My premium is gone (purchased 4 days ago)

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Maximilious, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Maximilious

    4 days ago I got the following email when I purchased premium:

    I got banned 2 days ago for using "Flawless Widescreen" but then I got unbanned yesterday, however my premium status is gone... I checked on the planetside website but its asking me to purchase premium again...
  2. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Max PM me your ticket man. I'll fix your account and make sure you have the appropriate amount of game time on it ;)
  3. Maximilious

    the support site is down, I get an error message when trying to access it
  4. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Weird, mind trying a different browser and letting me know if makes a difference?
  5. Maximilious

    #121129-000023 is the ticket number, for some reason the support site not working on Google Chrome
  6. RobotNinja

    A lot of things don't work on Google Chrome. I usually have problems with Chrome when trying to access secure sites which seems like what you're experiencing. Try Firefox. Not IE...NEVER...IE.

  7. Freyar

    I started IE once.. and then my monitor exploded.
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  8. ME-tan

    Unfortunately their support site doesn't work in Firefox, either.
  9. Freyar

    It works just fine in Firefox.

    16.0.2 With ABP
  10. Kediec

    Not sure why your having problems with Firefox and the support site . It's the only browser i use , and it works fine for me . Maybe you have an addon that's causing problems ?
  11. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Hey man. Check your ticket when you get a chance. ;)
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  12. Maximilious

    thank you everything is good now, got 30 days of premium!

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