Nanite Systems, the real bad-guys of Planetside?

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  1. So yeah, the Nanite Systems.

    Are these guys the real bad guys in Planetside 2?

    I mean, we see their trademark on everything from tanks, ammo packs, weapons, bases, fortifications, installations.

    What if they are behind the whole conflict on Auraxis, and are simply using all the other factions to make big bucks :O
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  2. Well obviously. With all the 4th faction weapons they've been releasing, Nanite Systems are even ruining the game, FROM INSIDE THE GAME!
  3. nah man they are just trying to make a buck... you can't blame H&K and say they are behind it when someone guns down your family with an MP5 and then is gunned down in turn by SWAT members with their own MP5s... lol

    tho you could probably call them a-holes for not taking a stand, picking a side and bringing the war to a quicker end.. but even without NS the three sides would still go at it... just with less toys
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  4. To some point they are responsible. They arm regimes known to have human rights violations. These corporations make money from both protection and misery.
  5. that doesn't make the responsible... might make them immoral to some... but it does not put them directly at fault

    as far as human rights violations... depends... under who's laws? ... you are not talking about an absolute law of the universe here you are talking about an opinion

    also I've seen absolutely nothing in game that would even qualify as breaking our current laws of war or constituting a human rights violation as they were taught to us... worst you could accuse NS of is maybe war profiteering... but again if it is or not or if that even is a crime or not is open to debate and based in opinion

    it's people thinking morals and whatnot are absolutes instead of abstract opinions that cause most conflicts
  6. They should just make them a 4th faction with all the NS equipment as their standard issue. I wonder how many people would play such a creepy place? I mean you would get stuff for free other factions have to pay for?

  7. They are helping three groups annihilate each other and destroy a planet. They dont show the civilians dead in the streets.
  8. are you trying to claim if NS didn't the entire war would never happen? that they somehow provoked it?

    cause everything in the lore says otherwise

    here we have 3 groups with different opinions and ideas about what should be happening and what is right... conflict is inevitable and would happen with or without NS... as long as NS remains perfectly neutral it's not really a factor
  9. The war would have ended a lot sooner if there were not convenient nanite printers in every house that can construct anything from small arms to liberator gunships...
  10. maybe... or maybe they would have just find another way to get what they needed or made it last longer as it would take more time to get things done...

    look at history... regardless of the level of production if groups of people want to **** each other up they find a way... the end result is always the same... lol
  11. They are war profiteering and enabling. They probably are making more money then the NC powers at be. It is in their best interests for this war to continue. Of course they are the bad guys here. Everyone else is various shades of gray.[IMG]
  12. They're basically the Halliburton of Planetside, ya.
  13. Nanite systems are basically a front for a much bigger financial entity, much like the current world banking conglomerate. Backing and and supplying all sides of the war for continued profits, and ensuring that they end up on the winning side when the war eventually comes to an end.

    Don't let their simple looking good 'ol boy spokesman fool you, they are evil and out to get you.

  14. well if NS was a faction, they would try to stay nuetral cause if they entered the war their sales/profits would drop severely & harshly
    especially since the NC is made up of multi-billion dollar corporations

    PS: I hate NS weapons
  15. The decal on my underboss peeled off, and underneath it said SOE. Dun dun dun!
  16. Maybe the Nanite Systems is the corporation that SOE has always wanted to be, like their fantasy-imaginary ego xD
  17. i love this

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