[NC] 666th Devil Dogs

Discussion in 'Connery (US West)' started by EVILPIG, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. Alway happy to have more people in our dedicated armour division!
  2. So I saw someone who I'm pretty sure was a hacker in your outfit, where do I wage my complaint? His name is m0bius, he was firing nonstop without reloading at warpgate with the jackhammer
  3. Ingame name "Xzar"
    throw me an invite?
  4. The Devil Dogs do not condone any cheating or exploiting. There is a known graphics glitch where people appear to be shooting non-stop and not reloading, its like how some people saw the HA rocket launchers shoot 2 rockets.
  5. Would love to run with these guys, but my NS is on another server, and until account wide unlocks come I can't play without my shiny toys :/
  6. This is a great video. Hooraw!!!

  7. ^ That video is awesome! Proud to be part of this!
  8. Glad to be part of this new outfit! they are awesome!
  9. Yeah buddy. Lots of brand new 666th NCers are having a blast. Devil Dogs!
  10. Always a blast. Love being able to seemlessly switch from infantry to armor or air whenever I feel like it.
  11. TRG always has a good time fighting you guys.

    Abbadon we have your number in the air!
  12. Abbadon is Hostile Takeover, not 666 =). 666 is good guys though from most of them I have talked too, gl with recruiting.
  13. IF you Fly aircraft Drive Tanks, or Fight on foot, This is the Outfit for you. From the Dirty Dozen to the Straight laced, this is the Outfit for you. For the Red Eye Shift to the Casual player. This outfit is for you. There is something for everyone and no one is forced to play a certain way. If you like to feel like you are in a real army with a real chain of command this is the outfit for you also. Nothing like seeing a column of tanks escorting Armored Personell carriers, with Air over head covering the ground and escorting air transport that is about to drop in on the enemy, while the shadow team is causing general mistief.
  14. This is a classy outfit. Alot of fun to fight. Even give us a run for our money sometimes. SOMETIMES. ;D
  15. Most times this is an issue on your end or with their connection. I've seen this too and in fact the player was not really firing. Seems odd to that anyone would hang out in the warpgate showing off a hack.
  16. Great times rolling with Hammer, Armor, Air Wing, Shadow, etc. Lots of options for NCs looking for an awesome fight.

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