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  1. Hi. I play NC and like that fraction but I hate their music. I prefer VS music.
    Is there any possiblility to localize music/sound files and just change file names to have VS music playing with NC?
  2. You're not allowed to change the game client.

    Even if the change is not malicious, it will still get picked up, and they can't afford to make exceptions.
  3. I was asking about possibility.
    I paid more than 200 $ for free game and I just want to play with music. But not with this rock smthn... I though I will get used but I am getting headache.
    If you know how just send PM.
    Thank you.
  4. Pretty sure they would pickup something like that up and ban you for it like Grotpar said.. What would be a good idea for SOE to do would be to put alternate music in the shop, I'm sure people would pay for those.
  5. This IS an old thread, but it still comes up as the first result on Google, so I will go ahead and say this; knowing now that the SOE team will likely not appreciate any changes in the game's client(I had not previously taken this into consideration), it would probably be best to simply turn the music volume all the way down and play your own music in the background, which is likely what I'm going to start doing.

    It sucks that there's no other option, but no less and no more than it does with so many other games without another option(which is most of them).

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