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Discussion in 'Mattherson (US East)' started by Nighthawkeye, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Looking for an outfit on NC for a fairly new person who will honestly admit not being the best player but willing to learn and get better but doubt I will ever be an ace shot. I am 37 and on during evenings and saturday EST. I have a microphone and work well with all sorts of people. Hopefully its a large group that likes to play fairly well as a team but not one that expects perfection as I am in no way ever going to be that. I play a medic and like tanks, my flying skills still suck fairly well with only slight improvement so far. I don't get upset at dieing and play the healer mostly so hopeing to help others get kills around me and push forward etc than me actually getting the kills. My characters name is Nighthawkeye and after playing around with the sides I feel NC fits my style and demeaner.
  2. We are recruiting Medics, Engineers, and heavy assaults. Teamspeak 3 is a must as well as a mic we run 2-3 squads a night mostly from 8pm-midnight eastern time.
  3. Heya Nighthawk,
    We run a pretty laid back group.We all are adults so no ragers or crybabies.We just try and have fun.Like gaming is suppose to be.Play for fun and enjoyment.Ill shoot you a friend invite.We have teamspeak 3 also No password needed
    We always looking to meet new people.
    And yes i do love da Goats :)

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