Need a new mouse. Which one?

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  1. Logitech GX518 or so, i have it, it´s very good
    not to expensive^^
    and you can turn DPI up and down like an elevator
    sniperdpi or rusherdpi^^
    and there are also some buttons you can use for weaponswitching and so on
  2. Kon

    steelseries sensei [RAW] just picked one up, works awesome
  3. +1
    The R.A.T. 9 is not much different than the R.A.T. 7, but it is wireless (iirc).
  4. I love my G500, Lotitech gaming mice tend to be fairly high quality.
  5. $5 optical mouse will be sufficient imo...

    though i am using the microsoft sidewinder, for many years now... would rate it 8.5/10... newer versions are way cheaper but it's great at what it does... simple and easy..

    oh and it can do macros on the fly with the mouse... which includes keystroke inputs :D
  6. Gone for the Corsair M60 myself. I love the build quality and keybinding software. You can bind that silly 'sniper' button to anything you want. I have it as crouch. The forward button as special ability, the back button as reload, and middle mouse as grenade. You can change sensitivity on the fly, but not really needed as I tend to stick with one setting.

    As long as you are not a lefty, it's a fine rodent.

  7. Deathadder hands down.
  8. I got a DeathAdder Black. Looks good, sturdy and simple (No annoying LEDs), works great for me.
  9. Razer is garbage. Get a Logitech or a Mionix.
  10. Yeah I looked at that one. Seems like a nice mouse indeed. It was the third side button that swung it for me, and you can de-activate the blue LED nonsense for the M60 in the software. You are right, a mouse does NOT need backlighting. Just a gimmick.

    My brother has asked for the Logitech G500 for Xmas. Not got it out the box but also looks like a contender.

    But at the end of the day, it all boils down to the connection between your hand and your brain! :D
  11. Personaly i like my Razer Deathadder 35g, possibly the best mouse i've had for FPS games (tried using my Stealseries WoW mouse, but thats too bulky for an FPS)
  12. Seconded. Me and the Mrs both have these and are by far the best mouses we have owned.
  13. you have to decide if you prefer the gimmicks of flashy hardware or quality.

    I'm not a steelseries fan boy but when it comes to FPS gaming their Sensei is second to none in terms of professional grade software and hardware. The option to have 1ghz polling with 11.4k dpi with on the fly dpi switching for those moments when extreme sensitivity is needed is rare in gaming mice (the switch isnt but the laser quality is). I've used R.A.T. 9 and the G700 and i prefer my Sensei in all of my games.

    the lights are full spectrum programmable too so if your rig is set up for a certain look you can have it set to a color that suits your needs.

    But as far as piloting and what mouse is BEST for that, well that boils down to personal preference.. and as you can see there are many different opinions.

  14. If you're using anything BUT, an mmo gaming mouse (one's with "1" - "=" easily accessible via thumb buttons) then you're degrading your gaming experience. I've ALWAYS since pc gaming have used the "Razer Naga original" mouse (all the newer editions except one pictured below are lesser in comparison to this one & seems the mouse is hard to find :\). Ever since, I can't possibly imagine playing on pc with a regular mouse that has just two mouse clicks and the middle mouse button, or even that, plus just two extra buttons is torture to think of playing games on pc that way. With this mouse I laugh at the sight of a "quick switch back to previous weapon" hotkey. Serious gamer? Get a Serious mouse; "Razer Naga original" :D (one in picture is one I use)
  15. Sidewider X 52
    been using it for years and i even buy spares when i can find them.

  16. Ive always used razer mice but have just bought a cheap a4tech x748. I wont be spending mega bucks on mice any more.This mouse is great. Its optical uses an avago sensor and the software is miles better than razers or logitechs.I really am sold on this mouse. At £20 quid you cant go wrong
  17. I mayt look funny but it is the best fit mouse I have every had. You can customize it so much. For the corded one is only 60 bucks . .It is a must for any FPS gamer

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