My characters are gone

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  1. So...yeah i had 3 characters one VS another one TR and an NC and ALL of them are gone. It only let me create another one. Please ive spend a month building my NC character I dont care about the other ones but i really want my NC character back....
  2. I think you might want to open a support ticket....You can do it ingame(I think, but not 100% sure) from the little ? on the bottom left of the menu when you are logged into the game. I've seen this link been tossed around for those with issues:

    Good luck
  3. You can't get them back, SOE policy,.
  4. taken from

    underlines added for emphasis

    Edit: forgot to mention, they will refund you station cash credit, but Certs, EXP, BR, those...your SOL mate...sorry
  5. What a piece of s**t. This is the biggest slap on the face I ever had.
  6. Well thats something they should of been working on and had in long ago. Who in there right mind makes a game like this and does not install a way to back up characters, in a game so bug ridden that has nothing but problems.
    This is just yet another reason they need to get off there ***** and make a real test server to test ****, not use the current test server we playing on.
  7. This has happened to me too. Does this mean that my BR24 main on Miller has been permanently deleted and there's no way I can get him back? Would love some official word on this.
  8. TSR-SeanF Customer Service

    Your character should still be there and now be accessible. If you are still having issues locating or accessing your character please open a support ticket with us so we can assist you with this issue directly.
  9. What about mine? Is it gone forever?
  10. TSR-SeanF Customer Service

    Unless you specifically deleted the character, it should still be available. Please open a support ticket with us and we will be happy to take a look for you.
  11. The delete character button should be removed :(
    It's pretty scary is someone hacks an account and deletes your char
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  12. Just checked and my characters are still gone.
  13. btw is there any comment on the policy at soe regarding the auto-deletion of a character that had been inactive for too long?
  14. TSR-SeanF Customer Service

    Sony Online Entertainment does not delete inactive characters for PlanetSide 2. In the case that we ever would we would definitely notify players before hand.
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  15. my character its gone too, i dont delete it, when i launch the game it only let me create another one and i cant select my previous char, can i get back my character??? why was it deleted?

    sorry for my bad inglish
  16. TSR-SeanF, Feb 8, 2013
    veyron69, 1 minute ago

    But yes, it is true, anyway, i'm sure that they have a backup of database

  17. Servers were down for GU10, so if anyone tries to login it will ask to create new character because there is no server to login to.
  18. Maybe read the huge red "MAINT" text next to every server. One would think that after more than 6 months people should know that your character can't be accessed while servers are under maintance which happens when they update them.

    Check it after servers will show "UP"
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  19. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Servers should be good now so If you continue to have issues, please let us know!
  20. i have a terran, 2 vanu, and an NC character. i'm a member as well. today i tried logging in and got the character creation screen. what have you done to them SOE?

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