Need a new mouse. Which one?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by MGP, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. MGP

    I'm not very satisfied with performance of my Logitech MX laser mouse in PS2. For flying, in particular. It's either too sensitive, or too "rigid". Anyone of you, PS2 pilots, can suggest me a mouse which works best for flying in this game, and good for overall gaming?
  2. what ever it is make sure it has 10+ buttons. you can always use MOAR BUTTONS!
  3. Logitech G400.
  4. I would suggest something with DPI button on top of the mouse. I find useful to quickly switch between sensitivities whenever I need to.
    (I've read, not experienced, that some gaming mice have the DPI button under the mouse, by the laser)
  5. i would go for a Siamese mouse like the one below...
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  6. I've been with my Razer DeathAdder for years now. <3
  7. i dont like the side keys of my R.A.T , they are cheap and too small and not well placed. excepted that its a good mouse.

    the best one i had was my razer deathadder , but i was sick of buying a new one every years because of the left clic starting to double clic when you clic once after only 8 month of use just because of the crap quality of razer products.
  8. 3000 DPI and maxed flight sensitivity is too low. Messing with windows pointer sensitivity is rubbish. Despite all the discussion and arguments about it...

    So, I was looking for a reasonably priced high DPI mouse, but there is none. Can someone suggest cheapest high DPI (definitely above 3200, preferably around 5000 or more). I'm unable to find a good list of mouses with high DPI and price.
  9. A few months ago I did a review on the Razor Taipan and compared it to Logitech and Steel Series. I'm been pretty happy with the Taipan it has just the write design to make it a great FPS/MMO or any game mouse:

  10. The Rat 9 is DPI range – 25-5600dpi (in 25dpi steps)
  11. +1 for Cyborg RAT series mice - I have the RAT 7 and I love it. It's taken a while to get myself acclimatised with it, but its amazingly comfortable to use, and the shape of the mouse can be configured with different palm and pinkie rests. It's a little heavy, mind, but personally that works for me.
  12. MGP

  13. Microsoft's mouses are most durable. Buy one of those above and its less than two week its in trash can.
  14. MGP

    What is this baby toy? :)
    I currently using this:
    for flighs sims, but PS2 is not the kind of game that works good with joystick.
  15. I picked up the razer lachesis the other week on an old EB voucher after my oooold Microsoft mouse died. Goodnight sweet prince, you served me well.

    Pretty damn happy with it, but that probably doesn't say much after coming from such a low base!!!


    It's 5600dpi and I picked it up for under $80AU on sale which I was pretty happy with. It's extremely fast, so it took a bit of getting used to and a friend who came over and had a game with it struggled a bit even with it turned down. Has adjustable speed settings so you can change the dpi on the fly by assigning beforehand to your taste and clicking. Also ambidextrous if you're a southpaw.

    Thought it was a good price at $80 when most other gaming mice here are $100+ easily [us aussies get reamed on computer supplies.]
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  16. Actually only thing I'd complain about is I'm a big guy [6"2'] and the rear side button on the right is a little too far back for me to comfortably use. On the left hand side both buttons are fine.

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