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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Darrian, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Is it worth buying the other rifles? I'd like to settle on one gun and upgrade the crap out of it.

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    I like the Gauss, so it's not really a preference thing, I'm just looking to piggy back on someone's research and experience with "this gun clearly shows more killing power"
  2. The Gauss Rifle is a really solid gun, however, if you're like me and hang back further in the ranks so I can play healer a little better, I highly recommend sidegrading to something with just a little more accuracy and slapping a nice 3-4x scope on it. Use the little item indicators in the store and you should be fine. I find the accuracy a great way to scare an infiltrator into cover or from a vantage point so they stop snipin my peeps.
  3. i gotta agree the gauss rifle is good, its one of the better ones ingame.
  4. While I do like the Gauss Rifle and think that it is a very solid gun..... I've been playing around with the GS-22 that I got from the alpha squad...

    That thing is simply a vicious gun.
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  5. it is? i have it as well but i havent tested it yet,doesnt it have 20bullets or so?
  6. Gotta agree. -22 is simply a cqb/medium range killing machine. Put a reflec on that and let its ******ly high ROF do the rest. Not unlikely for you to go in and work through 2-3 guys quickly. Can't wait to further upgrade it.
  7. If you like the Gauss, then get the Gauss S. Basically the same performance, but with more fire modes, and basically all the attachments are available for it.
  8. The gauss S is not the same it is 1 bar lower on fire rate and reload speed.
  9. I said basically the same. And the bars are misleading. You shouldn't use them to judge weapons. Try them out instead with the trial option.
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  10. The data is accurate enough to still be true. All the OP guns in that spreadsheet are still being *****ed about today. I am aware what you are saying I am saying the in game stats are not wrong in any way. The 4 guns I have on my medic all behave like you would think according to the stats furthermore the ones you think would suck by looking at the bars suck. What a surprise huh?
  11. The Gauss Rifle S is the same as the standard Gauss Rifle (my preferred weapon), except that it has a slightly lower firing rate, and has additional Ammo upgrades available for it (Gauss Rifle doesn't have any). I find it easier to control, and the lower firing rate really hasn't been a problem in CQB. Saving up for that weapon right now.

    And I can agree with saying that the GS-22 is a monster weapon. Was using it for an hour or so today and it absolutely murders in CQB.
  12. GS-22 a.k.a AF14 Torrent. Amazing gun from beta after the buff to CQC variants. Shreds people at close-medium range without mercy. Accurate enough to land a ton of headshots at 30 metres.
  13. GS-22, how to get or to view that weapon? I cant find it... =D
  14. Get the NS-11A if possible. Works for me
  15. Gonna try the NS-11A when i have pts for it, just bought an other weapon
  16. Are there any 3x Burst rifles on the NC side ?
  17. The Gauss S.
  18. It might be exclusive to Alpha Squad members for now, but I don't know.

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