her from more important work ( like TR-Bison's sponge bath ).

    The round could also catastrophically fail on impact, more likely if you were wearing some type of hard armour or plating ( like a heavy assault ), turning a full grown man into two pounds of hamburger tops.

    The other possibility would be that the slug would miss you or pass through you, impact against the ground nearby, explode ( catastrophically fail ) and turn you into a fresh coat of paint on the armour of your surviving squad mates. If your blood doesn't evaporate instantly of course.

    Yes, I am fascinated by ballistics and all that good stuff. Did you know some rounds are actually designed to underpenetrate or yaw?

    Can't be good for more than a few shots. I'm no physicist, but I'm fair certain plasma ***** **** up.
  14. on the VS one, im dissapoint that the sixth panel isnt
  15. Lore-wise NC may not be dumb.

    But the players man. The players. Even here on forumside we got people like cough*stew*cough. Gun complaints. ESF complaints. The (sometimes true) complaining about factional weapons being OP (MCG, really? really NC?). MBT complaints. Some are justified. Others are just ablooabloo about things that aren't actually true, or things that are damn obvious.

    NC guns are difficult to control, it's like hard mode! Nearly ever NC over BR40 will know that's wrong.
    NC6 points to the sky when you spray! Why are you spraying a high damage weapon that likely has recoil?
    Reaver moves bad bad bad! USE THE REAVER'S STRENGTHS INSTEAD OF TRYING TO COPY THE OTHER ESF'S! But the Reaver has no strengths!

    Honestly, I've spent more time arguing with the NC about how "bad" (it's actually OK most of the time) the NC arsenal is.

    I'd know, I'm actually a BR50 or so NC player.
  16. Well, guns have a muzzle flash, but they don't set themselves on fire or blow up. Also, our rail guns are ancient compared to their standards. The navy is working on a prototype handheld, but you would need a buddy to hold the barrel and another to hold the firing mechanism because it weighs like 200 pounds. :p
  17. A standard gun barrel just has to deal with a sudden surge in air pressure. And usually, if there is some type of failure, usually the barrel isn't the first to go. The receiver will develop a crack or something first.

    A railgun barrel has to deal with plasma.
  18. I love these comics more and more, keep up the good work with it =)

    The plasma is forced outwards by the force of the blast. It is caused by the speed of the projectile, and the air resistance resulting from it. The plasma doesn't sit inside the railgun, it gets blown away. Also, it only exists for a little while before it cools down.

    Also, this was a thread about someone's comic! How did we get to this? I'm so sorry! :confused:

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